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Found 7 results

  1. I'm an alum from Arcadia, a few classes back. Ask away and I'll give you the straight dope. It's a strong academic program. Arcadia has been in the top 3-4% of PANCE scores by school since 2011 I believe. We had 3 guys who scored perfect or near-perfect in my class. There are some things however you won't like and some things you can do to streamline your experience.
  2. Hello! I figured I'd start a new topic for this cycle, has anyone started applying yet?
  3. Hi! I am currently in the process of trying to pick the right program for me in the Philadelphia area. There are many things I love about each of these three programs (DeSales, Arcadia, and TJU). I am looking for any current students, or really anyone, that has insight on any of these programs so I can really determine the best fit for me!
  4. I'm looking to find an interested individual to split a 2 bedroom apartment in either the Newark, Wilmington, or Glasgow area. About myself: I'm a 28 year old male resident of California moving to Delaware for Physician Assistant school at Arcadia University. I currently work at a paint shop since I like home improvement projects, and at night as a medical assistant. I like to read, watch movies, run, hike, swim, and really anything else outdoor related during my non-working hours. I'm a considerate roommate and respect the space of others. I'm well organized, friendly, and focused. My move in date would be mid May 2014. If you're in a similar situation, looking to cost save and have a solid roommate please let me know! Thanks! (As a current Arcadia student, if you can recommend a good apartment complex, I'd appreciate that as well.) Nick
  5. I am coming towards the end of my 1-year contract with my current company (family practice) and will not be renewing. This was my first job out of school, and this new practice which opened a few months before I started has pretty much failed. One doctor left, the other let go about 2 weeks ago due to low volume and every day I hear something different from the owner about whether or not he is going to shut it down or not. He has told me he wants to keep me for medical consulting, but I definitely don't feel confident in job security here. Another thing is we have been super low volume... I only 'really' started seeing my own patients a few months ago (maybe 4) and see 1-4 a day. In the afternoon I do consulting for a psych hospital and do admissions/consults so that can range from 5-12 patients a day. Although I don't really feel that I've learned anything by working there (minimal medical resources, empiric treatment for everything...) Honestly, I feel like a new grad still. Besides from the million articles I've read on my free time (aka pulling my hair out from being so bored) I have not had a lot of clinical experience AT ALL. And I feel like my next job is going to have to have an MD who is willing to train because I feel like I still don't know anything..... ( I can read until my eyes bleed but I really learn by doing). The few patients I have, have given great reviews about me and have even switched their whole families to my care. Not to mention I haven't heard back from any of the places I applied to so I guess I need to spruce up my résumé?! Any suggestions/thoughts on a resume for 1 year of experience/new grad? Should I still include my rotations? My fiancé and I moved 8 hours from home for this job and love it here. I'm hoping to find another job close by because it'd break our hearts to have to move again. Anyone else have any experience with working in a failed practice? Let food be thy medicine
  6. Hey everybody, Probably not the most original post but here it goes - after a few years on the pre-med path I am starting to seriously consider PA school. I graduated undergrad last May with a decent GPA ~ 3.5, took the MCAT last January and got a 27. At that time I felt DO school was the right choice for me but within the last two weeks my doubts have accumulated to the point where I am now posting on this forum. I work as a medical scribe in an ER and seeing the PAs in action has inspired me. I like the position of working with doctors in that setting without necessarily seeing myself as a doctor. Not to mention the sacrifice of becoming a doctor honestly scares me. I know a fellow scribe who got into a PA/MPH program at Arcadia University, which happens accept the MCAT, encourage rotations abroad (which highly interests me), and is conveniently located in where my family is. I also like the idea of earning a second degree in case I get tired of clinical work. Also, she claims that with the help of my boss, my hours a medical scribe (technically not patient care hours) were accepted by Arcadia. The only thing that bugs me about the PA programs are that I have to take additional bio classes included anatomy, physiology, and micro. I know in the Philly area, this probably isn't a big deal, but if there is any way of bypassing any of these requirements, or any other schools with less strict requirements, I would be very interested. If not, where would be the best place to take these classes? I'm also wondering if I should take the GRE anyway, and if it is an issue if I ask a doctor for a recommendation instead of a PA (I don't work directly with PAs). Lastly are there any unexpected downsides of doing a dual degree program? Yeah, I'm all over the place but any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Hello, I am currently a first year PA student at Arcadia University in Philadelphia. Originally from Pittsburgh, I am interested in going home for a rotation or two at the end of my clinical year (~Dec-June, 2014). I am a very hard worker, would bring positive energy and am fascinated by all types of medicine. If you are interested in teaching, just let me know and we can see if it would work out. Thank you! -T.Y.
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