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  1. Does anyone know the timeline for vaccinations, drug test, background check, and all that jazz? I haven’t heard anything since paying my deposit except the dates for orientation and first day of class.
  2. So today is the last business day of January... I interviewed in November... has anyone interviewed and not received any news at all up until this point?
  3. I just got invited to interview on November 19th! I submitted on 7/10 and got "application under review" email on 8/5
  4. Got my rejection letter in the mail today after my 10/6 interview! Not surprised, since it went pretty bad...
  5. CASPA submitted 7/10, supplemental app submitted 7/18, "application under review" email 7/20, invite received 9/14 cGPA: 3.6 sGPA: 3.42 GRE: 298, 3.5 writing PCE: 3,400 as a scribe (adult and pediatric ER) Volunteer: 300 hours Shadowing: 200 hours (5 different specialties) Leadership experience as pre-health club president 2 LOR from PAs, 1 from professor I had for 4 classes
  6. I too, was accepted after my interview today. Had such a great interview experience!
  7. since they are planning to give interviews before receiving the CASPeR scores, I think that they’re probably just wanting us to take it because they want to gather their own data to see how the scores correlate with how successful people turn out to be in PA school.
  8. I just called to try to reschedule because I accidentally scheduled for 10/15 at 12pm, but they said they are interviewing at 12pm as well. They have 8 spots for 8am and 8 spots for 12pm on that day.
  9. were you able to schedule for 8am? The email says to pick an appointment slot for 8am but I only saw 12pm available.
  10. I am entering my shadowing experiences under the Experience section of CASPA. It requires you to select one of three options for "type of recognition": paid, received academic credit, or volunteer. Do i select "received academic credit" or "volunteer"? Thanks in advance!
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