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  1. Very true. During my rotation at Kaiser there was a surgery PA who had been an ER PA for 10 or so years but then the new regional med director decided PAs shouldn't be in ER and they had to reshuffle them around. She ended up in the gen surgery department but was doing outpatient only because the surgeons didn't want an ER PA doing first assist and don't have the time to train her.
  2. 6 months. I took a good well-paying job in a city I absolutely didn't want to live in thinking I would need at least a year of experience before finding a comparable position in my desired location. Turns out that opportunity came up much faster than expected so no regrets
  3. It's an in person course Controlled Substance Education Course. They have it in different areas of CA throughout the year. It counts as CME so if you have some CME funds it might cover it. http://www.pac.ca.gov/licensees/csec_info.shtml
  4. I believe the California licensing application asked for an NPI number so I signed up for an NPI prior to passing pance.
  5. NPI and licensing process you should start before taking the PANCE. I would get on it as soon as possible because there is a lot of information to gather (background checks, fingerprinting, prior certifications, etc). The sooner you submit a completed package the better because they will tell you if your are missing any information. Then once you pass they will send your passing score to CA boards and you get your license. DEA has to wait until after your get your license if I remember correctly
  6. try asking Rosh how they come up with those statistics. they're pretty responsive but I would use more resources than just rosh. I thought the PANCE questions were harder than rosh
  7. Anyone here worked for U.S. HealthWorks as a PA. Just wondering what your experiences have been like. I'm considering a position with them. Thanks!
  8. maybe just rent a room to crash in on nights where you're too tired to drive back. or ask classmates if they could rent out a couch or something here and there
  9. I graduated PA school about 6 months ago but have lived in San Diego my whole life. Overall, San Diego is pretty saturated with NPs and PAs since it is seen as such a desirable place to live. I'm primarily working in a neighboring county (ie I commute 60 miles one way for the salary and position I think I deserve) because I wasn't willing to compromise on either of those. There are definitely jobs out here but the good ones want oodles of experience and all the others aren't offering very impressive salaries, especially for how high cost of living is here. If I could I would definitely move somewhere with more affordable COL and less congestion but sadly my hubbie's job is tied to SD. PM me if you have any questions.
  10. I worked at an urgent care where they also don't pay overtime even though it's an hourly position. One of my PA colleagues said they get around it by calling us "managers". I would also love a definitive answer on this if anyone knows. I did some research but it's so confusing with us being exempt professionals and having alternative work weeks, etc. I am now working at a different UC where we do get OT pay.
  11. You get out of PA school what you put into it. Any program you go to is going to give you what you need. More important things to factor in are cost and location IMHO. But I went to LLU and loved it. Our class (2016) is currently at 100% pass with only two left to take the PANCE. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.
  12. just go to a store and look at them in person and then buy it online
  13. On the bright side, looks like aapa is stepping it up... https://www.aapa.org/twocolumn.aspx?id=6442451797
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