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  1. Working with kids can also be another issue. Depending upon the state, you might own things that happen to a peds patient until they turn 18.
  2. Never fear - interviews usually run until mid-March and we keep seats open until interviews conclude.
  3. Most schools do not heavily weight the GRE score. If you are fairly sure that you would score around the middle of the pack (40-60 %ile) I'd say take a stab at taking it. It's a tough test to specifically study for - it's intended to be pretty general knowledge like the SAT or ACT.
  4. Contact whatever body regulates PAs in Colorado and ask them. When they say no, you will have something to show your boss.
  5. Holy cow! I think I worked at the same place. To top it off, any patient who arrived on a backboard was placed in fast-track.
  6. Schedule might vary a little bit from session to session, but we usually start with collecting a writing sample. Following this, we have a presentation about the program's structure and stats. Most of the day is spent in discussion with faculty, either individually or in small groups. We finish up with a tour of as much of the facility as we can get into - at different times different areas might be in use (like the sim center).
  7. Might depend upon where you intend to work. Some academic institutions can be a little snobby about a PhD being the degree of choice. I'm in an EdD program and was told when I started some people light look down on it.
  8. Hi Everyone - Just an update - application review is in full swing. We did our first set of interviews a couple of weeks ago, and we will be interviewing well into the spring, so don't panic! If you have any updates to transcripts or healthcare experience and you would like to pass them along, please feel free to do so. Good luck!
  9. I once had an ER patient that arrived at 2am and waited ~3 hours to be seen for athlete's foot. In my childhood there were a fair number of TV commercials related to treating athlete's foot. You don't really see them any more. I guess we are no longer athletic, yet people still get dermatophytes. Maybe we will have to rename it "couch potato foot."
  10. Everyone's mileage probably varies. I'm 3 PANREs in and I thought they were about on par with the PANCE. Some of it probably has to do with life circumstances. When preparing for the PANCE, most people are doing only that - preparing for the PANCE. When preparing for the PANRE, most of the time you are doing other cool things like making mortgage payments, feeding kids in the middle of the night, getting your broken down car fixed, cutting the grass and maybe even seeing patients here and there. I get nervous when we have a graduate who barely squeaks out a passing grade on the PANCE and then goes into a specialty. It's tough to find protected time to study out there in the real world.
  11. We have pulled a few folks from the waitlist over the last several weeks. As you can imagine, we really don't have any way to predict how it will go. Some years there have been zero admissions from the waitlist and some as many as a dozen.
  12. We are getting ready for orientation next week for the class of 2022. They start up the following week. As soon as they are up and running invites will start going out (~early to mid September). Good luck!
  13. As noted above, focus on the "big" areas - heart, lungs, MS, belly. The PANRE should be relatively similar to the PANCE. Students who have a hard time with one of these areas can struggle with the PANCE. Students who struggle with more than one of these areas usually do not pass. Also remember it's a primary care focused test - do not get into the minutiae of problems. Focus on common primary care problems and red flags.
  14. People have done it either way. I have found it is a little easier to read if you break it up into sections so we know exactly which question you are responding to.
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