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  1. I’m in the first class and we graduate August 2021. Personally, I believe they're very on top of things and accreditation is very important to them (since without it they can’t have a program). Their program in Erie has been around for decades and is successful, so that’s what helped reassure me as well. They are accredited though and we are fully eligible to take the PANCE. The website link above may help explain it better.
  2. I recommend researching this a little. But basically they are accredited and at the next accreditation cycle/visit (or however it’s technically termed) they apply to obtain accreditation continuing. They have not had a graduating class yet and are therefore provisional. As long as a program is accredited when you matriculate, you can sit for the PANCE. Hope this helps a little.
  3. Hello, that’s the Erie campus in Pennsylvania! The Ruskin, FL campus is a 2 year (24 months) masters
  4. Congrats to those accepted!! I’m a current student so if you have any questions, feel free to ask! As for the Facebook page, how it worked for our cohort is they created one and sent out an invite to the page shortly after acceptance. So hopefully that helps answer your question a little. For those waiting to hear, just remember no news is good news! Best of luck to everyone!
  5. The first cohort just started this week, so I assume they’ve probably been pretty busy with preparing, etc. for that lately! I truly have no idea and that’s my personal opinion, but just wanted to throw it out there.
  6. It took several months for some of us to hear last cycle after interviews. So don’t stress too much!
  7. Sure! My GPA was on the lower end (cumulative: 3.4, science 3.2), 100+ shadowing hours, 300+ volunteering hours, 1,500 hours as an ED scribe and a few thousand as a Medical Assistant (I dont remember the exact number, sorry!). I also had my EMT and phlebotomy certification, went on a medical mission trip, did a Graduate Certificate to boost my GPA, and participated in a couple clubs in undergrad. Hope this helps!
  8. Hey all! I just wanted to pop in and say hey. I was accepted to Gannon last cycle and begin next month. I know the process can be really stressful, so if you have any general questions please feel free to reach out! Good luck to everyone and congrats to those already receiving interview invites!
  9. Hey all! I just wanted to pop in and say hey. I interviewed at South College- Nashville campus last cycle and was accepted, but committed elsewhere due to location. It's an awesome program and all the staff are super helpful. I know the process is stressful, so if anyone has any general questions please feel free to reach out! Good luck to everyone and congrats to those who already received interview invites!
  10. Congrats! Did you just get it today?
  11. Awesome, congrats!! Thanks for letting me know. Gives me hope of hearing soon!
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