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  1. Not a true EM job. You can find much better.
  2. It could help. Certainly wouldn’t hurt. Though I think at my residency it wouldn’t be a deal breaker between 2 qualified residents.
  3. Praxician was actually the title used, but yes, ridiculous. I did google Prax and it is a real word. Clinicist also pretty bad. as for the last 2, I’m hoping MCP could become medical science practitioner. Physician associate has all the same problems, maybe not to the same degree, as physician assistant.
  4. I appreciate the concerns you have, but we have quantifiable research now from patients and stake holders that the name doesn’t fit and confuses them now on our capabilities. as far as your example, a more apt illustration of the problem here is imagine there is a position called District regional manager assistant. Is that someone who you call to schedule An appointment with or is that someone who can fire you? We both know that does not sound like an executive level position.
  5. We already did a survey on the physician assistant title and know what PAs and the public think of it. No reason to ask again as it would be superfluous. And yes, some of us don’t like having assistant in our title, but more than that it’s what others think of the title, which we have proven the perception of which doesn’t match what we do. As far as having to explain it, sounds like a “because this is how we’ve always done it” argument. The benefits, in my mind and apparently most of the PAs that care enough to fill out the survey, outweigh staying with the status quo.
  6. The ship has sailed though on changing the title, I believe. Survey has already shown the majority of PAs want it and research has shown that the public perception of the current title doesn’t match what we do. Now it’s all about picking one
  7. I’ve said for a long time that medical practitioner can’t be used because it can’t be legally protected. But we could protect medical science practitioner, which I like better than other similar options and would fit well with the push for DMS degrees and many already have MMSc.
  8. I don’t think taking about non-options is a violation. If anyone disagrees please say so and I will modify. I do see some merit in keeping the initials. While I want both physician and assistant removed, I can see a lot of benefits of keeping the initials. i think if the initials we’re going to be kept, and this is only my opinion, I see practitioner of allopathy as the most viable option. People make an argument that they were trained in schools of osteopathy, but I don’t see this as a problem since those PA weren’t taught OMM, which is the only difference between osteopathy and allopathy.
  9. can you provide legal basis that “Internist PA” is a protected term? be aware, you’re already on troll watch for using a throw away “hideemail.net” for registration.
  10. It’s not surprising. People like different things. But if you’re looking for experienced providers who can be taken away from their current job And retain them, you need to offer something others aren’t ( “cool” job with procedures and sick patients, money, benefits, work-life balance) or change your chosen demographic.
  11. I agree, home grown is the way to go. As far as retention, if you treat people right and pay them their worth, they don’t leave. I, too, left for CAH and get paid 40% more than if I stayed at the level 1.
  12. Knowing GMOTM, I really don’t think he is being sarcastic. part of the problem with fast track is there can be serious pathology, but they still want you to burn through 4 an hour. Then when identified as sick you send them over to the main ED. All the work and none of the play. The only people who usually want fast track are new grads and people nearing the end of their career. You say you don’t want new grads and veterans are usually pretty secure in a job so need big money to attract.
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