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  1. Yeah, this is bad. Agree with all cid said. OP, this probably goes even deeper than you know. You need to get out now before your get your licensed flushed down the crapped because of some illegal opioid prescribing or some other raid on this clinic.
  2. I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad that it’s not just my cardiologists that are like this, but it actually is the cardiology fellows that are like this. Even the IM attendings think it the most toxic cards fellowship and complain about it.
  3. Every specialty benefits from residency. Some may say primary care doesn’t need a residency, but I disagree. Lots of benefits to a good family medicine residency (though I only know of one) with higher skill and procedural knowledge that benefits you and the employer financially. Certainly specialties dealing with the critically ill provide the most benefit as you get to learn in a supportive environment where teaching is the primary purpose, not moving the meat and making money. The caveat is it must be good residency. There are many residencies that are cheap labor with no learning. There must be weekly didatics protected from clinical work, off service rotations, procedure training, etc. as far as benefits, they are huge. More job offers higher salary, more confidence in your abilities.
  4. With a OB fellowship to really be comfortable with C-sections. You’re the whole package then
  5. Then tell them to hire a new grad and see how it works out trying to teach them and do all that nonsense. Bye felicia
  6. A war I won't be apart of. I'll be dusting off my RN license and getting an NP. Getting physician out of my title one way or another.
  7. For second there I was like, “what?! Never heard of the smith modification? Then I read it and realized it’s what I’ve always used. We learned it as the “modified sgarbossa” criteria, never knew the name of the person who modified it. Afterwards we all just called it Sgarbossa criteria, always referring to the modification. In fact, it’s not even listed in MDCalc as modified, but the criteria is definitely from the modification and mention it in the evidence.
  8. We are getting ahead of ourselves. We have the data, but unfortunately we still have a lot of people to convince. Remember that physician associate did best within our profession. A lot of the people who thought associate was better are in positions of power. The Legislative and Advocacy Chair of Inidiana Academy of PAs was on Huddle espousing his staunch opposition to MCP. If we can’t get the constituent organizations behind it, it’s dead in the water. Let your leadership know what you want to be done.
  9. Well, a year to see what AAPA wants out of a branding campaign, research the current brand, pitfalls, history, research the market, meet with commercial insurance, dozen federal agencies, dozens of corporate medical groups. Now you have an idea of what’s going on, year to develop research title ideas, have lawyers research legal aspect, talk to whatever word expert, focus group names, what the brand should be based on the market, stake out the cost of a survey within the budget, develop survey, get list of PAs/physicians/patients/employers, wait long enough to get a decent response, statistician goes through data, interpret data. Now 6 months to develop brand, strategic plan, how to implement (they look through the entire US code holy crap), associated costs at each year and total, determine timeline to implement, and (deep breath) I think the point has been made. They did a lot of work, which they had to do PERFECT because lots of skeptics wanted to tear this apart. I think the time frame was appropriate for the professional product they provided.
  10. I worked 132 hours in 8 days last month and 228 in the month at 2 jobs, not including teaching US class to NP students, and I still didn’t make as much as my CP working half as much.
  11. Agree. I’ve never seen such, but it isn’t a bad idea. While teaching was supposed to be done by the preceptor, often it isn’t because they are busy, so having a dedicated person would be good. Lots of other questions, such as would you work overnights and things like that. But overall could be a good idea.
  12. The -c is from an era when not all of us had to be certified, which I can see as a point of pride then. I think since it is required for practice by everyone now, just leave it off.
  13. It cannot become a legally protected title due to being so vague and common language. Medical Care Practitioner may not sound more specific, but it isn't common language to describe a wide breadth of professionals.
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