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  1. The original post was taken down, not the edited version. If you see otherwise would love a snapshot.
  2. I’ll probably pull my membership again if we spent a million dollars on title investigation that we ignore, plus this shady business along with it. I thought electing a proper AAPA leaders was a huge change. Didn’t realize there were so much left in HOD.
  3. Conspiracy was probably too strong of a word, but it was late and I couldn’t think of something else. But I did want to hear someone’s explanation for all this. It does seem as if someone isn’t playing fair.
  4. Anyone seen this? Apparently keeps being taken down in huddle. If someone has a good explanation, I would love to hear it.
  5. It’s actually essentially this list above, minus arrowhead and Albany.
  6. Overall I think that is an excellent list. I would put arrowhead lower because I honestly don’t know much about how they operate. I would put Albany lower since I know it’s a 12 month program. I can’t comment much on CCM residencies. I think there is one at Madison Wisconsin that looks legit and the new one that @MediMikeis associated with looks good to go. Emory is also probably excellent, but unlike Mike’s, they have an employment requirement after that I’m not sure is worth the squeeze, but the cost of living may be an easier pill to swallow
  7. Ive heard rumblings from the lead trauma surgeon at my old hospital ACS may become more lenient on having APPs teach ATLS as well.
  8. Sorry, I don't publicly give out information that would give away my anonymity, but I'm happy to provide a list of residencies that I believe are good.
  9. If I recall, this profession is being phased out and a hold over from a time when there were a few specialty specific PAs. https://www.aapa.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/PAs_andOPAs_The_Distinctions_1-17.pdf or maybe they are still around. This candidate handbook is from 2021. https://ptcny.com/pdf/NBCOPA.pdf i do know they are not recognized by Medicare, so employment would probably be very limited and doubt they can practice in all states.
  10. Just a correction, it’s crams 2 years into 1. You don’t take the pre-nursing years during a accelerated program. For those curious, the intensity is about the same as that of PA school. Definitely not time to do other things, and your medical knowledge will help only a little. There is a lot to nursing and nursing theory you will have to learn.
  11. Probably accurate. I also knew a nurse with 7 years ICU experience that came in as a O2 with me at ODS (they start as an O1) but put on O3 in like 6 months. I had forgotten about him
  12. This is likely very variable. Good residencies, of which there are several but comprise probably less than half of what is advertised as a “residency,” will treat you exactly like a physician resident with no difference between you and equivalent PGY# MD/DO. In my residency, you couldn’t tell a PA resident from any other. Also, a good residency will have a “your patient, your procedure” policy. This means no one can take away a procedure on a patient you picked up unless you give it away, which most good seniors PA and physician residents do. My ED chair said if any off service said we weren’t
  13. Agree with EMED, and it also depends on the level of specialist involvement. Some places I know with ortho residents, it is expected they are consulted for EVERY fracture and they perform all reductions, A colossal waste of time and loss of skills. I’m sure it depends on the residency, but I don’t see much point in level one experience afterwards. I think more beneficial would be community experience. Small enough where you don’t have ultrasound or MRI 24 hours a day, big enough to have other PAs and physicians to ask questions about what they do in a place with limited tests. It can be hard f
  14. Closing. Thread is 3 years old. Necromancing a thread is a curious first post.
  15. The AAPA BOD is, but the regulatory rules in place limits any title change to the HOD. You can be mad all you want, as I will be too if this fails, but be accurate.
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