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Surgery Shoes

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I am about to start a new job in Neurosurgery and I haven't worked in surgery in over 5 years since PA school. Any recommendations on good shoes to buy for surgery? Please take into account that the hospital I am going to be working in requires the shoes be either Black, White or Brown only. Thanks.

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I know a critical care doc that has been wearing the calzuros for years with no complaints.


Also ive heard good things about oxypas. I dont know what the hospitals policy is about holes or backing of shoes... but maybe they have what your looking for.


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Danskos are very popular in the health care field and I have a pair myself. Well made, and clean up easily, and for the most part good arch support. They are not for everyone though and I can only wear mine for about 6 hours before one spot rubs...


I also wear a pair of black sketchers with orthotic inserts in the OR.


Another thing I have found very helpful is another pair of 1 size too big slip on sketchers so I can slip my foot out during surgery and stretch my arches, move my toes around, and sometimes just to cool my feet off (when it's 72 in the OR and there are hot lights on you for 6 hours....you take any chance you can to cool off).


In short, you may want to start out with 2 options. Good luck!

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Another vote against the Dansko clogs.  No amount of breaking in made those things comfortable.


I have a couple pair of shoes I rotate though ranging from retired running shoes to Dansko loafers (not clogs).  The running shoes are just instant comfort.  The loafers took some breaking in (as Danskos are wont to do) but they are pretty comfortable and easy to walk in, too.


But yeah.  No clogs.


Of course, I'm in the ER and not the OR.


I'm curious why the colour requirement for shoes?

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