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  1. this is incorrect, at least legally. I'm sure Betsy Devos is doing everything she can to keep from paying out. https://studentloansherpa.com/ffel-consolidation-loan-forgiveness/
  2. LT_Oneal_PAC

    CCM fellowship after EM residency

    It was decided for me. They changed the start date so that it would be a year before I could even start. I’m not going to toy with getting another job just for a year and then come back to residency and then again find a job in a year. They said they would probably hire me straight out though in one of the ICUs, so if a position is open I might apply.
  3. LT_Oneal_PAC

    Crazy FB removals

    Removed a sewing needles from a thenar palm that had been in place 20 years. My PA colleague, a complete nervous wreck about everything with anger issues, said I was crazy and cavalier. It was close to the surface and no tendons involved. Everyone else thought it was awesome that I did a median nerve block in clinic and took something out that had been in 20 years. I was pretty pleased with myself for my first year in practice. i agree with some of what is said medicolegally, and also not. If I’m going to do something, I OFFER them a higher level of care. Just like an ER patient can refuse transfer based on risks of crash, delay in care, etc, that doesn’t mean I don’t treat them. Totally would have taken it out and documented the patient was given the risks and benefits of higher level care transfer/referral and if the procedure was within my scope, which foreign body removal of subcutaneous tissues is, then I would document we had a shared decision making discussion. they desired to proceed now based on their concerns of XYZ. Given my respect for patient autonomy and self determination while also respecting their need for alleviation of suffering, I proceeded(add in consultation with if necessary). I do things in consultation with all the time now in residency. Legally speaking I’m not protected like a resident, and I often have other off service residents teaching me procedures that some of my attendings are less comfortable with, like peritonsillar abscess aspiration and drainage. Al this to say is I agree with what you did, would have documented differently, and personally don’t worry about being sued all the time. I do what’s right for the patient and the rest usually falls in line. Just my opinion on that.
  4. I suggest any users take note of this and utilize it. I think Ashley Bell has shown more credibility than our banned users on this thread, providing her name and availability for comment. please note my comments on all banned user comments from TexPA and UTPAC. I verified they likely did attend this institution, but they have listed other employment during the middle of what should have been their clinical year, suggesting they left the program. They also do not list this program under their degrees, something most graduates are eager to do. I cannot find a NPI number, which is usually VERY easy to find, nor can I find them in NCCPA verification, which could just be me not listing something correctly. what is certain is that UTPAC and TexPA are the same person which they intentionally mislead, they aren’t employed as a PA, and highly likely they didn’t finish the program. While we strive both for a open dialogue as well as honesty, the moderators are full time PAs and volunteer their time policing this board, so it takes time to thoroughbred research these claims. Sometimes people make no concrete claims, other times it’s easy because they do dumb stuff like create 2 email accounts with the same name, including their work email. so please PrePAs, take negative comments with healthy skepticism.
  5. Please refer to moderator edits of this and UTPAC comments as they have violated TOS and found to have been dishonest in their reports on their qualifications.
  6. LT_Oneal_PAC

    Pre-PA Navy commission

    Talk with them when you are applying to PA school to figure out the requirements and start the paperwork. You won’t apply until after acceptance. No one will care who you are married to.
  7. I’m in PSLF. It’s great for military since a lot of income is tax free and doesn’t count toward payments in the discretionary income calculation. I have heard nightmares, but many of these are from borrowers who have not completed the requirements because they were ill informed at the beginning. Only one person have I heard of publicly having problems claiming to have done verythinf perfectly. I consolidated under fed and have worked for only government institutions, and plan to until I finish, so there can be no argument about qualifying employers or payments. I would have preferred not to, but due to this being a second master’s for me with >200k debt and a one income family with plans for residency, I honestly didn’t even see it as a choice.
  8. LT_Oneal_PAC

    Navy HSCP

    Most I knew were HPSP or direct commissions as that was more common the years prior. I applied the first year they stopped offering HPSP. It has more to do with your station. If you’re blue side at a marine base, your platform will be med battalion, which is always short handed for either taskers (45 day “deployment”) or need a body for MAGTF missions to train with host nations. Few go on what people consider real deployments to Iraq or A-stan. I actually deployed twice in 3 years from family medicine. Your primary care dept will never want to let you go and they will fight, as mine did, but they always lose to operational needs.
  9. LT_Oneal_PAC

    Navy HSCP

    I’ve known all but one PA to deploy in their first three years. Granted all my friends but 3 were with marines, but those three were taken from blue side and deployed with marines too. People on naval bases may or may not deploy. If they do it will likely be with marines. Last year a friend of mine went straight operational with 3rd marines without any prior military or healthcare background. Sorry, but if you join, expect to be deployed in your first tour. Don’t tell people otherwise or you’ll have some pissed sailors and doing them a disservice.
  10. LT_Oneal_PAC

    Residency VS Doctorates

    These aren't as competitive as they come across, at least relatively speaking compared to getting into PA school. If you apply broadly with a good GPA and LOR, you'll get in somewhere.
  11. LT_Oneal_PAC

    Residency VS Doctorates

    @RussAllenPeople who don't understand PA residencies will count it as a year. People who understand it's value will count it as 5 years.
  12. LT_Oneal_PAC

    RN to PA

    I had a similar background prior to PA school. RN and went to CRNA before I realized that the OR is a terrible environment and I would rather doing more general medicine. As long as there are not any black marks on your records, you'll do great and get in just fine. You'll have to answer the question about why not anesthesia a lot. People cannot fathom leaving that kind of salary on the table, but for me there wasn't any amount of money that could keep me in the OR.
  13. Moved to correct pre-PA school sub forum.
  14. LT_Oneal_PAC

    critical care residency log

    All so true. House of God becomes more relevant every time I read it. the best metaphor I’ve seen for this kind of thinking, which really describes all types of thinking, is that we have an emotional reaction that immediately sets our decision making on an initial pathway. It can be overcome with logical reasoning, but this takes much longer and takes effort to come over the emotional reaction. The metaphor is your emotional reaction is like an elephant. Based on paths you’ve taken before, when it comes to a fork in the road it starts to lean where you should go. You pulling on the reins is the logical reasoning. personally I rather liken it to muscle memory. It’s the thing that reacts when you are woken at 2 am on your 30 hour shift when you can’t even begin to logical process in reasonable time.
  15. Yeah, this is not a residency. Hopefully we’ll regulate this term soon so crap like this have to call it what it is, a crap job.

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