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  1. That's her website. She is literally the NP equivalent of Dr. Oz. She even has a selfie with him on her "about" section. She is a sham practitioner relying on charisma and looks to coast her through medicine.
  2. My face IRL when I read that....
  3. My response when I’m told how to treat a patient, but I’m not asking
  4. They are either too busy working to pay for their overpriced house or too busy living it up in the great Colorado outdoors. Also maybe getting high...
  5. While I agree title change is necessary and inevitable, the above account provides anecdote of one RN and yourself, who is neither a PA or in nursing (that is not meant as a slight but does influence the expertise one can assume). I've work as a RN for 4 years, attended an NP program, a CRNA program, worked in Family Medicine for 3 years side by side with NPs and physicians, and now I'm an APP EM residency with both PAs and NPs in the program. I can say that they do not care about us. It's like with MDs and DOs. Once DOs became so proliferate and training so equivalent, there is just no pointing in wasting legislative money and effort on stopping it. They are smart enough to know that it is much more efficient to pass legislation that elevates them than lobby against us. Plus, they just don't see us as the enemy. Individually one may say they are better than us, but they would not come and say this out loud in a political way. They have much bigger fish to fry with getting independence and fighting medical associations to worry about us. This is very different from the opposition CRNAs have with AAs. First, last I checked they could only practice in 17 states. So it takes few political dollars to prevent someone from being licensed ever in a state than to limit their scope. Second, CRNAs see AAs as being created specifically to disrupt their domination of the anesthesia market, which they easily held since nurse anesthesia was a thing before anesthesiology was even a specialty for physicians and AAs were created in the 1970s. So it's quite a different dynamic.
  6. I only see only one start date. Do they allow for starting at alternate times?
  7. No, I don’t think they will. I’m a prior nurse anesthesia student and have marched on the hill. Without getting into the details, CRNA vs AA is a completely different thing. Trust me. NPs don’t have any argument that couldn’t be turned on themselves and we already exist in every state, as opposed to AAs who mainly are just opposed when they are trying to create licensure in a new state.
  8. Because the AAPA released them about a week ago. They aren’t even all done yet to my knowledge. March 9th on Facebook: Today at the Leadership and Advocacy Summit (LAS), AAPA unveiled a suite of advertisements for constituent organizations to use to broaden the general public’s awareness and understanding of the PA profession. The new tools and resources will be available online at the end of the month so stay tuned for more information! In the meantime, check out the campaign’s microsite:
  9. It was made by the AAPA to be given to the state chapters to distribute.
  10. I'll also play some video games. I wear some orange tinted sunglasses when I do, so the blue spectrum lights doesn't shut down my pineal gland from producing melatonin.
  11. Really...I'm going to have to be the one who says it? No one is going to bring up the one thing all men do, especially when alone, bored, need to sleep? Fine. I'll say it. I have a snack, preferably with lots of tryptophan. and choke the chicken
  12. When you apply and/or renew a nursing license they will ask if you had any other healthcare licenses revoked. Does not necessarily translate into not being licensed but may make the process more difficult.
  13. And even they don’t get it a lot of the time because we are so independent in the military they have no idea your a PA or don’t care to remember. You’re just doc.
  14. Agreed. You have to articulate a sincere desire about practicing EM, but grades and LORs are more important.
  15. I'm hoping to spearhead this after finishing my residency and completing my DMS.