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  1. My guess is that she got all of her information from only one source....NP or read a bunch of blogs. Back home the entire track through RN- BSN-NP, no chemistry or gross anatomy is required and most of them here got their NP online :-/
  2. Same problem here. I've noticed I get taken more seriously with one ;-) Not shaving, interview here I come.
  3. I was wondering the same thing (have not started PA training yet). RTtoPA: I just renewed my RRT credentials after my MLS degree. Now I have to keep up with CEUs/CMEs for both and yes they are expensive and time consuming and free ones are hard to find, not counting paying the licensing fee. My state board gave me 3 credits for a clinical chemistry class in which we extensively covered pH and blood gas chemistry but were stubborn to do so. I hope that some of my PA classes will cover some CEUs if the boards don't try to pigeonhole RRT.
  4. I know that diminishing obesity is your big goal here but that's mostly what the whole essay is about, try to shorten it with less words to get your point across and get rid of the facts of obesity, I think most people reading this are aware and may bore them. When shortening, instead come from a different angle and mention diabetes instead of obesity over and over. Talk more about personal experiences with patients. I agree with paproof and cordelia, address why you are stronger this year.
  5. It was on the internet so it must be true ;-) I think some people do not pay attention to the source of their information on the internet, or realize that people use the internet as a marketing/advertising tool. Anyone can write a page about whatever they want (fear mongering, bogus therapies, hot alternative topics) just to be able to post google pay-per-click ads or sell their snake oil.
  6. Going to have to watch just for this part.
  7. I tried searching the forum for a similar post but couldn't find anything. What did you used to do before you became a PA? And why did you decide to leave your old job to pursue PA?
  8. If I became a PA I would be satisfied if I could do what was best for the patient and not feel like I had to do whats best for someones pocketbook or be told that I wasn't admitting enough (yes one doc that left told me that an old CEO told him to increase his admit #s, he didn't, so he got no contract) From what I have read on here everyone is fairly satisfied and see a noble purpose in what they do, so that's good to know. True Anomaly: Thanks for the insight. That gives me some hope that you have not heard any CEO tell providers to admit more patients or order more tests, I think I may have worked for a sketchy company. db_pavnp: I think some of the RNs liked to chuckle when Mr. king needle junkie screamed over a blood gas but literally everyone that was not a kid got daily ABGs no matter the Dx.... new suboxone patients and needle junkies were icing on the cake and we had plenty of those(hep C has reached an epidemic here). BruceBanner: Sounds great, Have you always worked in FP?
  9. A PA I know told me to try to do my rotations at the many rural hospitals in my area. They told me that the docs there tend to let you get more hands on and can do more because you have to compete with residents etc. at these larger urban facilities. I want to know what your input on this matter.
  10. That is great, never a dull moment. Have you ever worked in specialty? If so how does it compare, more or less hectic?
  11. I did not find RRT to be difficult. Most of the ER night shift docs would page me to intubate the ICU patients if they were busy or RNs would specifically page me to get an opinion on vents or assessment, I was one of the hardest working/competent RRTs there. What I didn't like was doing daily ABGs on suboxone patients.
  12. Has anyone ever been told that they needed to admit more patients, even though they don't need to be? If I don't believe that I am truly helping someone get better and have to play this deep into the business side of healthcare, I don't think I will enjoy it. Are you dictated to how you practice medicine?
  13. I laughed when I read the last line but so true. In my area we have many NPs that were trained online and can prescribe controlled substances in my state whereas a PA cannot. For this reason some people regard NPs here as more qualified or "better" than PAs because of this. Who would want to be treated by a provider that got online training, not me, we all know how online classes are. Now that PA training may be going this route saddens me. Even more so, the University I am applying to will be removing their HCE requirements for one year but still require patient contact...? I wouldn't want to work in a field that would soon be flooded with contemporaries that were trained online or with minimal HCE.
  14. I always wanted to go to PA school but due to misfortunes and finances I opted for respiratory therapy. I was an RRT for 12 years at a rural hospital and was miserable because I felt my work was in vain. I mostly took care of drug seekers and malingerers and felt like much of the procedures and tests that I did were in the interest for money and not in the interest of the patient. I decided to go for PA school to make a difference, I completed a bachelors degree in medical laboratory science. I work now for a university in a teaching position and the job itself is great and I enjoy it. This has made me second guess my first reason of going back to college which was PA school. I feel I may have been disillusioned by the abused system that I worked in (rural hospital). I have done shadowing in the ER and clinics, from what I saw I liked. I have some questions for some PAs out there that have been working for a few years now. 1. What is your level of stress? 2. How satisfied are you with being a PA? 3. How is the respect level from your coworkers and patients? Thanks.
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