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    Navy HSCP

    Don’t forget to quote me or @ me or I might miss a question. Almost 10 months (was supposed to be 6) to the SP-MAGTF and 2 months on the Comfort. You receive family separation pay after something like 90 days, hazardous duty pay if near any high risk area, hardship pay if you are having to reside in a crap hole, so on. There isn’t “deployment pay,” but yes, you can rack up on a deployment. I got some small amount for sea pay on the comfort, but it’s based on the total time at sea during your entire service. I think at least. Fuzzy on the details. I know it wasn’t much but others were getting more
  2. LT_Oneal_PAC

    Navy HSCP

    If you go to lejeune, likely would get tapped for the SP-MAGTF theater security cooperation. I went to Italy and multiple African countries. Could go to Spain or Romania. Camp Pendleton PAs often get tapped for the same MAGTF but for Southeast Asia/Australia. I also went on the USNS Comfort, which possible on the East coast, but rare. Usually it’s high on people’s list, so higher ranks go on the Continuing Promise mission. I only got to go because of the crisis in Puerto Rico with only 6 hours notice. I know a couple PAs that went to the Middle East like Kuwait or Jordan from Lejeune, but also less common. I don’t know the current op tempo, so YMMV.
  3. It was hard being away from my daughter. I don’t think the number of hours got me as much as the totally messed up rotating schedule they do in the ED. When I was on trauma surgery, MICU, and SNICU, I worked more hours but felt better rested because it was more regular. yes, I think being in family med and milmed prior was a big help. Out of the gate I was working on advanced specialty skills and not adjusting to being a provider, and advanced procedural pretty quickly since I had a large procedure skill set already. I wouldnt say I was a ton better than other residents at the end, but it made the transition easier
  4. It really isn’t that difficult. It takes about 10-25 scans to become proficient enough per ACEP guidelines for credentialing, who also does sports med. why refer to an outside radiologist when you can capture that charge? Besides, we all know the rads guy will say better characterize with MRI
  5. I worked for 3 years in the military/family medicine before going back to an EM residency. Worked out great. Those all look like solid programs, but I’m not as well aware of all the different surgical residencies.
  6. LT_Oneal_PAC

    Peds ED

    My buddy works in a peds ED at Erlanger I’m Chattanooga. I’m not sure if he can see anything, but he sees a lot. Pretty broad autonomy and paid pretty damn well.
  7. Given your example, I believe you are reading interval as “inbetween this time and last” when I mean there is no alteration of the PR, QT intervals from normal, not that the study is unchanged from prior. If that was the original point, then I apologize we had a miscommunication.
  8. I know that. You’re just arguing semantics.
  9. Did it go from abnormal to normal then? The point is it’s not a change from normal
  10. Biphasic P wave in v1. NSR. No interval changes. Normal axis. No ST changes. No STEMI or equivalents.
  11. Do a residency and come back or be willing to move and then come back with experience. Sounds like a saturated market that everyone wants to live in.
  12. Not near enough residencies for that. It may be the future, but not for decades. It may be that way at certain places though. Where I did my residency, you can’t work in the ED there unless you have done one.
  13. Residency is the best thing I ever did. After the military I could have gotten a job in the ED. Now I can pick where I want to work. I recently found out the place where I have a job I make as much as the people who have been there 7 years.
  14. I tubed, lined, and started a epi drip on a patient with hepatic encephalopathy, possible sick sinus syndrome, and urosepsis, then slept the last 8 hours of my shift. Best job ever.
  15. I don't think when people say hoof beats think horses, not zebras, they aren't talking about think benign conditions. MI is a horse. I believe they mean, don't look at hypertension and think pheochromocytoma or syncope and think insulinoma, things that likely won't kill you immediately and providers may say one, if that, in their lifetime. So I think it's still pretty valid. In the scenario you provided, I would call those questions looking for horses. Checking an alpha 1 antitrypsin on a first visit for dyspnea may be looking for a zebra. What I believe your referring to is anchor bias, relying on only a small amount of information or preconceived ideas to guide decision making, which is something we all definitely need to watch out for. You hear someone is a drug addict and you walk in thinking they are malingering, see they are a BMI of 40 and they have deconditioning, ect. Definitely agree with you that this can be a real trap that anyone can fall into and must be vigilant to check your bias at the door. I usually catch myself falling into it after the nurse says something like "oh he's just whiny" or something other blow off statement and need to realign myself.
  16. Second the car troubles. I didn’t have any, but others did. I did a full service and changed tires before school started. Main expense was travel to distant sites. Some provide room and board, others didn’t. I had to drive 8 hours to a site and pay for a months rent for one of mine. Partially self inflicted as I chose there, but lots had to pay for gas and travel 2 hours daily.
  17. How would I answer that in a interview? I’ll let you figure out how you would handle it. How do I actually do it? It’s never happened, but I would tell them it’s a single coverage hospital. I’m it. If they would like someone else they can drive 30 minutes south.
  18. Michael Scott’s posts were reported. I do not believe they violated the TOS, but he has deleted the posts of his own volition. Given the new account made with a random throw away email, account will be monitored for other activity. Agree with Ventana. Seems like the school handled it well, I cannot verify the statement about diversity, but I trust Ventana over someone who joined 17 hours ago and only made 2 posts to defame a school.
  19. Midwest. I think mine is unique, even for the area. I was just lucky to get with a good small, private, nonprofit hospital that cares about it community and attracting good providers. The FM PAs here make 200k here on a RVU system. FM docs make 400k. The hospital/ED is entirely PA run with a FM physician on back up, but they rarely round and never work an ED shift. Not enough volume for us in the ED to be RVU based.
  20. Thanks. I saw your note. Just wanted to bring it to the attention of the other users to temper future posts that may get heated.
  21. bias in medicine is a real thing. I just watched an expose revealing that 25% of residents and medical students in one study thought African Americans had thicker skin that whites. A nursing text book available until the past couple years stated that blacks saw pain as inevitable and Hispanics saw it as necessary for entry to heaven. Pain in blacks is treated at a lesser level even after accounting for education and socioeconomics. Further women also ha e been under studied and have poorer pain control. I plan on looking at the original articles, but this is a disturbing statistic. On the flip side, this thread is looking more like a witch hunt. The user account here was created for, apparently, of making these posts. Let’s not let this degrade into a dumpster fire of a thread.
  22. Salary isn’t bad if you have a good contract. Mine stipulates no more than 12 hours a day, no more than 3 per week, and more more than 12 per month. Any more than that I do get hourly pay at 90/hr. There is usually an opportunity to pick up about 2 -4 shifts per month for some extra cash if I want. I do have a float month, 1 in 5 months, where I pick up whatever gaps are in the schedule. Can’t be made to work more than my 12, but usually I work like 3-6 shifts the whole month and still make my full salary.
  23. I got sign out from and gave to physician residents all the time when I was a PA resident. Do the same now from locum docs at my solo facility. Not sure why your group would be having a dilemma?
  24. Personally, I believe if you do what it right for the patient, everything else will fall into place. Not saying people shouldn’t protect themselves and document well, nor am I saying that the people who told the patient to seek care elsewhere are wrong. I just can’t go about it this way. I would get downright depressed thinking of patient encounters as “how might this get me sued”. Now if you can’t treat the patient but this system doesn’t allow them to have a chart generated, that’s different.
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