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  1. I recently logged on to an NPI database and noticed you could see my home address and phone number... NOT GOOD. I logged on to CAQH and NPI and changed my address and phone number to that of my practice location, and my info is already different on my license... however, when I log back in to any of the many websites connected to my NPI, many of them are still showing my home address and phone number. Anyone know how long that will take to update (It's only been like 45 minutes on a Tuesday night here... Just a little paranoid)
  2. Honestly, thats great news. That's infinitely more convenient than a P.O. box. Thank you!
  3. Hi Friends, I'm trying to develop a bit more privacy than is the default on the PA Board website. In CA, is there a way to put your work address as the one on file, or would you have to get a PO box should you desire to not have your home address listed on a license search? Thanks much!
  4. Hi everyone, In my myriad Google searches, I seem to have found the answer, but I want to confirm this before I play the waiting game. I have applied for state licensure in CA, but I am still waiting on approval. Can I apply for my DEA before the license comes through? The answer seems to be no, that I must be fully licensed before I even begin my application for a DEA. Anyone have any light to shed on this? Any way for me to speed up the waiting game? Thanks much!
  5. Hi everyone! Does anyone have experience with the Future Educators Fellowship from the PAEA? I would love to chat!
  6. Has anyone received a letter yet from the July 13th interviews?
  7. What about today? Haha I still haven't gotten a thing. I'm worried this might be the silent treatment!
  8. Same here! Just waiting waiting waiting!
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