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  1. Agree, but the only point I will add is follow up also helps you learn a lot. I learned so much about what works and doesn’t in FM where I could follow up. EM you follow a lot of evidence, but it can feel very abstract until you talk to the patient telling you what helped and didn’t. Not saying following up with everyone, just a thought. People just love you for it too.
  2. EMRAP is not by hippo education. At least not anymore. Hippo does primary care rap, UC RAP, and EM Cast. IMO, the quality of Hippo went down after Mel Herbert split and took EMRAP with him, but I still listen to PCRAP
  3. You said you put in a stat referral? I don’t really see the problem either. Only thing I can say is I call the office directly, or sometimes the on call, and have them tell me exactly when the patient can show up and put it in the discharge paperwork. If I can’t do that, then I also tell them to follow up with the PCP this week to help coordinate referral if needed.
  4. Became an EP instructor. While more interesting than a regular course, I didn’t learn a lot more. It’s just more discussion amongst colleagues.
  5. EMRAP. Always EMRAP. It comes with so much. Cases, medicegal discussions, literature reviews, breaking news segments, corependium (a poor man’s UpToDate, but good), conferences (peds conference this year was FREE with subscription), critical care info, specialists are on all the time. It really is almost a one stop shop.
  6. If I did not need the money, I'd absolutely continue to work the ED in small rural facilities. Though I would have far more stipulations, like I'm not doing any more morning rounds on 72 hours shifts, because F that noise. But I'd probably only work something like 24 hours a week like others. I assume your talking about volunteering, because you say it doesn't alter your income. If you aren't being paid, then you are well protected in many instances. https://journalofethics.ama-assn.org/article/liability-considerations-physician-volunteers-us/2010-03#:~:text=Although state immunity
  7. Skipping past the medical issues, that I believed you handled well, I don’t decide for patients when they want to go. If they want, everything done, then I do everything. The opposite is true for me as well. If a mentally sound patient wants to go, even though I think they have a decent chance of survival, I respect that to. If it were legal, I would even assist a dignified death. In this case, I may have been brutally honest. “Sir, I understand your survival instinct and fear of the unknown surrounding death, but you ARE going to die and very soon. If you want to be flogged with every treatme
  8. I can see where you’re coming from and agree evidence should be followed. I even went on a short tirade after I saw that it was recommended we quarantine if >3 months from vaccination by the CDC guidelines. I took a step back and thought about it from a different perspective. I will not get severe disease, but the evidence has shown that it doesn’t not completely eliminate infection. Thus I may still spread it and give it to someone who does get severe disease. Your analogy about driving and other actions isn’t perfect. You may hit someone with a car while driving, this doesn’t mean you do
  9. I don’t believe you’ve ever done such a thing.
  10. I don’t think I’ve had COVID yet. I’m the only provider in the ED that hasn’t used sick time this year and the only one who was totally fine after the vaccine. I even got it at the start of my 72 hour shift and finished it out with no issues. So, anecdotally, I think the increase in symptoms with the vaccine tracks with prior COVID infection
  11. Heya!  Did the font change on the website?  It looks very weird to me.  Thanks.

    1. LT_Oneal_PAC


      I’ve noticed a change as well. That’s an admin question for @rev ronin

    2. rev ronin

      rev ronin

      Um, since I don't get a "You need to update your version!!!!" Banner when I'm logging in, I'm guessing Banuchi went and did that, which is probably the source of any font changes.

    3. Cideous


      Oki thanks 🙂

  12. Second moderna dose Friday morning at the start of a 60 hour shift. Unplanned as I had to cover coworker with fever. Sore arm that had a mild burning paresthesia. Mild low back pain. Mild headache with some brain fog. Took Tylenol 1gm q8h x3 doses starting right when I got the vaccine. Some vivid dreams too about getting a 50k raise. Alas, but a dream. Completely normal by the time I woke up the next day and finished out the shift.
  13. Appreciate it! I've already spoken with the chief of staff and it's going to happen as they are 100% behind it. I just don't know exactly how to write it or if there is some pitfall I'm not seeing. I think they are willing to let it go as far as we want it to go, I just don't want some lawyer to later come back and state "well you can't do this because of X." I'm hoping to avoid any tiered system outside of time on staff. As it is, there is not enough staff to have representation of any particular group. The inpatient/ED is entirely staffed by APCs other than the one EM physician who acts as m
  14. Currently at my hospital the APCs are "affiliate staff," which is the same thing as "active staff" except that we cannot serve on the credentialing committee, cannot serve as anything other than secretary or treasurer, have "co-admit" privileges instead of admit privileges, can't be counted for quorum, and can't vote on one other thing I can't remember. We have now formed a committee (at my recommendation, so I'm glad they seem receptive) to revamp these by-laws and adjust them so that APCs have the same active membership as the physicians. Does anyone have an example of how theirs
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