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  1. I can say the one area where we have them beat is in procedures. I have found many of them don’t know how to suture to incision and drainage particularly Bartholin’s gland cyst or dental abscesses. Fracture reductions as well. There are so many tricks and tips of the trade a lot of which we learn in PA school from other providers that they don’t learn. They look to the PAs to asked to get trained after they’ve been hired. This is one of my peeves. The nursing boards and national governing bodies are so powerful because there’s so many people that have been doing it for so long. What is the
  2. After 10 years I too, am also burned out. It seems the profession is getting more stressful, not less stressful. There’s more pressure on physicians. Medicare and government are becoming so involved that it’s almost impossible to be efficient with all the regulations and requirements for billing to be OK. I wish I could figure out something else to do as well. I thought this would be the profession that I would retire from but I’m completely dissatisfied. I actually really enjoy helping/treating people but all of the things that make everybody else crazy too, are ruining it for me and I just
  3. Im 5 years late to the thread. I decided I would put some information in here for people looking at Nevada. Nevada IS a black hole. And an island. 5 years ago we couldnt get enough APPs to move here and we were working our arses off. Now, in Covid, like the rest of the US, the New grads are struggling to find work, (say they) but ARE finding work through rotation connections. Clinics and hospitals cut hours. We are creeping along but not recovered and holding our breath. We have too many providers , not enough hours. In the past, there have been a few excellent trained PAs come fr
  4. The Hospital is St Charles, they also run the Redmond ER last I heard. unsure which comp. as I beleive have changed group names. The hosp post some on their own site, various PA stuff but a lot of docs hire their own PAs. I worked for a private NSG group and the MD def pushed us to be independent and was willing to train us to do more and more. So independence has to do with what kind of practice you work in. The pay is low bc its doc heavy as stated above. I miss the trees amd Mt Bachelor.
  5. Possble suggestion for preventing the spam. Some websites require approval by the site after creating a "membership". It doesnt allow immediate posting but usually the next day or so. You could create this feature then just never approve them, then they expire after xyz days if never approved by a moderator. Maybe easier to approve new members than delete spam?
  6. Had an experience today and realized something, having docs that totally back you when you have a difficult patient, (or any hard situation when you make a decision and need it to stay in place) makes all the difference. So I think any job is tolerable as long everyone is working hard, your docs back you up and you dont get dumped on regularly. We had a team yesterday and today where everyone was hustling, two docs two PAs, the momentum got going, its was so busy and had this energy. But on Other days 1or 2 of them sit and try to do very little, nursing staff breaths down the necks of the o
  7. Just want to add, watching, assisting or being exposed to a profession, like para to teacher above, still does not give total insight to what a specific profession completely entails. Watching a job, is not the job, i say this as I watch ER techs become nurses and PAs, nurses bceome NPs and PAs, and then hear them state a general consensus: eventually they something to the effect "I didnt understand all the problems I was going to be faced with". Its not just medicine. Much harder than They they thought it was going to be, usually just the beginning. Bc they do so much more than what peopl
  8. Would never give 7 days of any narc from the ER. Treat the cold, since thats why he came, give him 2 days max if he is in distress from withdrawal and tell him to call his doctor. We also tell the ones presenting for a med refill of pain meds we will call his pain management doctor for permission. Some leave, most say okay otherwise no way. They know about withdrawal and missing appts. Oh wait, thats right, we are in the age of no consequences so "deal with it" advise causes severe depression, anxiety, anger and often a tendency towards abusing the provider for being uncooperative.
  9. I clicked on full stars but it only registered two. Enjoy watching thread. Now, back to the thread.
  10. I assume you dont plan to tell your prospective employer you want these breaks? Whcih would likely end up with you stating after you are hired, that you have the right to these breaks? Some may not mind at all, while others will place their bussiness priorities above your needs, which is the norm. I would say most of us dont get a scheduled "anything" except office based jons that have lunch, and thats for admin/phone staff. You chart through lunch or it doesnt get done, unless you stay late.
  11. You are young, move up. Maximize your potential for as long as you can. But ask yourself, do you want all of the risk and responsibility, or part of the risk and responsibility. Its different. If you dont want it all, the money wont make you like it, if you want more, practice limitations and less money will frustrate you. Funny enough, many of the ER docs I work with (about 60) are trying to figure what else they can do, to get out of medicine. Hands are tied, admin enforcing ridiculous rules, docs forced by their companies to take hits to maintain co. contracts. Its messy. Not just 10 h
  12. Skeptics seem to be won over by letting them talk about their hx. They like to tell you, makes it seem thourough. Its the first thing I start asking them when they seem aprehensive. "Before we discuss the reason for your visit, tell me about your medical hx". One patient told me she thought Was less important if she didnt see a doctor. But once they feel you know what to do, and explain the wait times, aprhension seems to melt away, this has worked for me majority of the time. If the person cont to be rude or dismissive, I flat out say, if you would like treatment and a workup it will start
  13. Peds ER director at one of my hospitals prefers we use bicarb 8.4% vials, 1 or 2 ml to lido 9 or 8 ml respectively on kids, takes more time so usually skip bicarb on adults but the ones have tried seems to work well.
  14. Even though youve been down a long road, there is no short cut to PA. All the answers you seek need to be researched by you, and YOU need to find the answers, for the most part. Read this forum. Its full of information from start to finish. You will learn to appreciate the journey to becomming a PA. Its not a default career. No special path for FMG. And its not quick. Think hard about why you are deciding on PA. I work with several FMG who are now RNs, some working toward PA or NP and some not doing anything, and they are so bitter. Detest taking requests from a PA. Are defiant and are ge
  15. So, we have an organized representing body in place...how can we turn it around to design a dynamic power house with abundance of help and enough people to represent and make change.....it cant be just a $275 membership...thats just maintanence...what about new mission statements, motivate people, lay out future goals.....where we want ti to go....(imagine horse race with NPs) yes we are behind....we cam change it....so its a force. It can be done but where to start? We need that guy on TV, the CEO who turns big companies around. He he
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