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Has anyone been able to work without a DEA license? I have voluntarily surrendered mine for a year, due to working for two physicians who were overprescribing and having me prescribe while they were out of the office (I 100% own up to my fault in the situation, and hope I never have to write for another narcotic again). 
I am very concerned I won’t be able to get another job for a year or so. I’m hoping someone has had a similar experience and can tell me how it worked out or what types of groups would still hire. Any info would help. Thanks in advance. 

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For several years I chose not to have one, as not even to temp me or patients to prescribe or ask for narcotics for headaches, which is usually contraindicated. However, after a while (I was at Mayo Clinic) the credentialing people required me to have a DEA number, for their credentialing with insurance companies. I thought that was a silly requirement, but the credentialing forms had space for the provider's DEA and if left blank, they would not process the application. There may be a way around that via phone calls and etc, but Mayo as a big institution, it became black or white. 

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11 hours ago, Mayamom said:

In Mass you need a DEA in correctional medicine.    I used to work with a psychiatrist who did not have a DEA license.  

This is true for state and county corrections but not federal. I was asked by the contractor for a dea#. I declined to provide one. The medical director at the facility confirmed to the contractor a dea# was not required. 

It is interesting to hear but the feds have a generic federal dea# by medical facility which the providers work under. Not sure if it is associated with the feres doctrine and not allowing individuals to be named in lawsuits or not. 

While in the military the only time a specific individual dea# was needed was when I deployed to Jordan. Again, the government provided the # at no cost. It was needed for the by mail scripts our soldiers had or if I needed to order controlled substances while deployed. Truthfully I don't even know what the number was. It was handled at levels above me after I signed a piece of paper requesting it. 

In 7 years in federal work I haven't ever needed one domestically. 

Another option might be working as a special foreign service officer for the state department. These positions can be found on the department of state website. You are assigned as a provider at an embassy. I'd love to do this but haven't been able to sell the wife/family on it. . . Yet. 

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      Hi Friends,
      I'm trying to develop a bit more privacy than is the default on the PA Board website. In CA, is there a way to put your work address as the one on file, or would you have to get a PO box should you desire to not have your home address listed on a license search?
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      Hello everyone!  Haven't been on here in a while...  I'm hoping those of you with your DEA license can give me some guidance please, esp. if in primary care, and better yet if you are in Florida. I took the updated course, as my employer has now agreed to reimburse for the license application. There were some points in the course (taken through FMA) that I didn't know if I entirely understand, regarding supervising physician. --> Are we supposed to have a supervising physician name printed on every controlled substance Rx? It sounded like that from the course, but I'm not sure if I misunderstood. I work with an NP who notes that she doesn't have a supervising physician name on any of her benzo Rxs (4), but only on the pain meds (2). However, as we all know, the rules vary from state to state between NPs and PAs... So for, lets say, ativan (sched 4) - 1) Would the printed Rx on control paper have to have both my name and the supervising physicians name? 2) On that same Rx, if it has to have SP name, does it also need to be signed by the SP? .... The whole point of my organization wanting me to get this DEA license is so that the SPs do not have to be bothered and pulled each time I see a patient who needs a renewal on those meds. So I'm just trying to figure out if it is even worth it to get it. While they are now reimbursing, it is first out of my pocket until reimbursed, and that large sum of money on a screen at checkout just makes me a little nervous, lol. Also, I don't want them to pay all of that when the purpose of them paying for it will not be fulfilled.  Thanks in advance. 
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