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  1. Yeah, who was tortured and died at the hands of religious zealots? Ignaz Semmelweis? The people who are controlling the masses through fear and maintaining power? Not seeing organized religion doing that anytime recently. The effort is ongoing, but organized religion isn't driving it.
  2. It's not just about intelligence. Belief systems are social network contagions; lots of sociology of religion studies have found this.
  3. Herd immunity is not a boolean (have it/don't have it), but rather a spectrum or continuum. Transmission rates in America, case rates, fatality rates... all falling because reasonable people are getting vaccinated. When we get Ractual to <1.0, we will start to see it die out. What bothers me most is the aggressively ignorant responses I'm hearing when I bring vaccination up in clinic. I mean, my approach is more like "Isn't it great that it works so well?" followed by "I've reviewed the studies and gotten my loved ones vaccinated" but all that seems to do is make the patients look a
  4. Well, there's also the "do what your advisor 'suggests' or find a new advisor and start from square one...." bit, too.
  5. Sorry, man, I was thinking of C-states and totally forgot yours. In my defense, I did think "Carolinas" and decided that didn't make sense, but all y'all east of the Mississippi have so many small and insignificant states you can drive across without needing to gas up or hit a rest stop....
  6. The only real question is this: Given the low (REALLY low) morbidity/mortality burden in the young, does it make sense to give them a vaccine with possible harm* that primarily serves to protect other people, rather than the vaccine recipient him or herself? * Yes, we know they're safe safe safe, that VAERS reports are unverified and none have panned out yet when investigated, and that people are trying to make money and/or political points stoking anti-vax fear. Still, there is always *some* possibility of harm, and we do no one any favors by ignoring that variable in the equation.
  7. With a suspicious nature like that, we'll make you a moderator in no time.
  8. Do you want to unwind the resignation and stay on at the current employer? That might be an option too, although I understand the reasons to not do that, it still could be an option to buy you some time to figure out what to do next.
  9. The problem isn't that I can't accept or admit when I'm wrong; that's not an infrequent occurrence. The problem is that I meant exactly what I said, anticipated the objection, and added the key word to modify my original thought before I posted it. If you want to call the First Continental Congress "established" when it disbanded after six weeks, fine. Oh, and the Boston Tea Party preceded (precipitated?) it. The Second Continental Congress didn't assemble until one month after the battles of Lexington and Concord. During the "shot heard 'round the world", there was simply no deliberati
  10. @MediMike I'd recommend any time you find me (or anyone) making an incorrect statement, go through and consider every word before calling them out; you might just find that your concern has been anticipated and addressed. In this case, the magic word is... Established The Continental Congress is precisely the reason I inserted the 'established' word in my previous post. The Continental Congress was an occasional body, not an established one. It met to try and avoid a revolution, and then, ultimately, to manage one. Contrast it to any continuous, perpetual body like the AAPA HOD, w
  11. @Hope2PA I disagree. No revolution was ever started by an established deliberative body.
  12. We have to be the change we want to see. Wouldn't it be funny if "assistants" led the revolt while others with higher debt loads stood silently by in their chains of medical school debt?
  13. Per request, there are now separate forums for Yale's traditional and online PA programs. I have moved the content I could easily identify as pertaining to the online program to the new forum. Please feel free to contact me with any issues or concerns.
  14. As long as this is the advice we give people, yes, nothing will change and PAs will keep getting screwed. For the individual, it might make sense to not sue, in some small and far less personal microcosm of how abuse victims will often decide to not press charges. Realize that in both cases, allowing a crime or a tort to go unresolved rewards, however inadvertently, the commission of that act, and allowing the guilty to get off scot-free has a societal cost to it.
  15. If it's in the contract, it's not an "ask". The OP billed them for it. The practice can pay it, or renege on the contract, which has consequences for them. DO NOT feel guilty about expecting that what is contracted be paid; the company, like all corporations, is ethically an amoral monster who will not feel any sorrow or distress for enforcing any other agreed aspect of the contract. If there's any negative repercussions to the OP for asking what is due him or her, that simply illustrates that the contract wasn't ever a contract to begin with, but merely a one-sided agreement, modif
  16. Hey, if we can't get a title change, can we at least make it the official policy of the AAPA HOD that NCCPA needs to 1) only have PAs as voting members of its board and 2) must elect a majority of its board by free and fair elections from among certified PAs, within 2 years, or AAPA will form its own competing certification organization and lobby to have NCCPA replaced in every relevant practice act?
  17. CGS is what, California or Colorado? Apparently, Oregon has the same sort of stupidity. Washington lets me be an attending provider indefinitely on labor and industries cases, but they pay me 90% of the physician scale for anything.
  18. That was my impression as well: for free, government-sponsored CME, it's really not bad. Not as whiz-bang-wow as some of the SEMPA 360 training, which have set my bar impossibly high, but definitely worthwhile.
  19. Ah. Honestly, those online free CME hours were not that big a burden, but I suppose it does lower the barrier a small bit. Biggest advantage of the X waiver to me has been pharmacies not squawking at me when I prescribe buprenorphine for pain management, proof positive that the rationale for the X waiver was never properly understood in the first place.
  20. How is that not still an X waiver? As I read it, they just upped the initial number of patients that can be treated from 14 (or whatever it was) to 30, which was the second year's step under the old rules. I don't think it's going to make much of a difference, most folks/practices do not want to be treating "addicts" because of the perceived stigma.
  21. Understand that by being part of any online professional community--us, Huddle, Clinician1, any of the Facebook groups--is something that a vanishingly small number of any PAs actually do. So in addition to the "Old guard" you have those who are simply "too busy" to prioritize understanding issues, listening to others, or engaging in conversation. Those few who even care aren't agreed, unfortunately.
  22. This is overstating the evidence, I'm afraid. We're not talking about a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial here, we're talking expert opinion. Some highly trained guys asked a bunch of questions in a voluntary survey, got a bunch of answers, and are now providing their opinion on which is best overall, using their own values. Remember, "All models are wrong, but some are useful."
  23. If there's anything illegal or patently unsafe going on, quit immediately. If it's not the right fit, look for other jobs; be honest with future employers about this job not being a good fit for a new grad. If it's just overwhelming work... Learn. Life sucks anywhere at first, but there's two things you can do to make a scut job suck less: 1) learn the medicine, and 2) learn what duties to blow off and simply never do. Which, of course, are the ones that can be safely discarded without harming patient care. You get appointed to a facility-wide committee? Don't go, don't respond to e
  24. So, given that bridges have likely been thoroughly burned, what you probably need to look into the implications of whistleblowing. While it might suck to put your employer out of business (maybe) or immediately become persona non grata (pretty much guaranteed), it's about the only way to protect yourself, as I understand it.
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