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  1. Without knowing his federal department, ie BOP, DHS, DOD etc, there are specific federal forms for recommendations for workplace accomodations. We have a bi-weekly meeting to review any employees with workplace limitations and review accomodations. For reference we have an employee with an ankle sprain. He went to pcm. Filled forms out recommendation limited standing. We put him on phone duty for the recommended period. I forget the form name but it is BOP specific. Each department likely has a similar form to fill out. If you don't want to fill it out then decline. He will find someone else to do it.
  2. If you aren't medevac, you are casevac. I know that doesn't sound drastically different but it is. I have seen units put casevac on Chinooks but again, those are in GSABs. If you are looking for a medical role on an aircraft in the army, join a gsab. Another course you can look at is JECC. Joint enroute critical care. Again, medevac. Not Casevac. Casevac is any non standard platform, ground or air, used to move casualties. Medevac is a dedicated platform for casualty movement.
  3. General support aviation BN or GSAB. Generally they are made up of uh-60s and ch-47s. As an aeromedical PA you are required to fly a set amount of hours per semi-annual period. Gsab is made up of a lift company of uh-60s, medevac company and a Chinook company. There are more flight qualified personnel in a gsab than any other Army unit. I can't speak Nationwide but Nevada has a national guard GSAB split between the Vegas and Reno area. If you are not an aeromedical PA you would need the state to pay for and send you to the class. It is 42 days at fort Rucker, Al. Bring your golf clubs. If you can't swim I wouldn't go. You are required to pass dunker training or overwater survival training. It doesn't require Olympic level swimming but if you are deathly afraid of being 5 point harnessed to a seat while a Sim cockpit is dropped into and spun upside down in 20 feet of water requiring you to get out while blindfolded and wearing flight gear. . . Then you might not want to go. We only had one PA nearly die so it wasn't terrible. Nobody got chest compressions
  4. There are other reasons I'd prefer not to live in Maryland or DC. Weather, taxes, politics, weather, congestion, traffic, weather, weather, weather.
  5. We are close but our goal is to have f-u money. Meaning any day of the week we can tell our employees f-u and walk out. Military pension helps. TSP since it became available. She is fed and fully vested but the pension isnt much yet. The last statement she will qualify for $1k a month so far. Plus her tsp. Pension for her doesn't start until she gets older. Tricare for health coverage is $600/year. Sell house, cars, etc. Move to a condo or something cheaper near a beach and transition to liveaboard sailboat is the plan. Kids have 4.5 years till both are in college. Both have half my GI bill and some college savings. Hoping to have most of thier undergrad covered. Once they get into or done with college we want to pull the rip cord and jump. Maybe work part time at first. I only wish I had more in the tsp before this last market run. Might have said f-u already.
  6. This is true for state and county corrections but not federal. I was asked by the contractor for a dea#. I declined to provide one. The medical director at the facility confirmed to the contractor a dea# was not required. It is interesting to hear but the feds have a generic federal dea# by medical facility which the providers work under. Not sure if it is associated with the feres doctrine and not allowing individuals to be named in lawsuits or not. While in the military the only time a specific individual dea# was needed was when I deployed to Jordan. Again, the government provided the # at no cost. It was needed for the by mail scripts our soldiers had or if I needed to order controlled substances while deployed. Truthfully I don't even know what the number was. It was handled at levels above me after I signed a piece of paper requesting it. In 7 years in federal work I haven't ever needed one domestically. Another option might be working as a special foreign service officer for the state department. These positions can be found on the department of state website. You are assigned as a provider at an embassy. I'd love to do this but haven't been able to sell the wife/family on it. . . Yet.
  7. It isn't just VA. Texas requires your most recent 5 years of supervising docs. New Mexico is 3 years if I recall. Makes it very awkward to have that conversation.
  8. Federal positions don't require a dea license. I haven't ever had one as I recently retired from the military. Currently working as a contractor for federal prison. Check into border medical jobs, federal positions, Indian health services, etc.
  9. Completed block 5. Now with the 3 minute questions. No harder/easier. Overall PA average stayed at 81% which is unchanged from last quarter. Seems spring nccpa will get together and decide what passing might be. Hopefully we find out before the end what passing might be.
  10. I can't speak personally to all the details but we had a student get a dui During clinicals not long before graduation. This was a military program which meant she was removed and eventually discharged. She went on to a civilian program, finished and is now a practicing PA.
  11. Bottom line. You haven't been offered a job. Thinking about quitting seems a bit premature. If you want to interview there is no harm in that unless it requires missing time at your full time job. As a new grad I would not put your first job at risk by taking time off to interview for another job after a couple weeks. If an offer is made, then it would be a better time to consider your options. You are more employable when you have a job. Right now you have a job so how is when you have a higher chance of being offered a job. Only you can weigh your options when a new offer comes.
  12. Boglehead fan although we are not religious about it. Graduated PA school 2013. Current job is $112k annually. Couple part time 1099 which varies but adds 10-15k annually. Wife makes ~$87k annually as a GS employee. Through the Military the TSP did not become available until 2004 if I recall. Before then I was a low income earner and didnt save much in a Roth IRA. Started saving once it became available. Maxed some years, others not so much. Even skipped a year when we had a baby and wife was SAHM for most of the year. Bought houses when we moved which turned out to be both bad and good ideas but balanced out to a near net zero. Would have been better off renting as the drag on income prevented larger TSP savings. Now retiring from the Army Ill have the pension from my service. Id have to look but we have nearly $400k in the TSP to go along with it. No student loans ever as the Army paid for all schooling I ever went to. GI Bill split between our two kids pays for 2 years each for them. Small Coverdell ESA for each of them will cover about another year each. Will income/scholarship the rest as we wont qualify for subsidized loans I bet. Grad school is on them if they choose. Wife started GS employment 7 years ago (RN). Next year will be the first we max both her TSP and my new 401k. Will have a bit more to save, not sure if we will use taxable or backdoor Roths. Taxable is easier documentation wise for the minimal tax gains we would get from the Roth. If we retire early which is the plan taxable would be the income source. At 41 we are not close to FIRE but this year our savings will be $38k plus and next year close or over $50k annually for retirement. Kids have 5 years left until College so we plan to save as much as we can next 5 years and see what happens. My pension plus her pension is a nice steady income buffer. Whatever is left of SS will hopefully be gravy. We could have done better but we also could have done far worse. Our goal is to seriously look at 8-10 years and see where we are at financially. We would like to do short term contracts part of the year and travel part of the year. Not really retired but not working full time. My goal is to save at least another $500k in the next 8-10 years in retirement accounts. If the market plays nice and we get some growth those accounts could be $1 mil or more. Not enough to pull the rip cord and FIRE but enough for the part time plan. Sounds terrible but I hope the market muddles along with little change the next 3-4 years before taking off on the next bull market to the end of our 10 year timeline. I dont offer retirement talk to co-workers. Guess I figure they are all adults. We are better off than most and discussions such as politics, money, marriage/divorce etc do not seem to make friends at work. Have a few friends I talk with who are PAs I went to school with. We each have different plans. One hasnt saved a penny and is a few years older than us. His kids just finished college and he is only now starting to lay a plan down starting with zero. As a bonus he is between jobs at the moment waiting on credentialing.
  13. Adjustment disorder is quite common in the military. However, it is much more common because we are not worried about reimbursement rates and paid visits. Civilians like to get paid and often get right to a higher diagnosis. It isnt right but it happens. As for the military, you can stay in the Army with adjustment disorder. It is common to separate Soldiers for it but it is also common to be retained and a much easier diagnosis to join the military with than MDD.
  14. Just wanted to update. Q4 questions opened yesterday. Completed them. No harder/easier than previous blocks. 5 minute per question. The website now has each quarter and an overall tracking which is nice. Helps you see where you rank compared to other PAs each quarter and overall. At the end of Q3 my portal listed 78% as the overall average. As soon as I submitted my Q4 it updated to 80% overall so it seems to track somehow "real time". The average has been increasing each quarter with the highest being Q3 so far at 84% for all PAs. It still does not show the current quarter average while it is ongoing which is odd since the cumulative average seemed to update. Logged in again today and now cumulative all PA average is listed at 81% so the real time seems to be in place. Good luck all!!
  15. It isnt the provider applying a standard. The standards come from federal regulations. I have seen many Soldiers come in on waivers and generally they dont make it. Previous ACL repairs, micro disc surgery, scoliosis, etc. The rigors that come with some of these jobs are not written to a specific military job, they apply to everyone the same. As far as lipid, I would guess the motivation is cardiac risk. Hard to say since the regs are written echelons above us. It does prevent some good people from joining but it also protects the majority from injury with service.
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