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  1. Could anyone give me an of the typical duties, time requirements, idea of the average week (or month depending on how much time it requires), and expectations for a director at large position and/or President? I’ve been tapped by my current president to run for one of these positions. They are going to sit down with me and give me a run down, but I’d like to hear from anyone with experience her as well. @sas5814?
  2. Then I disagree and this mindset will lead to lower salaries. I’m not saying that we should paid the same as MD, we should be paid equally on what we produce. Not accounting for overhead by needing a physician collaborator, when we bill independently it is for 85%. So, until we pass 100% reimbursement for all APPs, we should be paid 85% of equal production, which is completely reasonable. When we have 100%, then we should earn 100% of equal production. Not exactly “cheap labor.”
  3. I was a heart and lung transplant ICU nurse before. Great place to learn. Strong mix of medical and surgical in sick patients. They are VERY sick and often treated differently than your standard patient. If you learn the physiology behind it, as opposed to learning algorithms in transplant medicine that you can’t really apply elsewhere, you’ll be a rock star in critcare.
  4. Medical. In residency I did both and felt I learned more in the MICU. If you can manage complex medical patients, you can manage surgical patients. Definitely more procedures in SNICU, but doubt you’ll get much as a student, but could be wrong.
  5. It’s true, I have found a lot of places don’t offer any scheduled salary increase. My last job had 6%, which is amazing. They started me lower on the scale at 120k, but the work was easy and the eldest PA there was at 180k and no one had capped him yet. We had some disagreements on what qualified standard EM practice, so I had to go. New job is paying more but wouldn’t agree to any guaranteed salary increase. I’ll have to negotiate it.
  6. So this is all anecdote. In general I will say yes, past experience makes for a stronger graduate. Having said that my BEST student had zero, BUPKISS, for prior experience. However, he was 36 and had lots of life experience. My worst was a prior IDC (so he claimed, but was definitely a corpsman) who I honestly thought would kill someone. So, in my opinion, it’s more about the person and the correlation we see with prior experience is actually older students who are more motivated by leaving their previous life as well as having experience to draw from, whether that be clinical or general life experience. New grads are simply young, smart, and usually just motivated to get a good job that will let them coast on a good lifestyle. This isnt all of them, of course. I’ve also have had many young and motivated students who wanted to be the best, and were far beyond their peers. tl;dr Motivation and life goals are more important than anything else. Edit: correct errors
  7. So found this today. Created by a an insecure resident in Florida. People are gobbling it up on Reddit. Not a shred of evidence on the entire page. https://www.askforaphysician.com/ The flowchart is the best.
  8. Buy a laundromat. My friend has done it and he’s done really well. Surprisingly recession resistant and requires only a few hours per week of work to manage. Like jmann, I’ll probably continue to do rural EM or if I ever get burned out I want to get into some form of education.
  9. It’s funny, AAPA had a news article on their website about it. Still pops up in the google search, but I guess they took it and their Facebook post down. Not that it is the fault of the AAPA. They did not implement this test. Sucks. Should’ve just gotten rid of standardized testing altogether. Big shocker U of Tampa pushed for it in research. Florida ruins everything... I suppose it could help some applicants that messed up and want that “great equalizer” to show they are just as capable as the people who didn’t party away at college and have become more mature. So upside there.
  10. Yup. Tried the same. I would come in review the chart so if it’s a chronic thing I’m seeing then I’m quick on the ball, but I found a lot of wasted time trying to do anything other than a quick review.
  11. If you really want to practice pure medicine, work in FM on a military base. No insurance, great formulary, get in good with your scheduler and can make certain appointments appropriate time lengths. Never shorter than 20 min. No one cares if you run slow to give good care. Broad scope of practice. Great resources (can get a same day MRI if you think it’s an emergency or same day consult). I’m always tempted to go back.
  12. No, I don’t order any extra and I am pretty minimalist. Only one person I know in my shop orders less than I do, but I think she is very “brave,” ordering only a lumber spine XR on 78 year old fall on ice with cervical tenderness and lumbar pain and prior lumbar surgery. I think I bill more than my colleagues though because of the way I chart and I chart critical care time, which they oddly never do.
  13. nice job! At the end of January I have my 72 hour shift every other weekend starting and I’ll be picking up 5 or so shifts a couple places. I think, fingers crossed, I’ll be pulling down the same numbers.
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