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  1. Oh yeah, super smart. I learned a lot from him, but man he could make me feel dumb. Built like a brick house which just made him more intimidating.
  2. Yeah, I did my ortho rotation in school at Portsmouth where the Navy ortho PA residency is. They were way tougher on those guys than attendings were on me in residency, but I’m not surgical. They were grilled every morning presenting the overnight cases and reductions. I remember sinking into my seat multiple times. Reportedly a hand surgeon made a PA resident cry. Can’t confirm, but after meeting the hand surgeon, I believed it.
  3. It’s okay, your taxes paid for my extra income in residency and my doctorate through the GI bill. I suppose you can have some of it back
  4. This is grade A comeback material. i have heard the joke, but I doubt I heard it from a comedian doing standup in 1969. Yes, I googled it. Not ashamed...
  5. You are ABLE. You will need to apply to the residency of your choice, no guaranteed acceptance. You’ll still be AD at a military facility with all the same pay, benefits, and duties that involves, but shielded from deployment while in training.
  6. 3 years for the first tour, then 1-1.5 years for the training, depending on the specialty chose.
  7. For full transparency, this warning is made public. This is your final warning to act civilized, or at least be funny with your comebacks. The next post devoid of substance to contribute to the topic and contains personal attacks will result in a ban.
  8. When I left my first job after the military, I had another lined up first. I didn’t give them a chance because I knew that the culture they developed there would never change. Now I’m happier than ever with a great team! these don’t sound like very reasonable people, as that would require the start of negotiations to begin at a place of reason. Just keep your job and start looking.
  9. Well, in your case, I would say just look for another job. Any place that would treat you this way in the beginning is just going to keep looking for ways to screw you. You should just leave, but you could give them a shot by asking for some benefits and raise closer to the salary average in your area, then getting another offer and giving them one last chance. Though be prepared for retaliation from someone that would treat you so despicably Just to give you some contrast, my employer tells me if I ever even think about leaving, tell them so they can make it right. Be somewhere that really wants you.
  10. But could influence in federal institutions like the VA (the largest employers of PAs), military (which has it in reality but not on paper), Indian Health Service, and also can influence CMS reimbursement improvements like direct Billing or increasing reimbursement to 100% without incident to
  11. Yeah, buddy. I’m with you that PAs can be just at great, but we don’t have to sacrifice humility. Your message is getting lost in the tone. Plus you’re saying that you’ve met many PAs in anesthesiology, which just can’t be true. Most MDs I meet in person are excellent, and further, they don’t care about PAs doing whatever they are capable of doing.
  12. Yeah, I hate to bust your bubble on that one, but it’s tough to find that again regardless. Took a long time for me to find even a semblance of it.
  13. Honestly, I think they may confuse you for that no matter what the name is. Sexism is terrible and I’m sorry that happens to you. I can’t count how many female physicians are mistaken for nurses. Mean while, I was assumed to be a physician even when I was a baby faced nurse over a decade ago, and still, have always been assumed to be a physician. Heck, when I was a little kid I assumed my dad was the only physician in the family and my mom was a nurse, when she is also a physician. She tried to tell me she was a physician, which I found incredulous. She then told me my dads friend was a nurse and my mind exploded. Literally, I screamed no. Glad I’m more educated now. I’m not sure how much better any name is going to make it for women until culture changes. in fairness to me, the above situation occurred because I wanted mommy to sew my head booboo because nurses hurt less than doctors, so I thought they did pretty much the same thing just nicer.
  14. We have 3 regular rooms and two trauma beds. We are actually adjacent to FM clinic, so we open that up when needed, which is pretty much daily. Sounds like we are much slower than you, so I’m not juggling as many ED patients, but we have to cover the floor too and round. It’s horrible having a patient doing poor on bipap on the floor and you have 3-4 ED patients waiting. With 1-2 nurses, one LPN, 2 paramedics who also cover EMS in the hospital.
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