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I submitted 5/3, my transcript was received about a week later and I was verified 5/18. Now just waiting! 

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On 5/23/2018 at 12:45 PM, KristinaRDMS said:

Waiting on one of my LOR to submit.  I was afraid to submit without it.  Where is everyone applying, PA or DE campus?  

PA campus as well!

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17 minutes ago, KristinaRDMS said:

Anyone hear from arcadia yet?

Haven't heard anything yet ?

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I haven't.. Usually I look at last years forum to get a timeline. Seems like if we get interviews we should be getting a call in 1-2 weeks (last year it was June 22nd when interview calls were made). 

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21 hours ago, KristinaRDMS said:

Thanks! I had glanced at last years forum also.. I don’t know about you all but the wait is killing me! 

Yes, me too! Have heard great thanks so definitely a top choice, praying for an interview.

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Hi all,

Anybody else get an application received notice today, or earlier in the cycle? Hoping this means calls will go out sometime soon about interviews!

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4 hours ago, KristinaRDMS said:

I did! I panicked because I didn’t think they sent verification emails.. either a phone call for interview or rejection letter. 

Same, nearly had a heart attack - thought i was rejected. Guess it's a new thing they've started. Wonder if they're changing things around.

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35 minutes ago, PA135 said:

Got a call for an interview on July 18th at Glenside campus!


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48 minutes ago, spartan419 said:

Just got a voicemail inviting me to interview!!!

Congrats! When did you apply?

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19 minutes ago, pk325 said:

Congrats! When did you apply?

Thank you!! I submitted and was verified may 17 with 2 LORs, and got my 3rd LOR sent May 25. Wishing you good news soon!

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      I am a Biology/Pre-PA major Junior in college. I am in ROTC and participate in many extracurricular within ROTC, so I am ranked well. I am looking for advice on my chances for getting into PA school. I don't have many preferences for a PA school, my life dream has just always been to save lives within the medical field. At the time of applying for PA school I will have a 3.1-3.3 GPA, around 1000 hours as an ED medical scribe, and I worked as a pharmacy technician for a year. 
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      Very Respectfully,
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