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  1. Last time I checked Up-to-date , they recommend treating at risk patients even outside of 48h window and even if rapid flu test is negative (if sx consistent with flu) In healthy patients , I dont treat if sx greater than 48h. If under 48h, I discuss risk vs benefits and let them decide. Our ID peeps say flu swab only 30-70% percent sensitive this year. So remember.. negative test does not rule it out Bad season in my neck of the woods. I have about 5-10 positive tests a day. Lots of pt without fever and minor sx testing positive (our triage nurses test pretty much every body lol). No biggie for the young healthy pts, but scary that these people with minor sx are walking around thinking they just have a cold and spreading to at risk pts. We have a lot of flu admissions this year...elderly especially. Full hospitals , lots of ER boarders, long ED wait times... ?
  2. It's generic now (since end of 2016). It was $10 when I filled it couple weeks ago. No longer Tier 2. You can print Good Rx coupon for people without insurance , it will be around $50-60
  3. Only a handful of them in my state and most are flooded with students and residents, but i imagine there are some out there that allow PA autonomy?
  4. would working at a major (inner city) trauma center give you similar satisfaction?
  5. I think there are too many PA schools popping up and saturation is already an issue in many regions. PAs accept bad jobs (underpaid, skut monkey work) because of saturation in some areas. It took me couple months to find the type of job and pay I wanted. I drive 30-60min out of the city I live in, because its getting saturated. I couldnt find an ER job with the autonomy and pay I wanted where I live. I'm sure this issue will spread. Kind of wish they could put a cap on the amount of schools opening..lol
  6. I work for Emcare and didnt know any of that. Typical... lol
  7. The test seemed to range from ridiculously easy questions to wtf? lol. A lot of repetitive questions on the same topic. I feel like half the test was on the same 5 disorders. I'm still wondering why it takes 3 months to score if all the exams were this week.
  8. sometimes I wonder how ED folks hold relationships with normal people. it seems majority of my colleagues are married to nurses, EMTs/medics, cops etc.
  9. I think you are. We need at least 3 days off a week (or 4 if you work 12s). ED work is draining. Even my rural prn job is now busy and sometimes I see over 2 an hour now. it's not what it used to be.
  10. why did you work so many hours for so long? financial reasons (optional) or did your job require it?
  11. Why are you working so many hours? My group has us fullime at 150 hrs a month. In my opinion, one of the perks of EM is having 3-4 days off a week. That is what makes the late nights/working weekends worth it!
  12. Pay is pretty low for EM especially if your not getting bonuses. I started at 60/hr + bennies + 15-20k bonus per yr. However pay depends on where you live so if your in a very PA-saturated area then 53/hr might be average there for EM. But It sounds like your PA friends are making more than that so it sounds like you are under paid.... The hours you are working are insane for EM. My fulltime job is 150 hours per month (salaried :-) )...I do 1-2 moonlighting shifts a month... so Im at 160-170 and Im exhausted! EM is draining and working 180-220 hrs a month will burn you out fast.... slow down! I'm off 3-4 days a week....THATS what makes the irregular hours/working weekends worth it....and thats why the majority of us EM folk put up with working nights/weekends However... If I were you I would stick around for 2yrs to get EM experience and then move on..
  13. Sounds like you have the wrong job, not the wrong career. I work in the ED in a rural location (though I live in the the city) --- and the patients are generally appreciative. Throughout the day I get several genuine "thank yous" because in reality, for the majority of the people I see, the ER is all they have (poor, no insurance, etc). I agree it can be frustrating that I cant completely fix their problem (since these people have no other access to healthcare), but I do the most I can from an ED stand point and often times I do more than is indicated if I know they can't follow up. If they think they have an STD because their partner had a + chlamydia test, swab the, give them some Rocephin+ Zithromax and send them on their way. Its a super quick visit, and I chart them out without 10 minutes. Ear pain in the middle of the night? Give them some Auralgan drops in the Ed for the acute pain - at least they leave feeling better. For the people with the chronic abdominal pain I often have to sit down with them and explain that I'm literally doing the most that I can. I cant CT them for the 20th time because it wont solve the problem and will only expose them to more radiation. "Hey, you need either an EGD and Colonoscopy but unfortunately I cant do that from here, only the GI specialist has the equipment to do that. Judging from your symptoms your upper abdominal pain might be from your stomach producing too much acid, I'll try you on prilosec and carafate ...blah blah blah" Often times they will understand if someone takes the time to explain. there will always be the ones that don't get it and will leave mad regardless, but don't let them get to you. I work with great supervising physicians and I think that is vital. I remember dealing with some pretty nasty docs during school in clinicals and I cant imagine doing that day in and day out. Overall my docs have been excellent teachers and are easy going/easy to work with. There are some that have their "quirks" and it took some adjusting, but I was able to come to a mutually effective relationship. On slow nights I really enjoy chatting and goofing off with my colleagues - I work with a great group of people. I think that plays a huge part in my job satisfaction My group also is very productivity focused. Its hard finding a balance between pushing yourself to see more and burning yourself out. Generally if I see 2-2.5 per hour I'm comfy. Anything more than that, I leave work feeling super pooped. There are days when the ED is super busy and I have to step up and see tons of people - but I dont do that on a regular basis for my own sanity. I hope you are able to find a position you like - with the right patient population and the right colleagues (attendings).
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