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  1. Never once has anybody I've dealt with as a PA thought I was dumb but I get what your saying. 38 year career. I'm impressed.
  2. I'm curious what her chief complaint was? UC turn no one away they want to bill$$. Glad you where there to get the patient to the ER. Can you get an update?
  3. OP the cost for the occurrence policy vs claims made will be substantially higher as I'm sure you have figured out. That's why most offer claims made. PA333 yes if you leave your current job you will need to purchase tail coverage. You would need to contact the company that you have your current policy with. There are some exceptions to this. For instance when I left my prison job I did not need tail because the policy was still in place to continue covering all of medical personnel working there. I agree with above. This stuff need to be taught in school it's very confusing but
  4. The above is excellent advice. But if there is any chance you can manage the 45 days I would. It's just better in the long run.
  5. My understanding was that even if you have two policies one from employer and one for you purchase for yourself you can only apply the claim to one policy. Both are not going to defend you. Maybe someone else can confirm this? So no never purchased supplement insurance.
  6. I worked all during PA school. One day per week.
  7. I looked into occurrence many years ago from the one the AAPA endorses. It was close to $6000. I can't imagine what it is now. Is the policy being offered in your name specifically or a group? I ask because when I left clinical a few years ago I just took over the policy since it was in my name. Did not buy tail. Just keeping the policy utd with my paying the premium $3000.
  8. I would have a private conversation with your SP and office manager. If this is a small office it's a tough situation. I experience this in one of my jobs and eventually had to leave.
  9. Best of luck. I would love to teach physical exam but not able because I don't have a masters degree.
  10. Do the docs work those hours? Is that all patient care hours or is there some time for charting, lab review, phone calls. If not you won't be out at 6:30.
  11. No need to check. If every medical professional that was taking a SSRI for example checked yes the system to handle that would be overwhelmed. As you finish school and enter the field you need to take care of yourself. It can be a very stressful job but certainly doable.
  12. Lots of labs are hiring due to the need for covid testing. A basic science background is needed from what I'm told. You have to keep pushing forward.
  13. 1,261 1,322 posts Posted 16 hours ago Shockingly often. Sometimes it will seem like more often than not This. Unless you work for a well run office this had always been an ongoing issue in my experience. The other lesson learned is besure you document in your notes the importance of follow up to the patient. Probably best to include a timeframe. As other have said you practiced good medicine but the system can be problomatic.
  14. Absolutely not. Not worth the risk and stress. Volunteer at an animal shelter is my goal! Hiking building a stone cottage sounds lovely. Enjoy.
  15. Don't be. I doubt they will will let you do a pelvic pap your first day. I'm sure there must be you tube video that go over things again for you. Also review your anatomy, HPV, osteoporosis and mammography guidelines.
  16. Thefatman your lucky. Got #2 yesterday at 10:30. Got sick middle of the night and feel like run over by a truck. From head to bottom of my feet. Praying no booster is ever needed but unlikely
  17. Ha! This made me laugh. I was burned out as a PA at age 55. I give you so much credit!!
  18. I'm sure this is a tempting offer for you with school loans and all but solo is a big no. Just to risky. Secondly it amazes me that urgent care just don't seem to care about risk management and malpractice. It boggles my mind and I'm so grateful I'm out.
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