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  1. If you have any rotations on military bases or government institutions ( VA, State Psych ward etc. ) It may come up, but otherwise, it should not be an issue. I was finger printed and background checked for both my Government installation rotations. (on top of the in depth background check we did at the beginning of clinicals) It may not be an issue even if they check. Not sure.
  2. The pre-packaged saline flushes are not truly sterile in the first place, not in a surgical sense anyway. There are other things airborne besides bacteria too. There is a lot of thoery about bacteria and viruses and sterility, but for sure they travel by the vector of open air. Unless the needle is kept in a negative pressure room and on a sterile table and every one that enters the room all day wears surgical masks, I would say that it is no good. If you are just uncapping it, popping some roids into someones back, and tossing it... then the Time vector on the X-Y graph is negligable, or acceptable.
  3. They do tend to overlook less than stellar GPA for high quality HCE and a pattern of academic success, but MEDEX is very multifactorial. Also remember that nothing prepares you for PA school except PA school... meaning, no matter what you have juggled in the past, it will not compare to PA school. A lot of people make statements that "I have worked full time and taken full time school... that is why Im prepared to take on PA school...!" It is great, but it is hardly PA preparation. In most cases the students that I have seen fail out are either not financially prepared or not emotionally prepared. Academics play a role but if you are working instead of studying because of bills, then you may suffer. If your son just recently died, or you are going through a nasty divorce... sometimes it is best just to wait a year. MEDEX in its 40+ years will still be there! Also you have to be outgoing and you have to have a certain level of cohesion with the rest of the candidates. I remember one candidate that I had remembered the year before. He always gravitated to the corner of the room. He did not involve himself with any group conversations. I approached him trying to get something out of him (because we were from the same town) and all he had was short one line (or one word) answers. So MEDEX is just not about pre-reqs and GPA... if you have them great! They stress at the beginning of each interview... if you made it to the interview... then you have pretty much equal ground with all the other candidates. They just really want to get to know you and see how you will fit with the class. You WILL depend on one or more of your classmates at some point for success.
  4. We had a student that made it through two quarters of basic science with decent grades. He made a 75 on a pathology test (Which is failing in PA school!) On the retake he made a 78 (failing). He was dismissed and offered a slot with next years class. Thankfully he got his stuff together and was able to matriculate into the next incoming class. But he lost about two years for that. Med school tries to make it harder for you to fail than to pass. Just Saying...
  5. When I was in the Military when we suspected there would be a high casualty rate for certain missions, or missions that were remote and far from the echelon of care, the PA would go along on these missions. The combat medics were great and well equipped, but they had their limits. Im sure that with good surveys of what areas are furthest from care, and a excellent traige person knowing which calls would be most beneficial to have a advanced practice provider you could definately warrant a pilot program. With 20-30 million new insured customers and 8 hour ED wait times... some entrepreneur should start something.
  6. I second the Khan Academy for review and for excellent videos and explanations http://www.khanacademy.org/
  7. D-DAY... for you Seattle Folks... It will be a lot of fun!
  8. I assume prior military with combat experience would be a plus. I like the fact that you can take your family with you! I am kinda thinking of going back in the Military... but if you get to take your family on these assignments that would be much better. I wonder what the catch is?
  9. Only so many heads can fit over such tiny holes...
  10. I stood in line thinking it was for free tacos... then all the sudden I was drinking from a fire hose!
  11. I knew one Family Practice Doc that refused to prescribe any form of contraceptives. She was Catholic...
  12. I am a UW graduate practicing in Medford Oregon.
  13. Thank you for that. I just spoke to my recruiter and he said it will be a long process but they should be able to get me in. He said I may have to go to MEPS two or three times and may need reassessment but other than that its just a matter of time and possible waivers. Thanks to all HOOAH!
  14. Surgical Recall http://www.amazon.com/Surgical-Recall-Lorne-Blackbourne-FACS/dp/1451176414
  15. Thanks for your replies everyone! To those who messaged me, Much thanks for taking the time to encourage me and dispel some of the rumor mill. There is so much misinformation everywhere it gets scary. One person even told me since I had PTSD that they were going to take revoke my DEA number and ban/confiscate my firearms... I know it sounds ludacris, but it is a crazy world these days. I thought that due to my combat service they would want me in the NG and I thought they were in need of PA's. I hope I can make it in. Wish me luck!
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