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  1. Last time I checked Up-to-date , they recommend treating at risk patients even outside of 48h window and even if rapid flu test is negative (if sx consistent with flu) In healthy patients , I dont treat if sx greater than 48h. If under 48h, I discuss risk vs benefits and let them decide. Our ID peeps say flu swab only 30-70% percent sensitive this year. So remember.. negative test does not rule it out Bad season in my neck of the woods. I have about 5-10 positive tests a day. Lots of pt without fever and minor sx testing positive (our triage nurses test pr
  2. It's generic now (since end of 2016). It was $10 when I filled it couple weeks ago. No longer Tier 2. You can print Good Rx coupon for people without insurance , it will be around $50-60
  3. Only a handful of them in my state and most are flooded with students and residents, but i imagine there are some out there that allow PA autonomy?
  4. would working at a major (inner city) trauma center give you similar satisfaction?
  5. I think there are too many PA schools popping up and saturation is already an issue in many regions. PAs accept bad jobs (underpaid, skut monkey work) because of saturation in some areas. It took me couple months to find the type of job and pay I wanted. I drive 30-60min out of the city I live in, because its getting saturated. I couldnt find an ER job with the autonomy and pay I wanted where I live. I'm sure this issue will spread. Kind of wish they could put a cap on the amount of schools opening..lol
  6. I work for Emcare and didnt know any of that. Typical... lol
  7. The test seemed to range from ridiculously easy questions to wtf? lol. A lot of repetitive questions on the same topic. I feel like half the test was on the same 5 disorders. I'm still wondering why it takes 3 months to score if all the exams were this week.
  8. sometimes I wonder how ED folks hold relationships with normal people. it seems majority of my colleagues are married to nurses, EMTs/medics, cops etc.
  9. I think you are. We need at least 3 days off a week (or 4 if you work 12s). ED work is draining. Even my rural prn job is now busy and sometimes I see over 2 an hour now. it's not what it used to be.
  10. why did you work so many hours for so long? financial reasons (optional) or did your job require it?
  11. Why are you working so many hours? My group has us fullime at 150 hrs a month. In my opinion, one of the perks of EM is having 3-4 days off a week. That is what makes the late nights/working weekends worth it!
  12. not normal. my program developed cliques/ groups but nothing like that,overall the social aspect was a tolerable experience. we were a pretty small class and I felt like we were under a microscope... pretty much nothing we did went by unnoticed by the professors
  13. sometimes you have to put on your b*tch face and firmly/politely put people in their place. I'm generally a nice/easy going person but occasionally have to be.. "firm" if I feel disrespected or if pt care is in jeopardy! If you know your stuff, your SPs should support you. My SPs have my back if there is a (rare) situation with a patient/nurse/consultant etc. I would never work in an environment where they dont. I might "just" be a PA but numbers show I'm one of the most productive in the practice (most PAs are!)... I won't tolerate being disrespected...no one should!
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