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  1. What happened to this thread? Pt hx of COPD, Asthma, Tobacco, other hx? Segmental atelectasis, compensated respiratory acidosis, diminished sounds left base, mild tachypnea. Bronchoscopy?
  2. I'm a UW graduate practicing in Salem in CTS.
  3. Danskos are very popular in the health care field and I have a pair myself. Well made, and clean up easily, and for the most part good arch support. They are not for everyone though and I can only wear mine for about 6 hours before one spot rubs... I also wear a pair of black sketchers with orthotic inserts in the OR. Another thing I have found very helpful is another pair of 1 size too big slip on sketchers so I can slip my foot out during surgery and stretch my arches, move my toes around, and sometimes just to cool my feet off (when it's 72 in the OR and there are hot lights on you for 6 hours....you take any chance you can to cool off). In short, you may want to start out with 2 options. Good luck!
  4. My experience: I'm a CT resident PA and I'm working 60-80. The PAs hired right out of school are also working the same hours so it isn't just a 'restident' thing. As a new surgical PA you should just expect to be putting in those type of hours and any other scenario you encounter would be really lucky (or you could look at the lower hour requirement as lower learning opportunity).
  5. Start referring to him and greeting him as Mr. (something other than his name). When he tries to correct you smile, wink, and say AND I'M NOT A NURSE. If that confuses him then just let it go.
  6. Anything further on ROS or labs? Did you get that Renal US? VSS, but are they unremarkable?
  7. You can try 'Doc' by RE Losee. He is long retired but I read half the book for a paper during school (and I did my primary care rotation at that clinic) and I found the book to be pretty cool.
  8. If I were in her shoes I'd contact a Maryland lawyer without hesitation.
  9. If I were in her shoes I'd contact a Maryland lawyer without hesitation.
  10. That doctor sounds very ignorant, from my perspective. And if he can't even get it right how is a lay-person supposed to understand the difference?
  11. I bet the original poster heard that information from an interventional cardiologist =P I'm hearing all the same things as the responding posters - that CV PAs have nothing to worry about for future employment demand.
  12. This will vary a lot by region. You may want to purchase the AAPA Salary analysis report from 2011 (or 2010 if 2011 isn't ready yet). Good luck.
  13. Association of Postgraduate PA Programs http://www.appap.org/
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