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  1. Congrats!! How did you feel the interview went? I’m feeling nervous about my interview answers, now that the stress is over I’m thinking of what I “should’ve or couldve” said... did you know leaving that u were likely going to receive an invite?
  2. I think there is probably something we all would’ve liked to do differently yesterday.. we are going to second guess ourselves for the next two weeks! Try not to stress!! Besides from what I’ve read you also you don’t want to blend in to where the interviews don’t recall who you are! ? Hopefully we all hear something soon!
  3. From what I understand their interviews are typically one on one and pretty laid back.. at least that is what an Arcadia alumni told me.. good luck! When did you get verified and receive the call?
  4. Yes, that I guess is more what I meant, not even necessarily "medicine" but "treating people". So I guess that answers my question.. you'll be interviewing at Glenside.. well I wish you luck! And who knows maybe if we both survive this grueling processes we will run into each other as students of Arcadia! ? From what I understand both glenside and christiana do the cadaver lab at TJ in philly.
  5. I am actually an ultrasound technologist and have been working for 6 years before I realized I wanted to make the switch also.. hopefully Arcadia likes the fact we come with a backgrounds rooted in medicine. I find your internship fascinating because patients we scan that have pregnancy complications are frequently sent to CHOP and then we rarely know the outcome. Very neat opportunity! Are you interviewing for the DE campus? -because I would love to hear more about your internship if we ever get to meet! ? .....still waiting to see if I even get an interview!!! (which is killing me)
  6. Wow an internship at CHOP that must of been fascinating! And you have a high amount of PCE, may I ask if this is your first cycle applying or have you been working towards PA for a while? Wishing you the best luck!
  7. At least you made it through the first step... they are interested! ? From what everything I've read it's important to "be yourself" ...They want to see honesty and sincerity! Wishing you the best of luck!
  8. Congrats! Unfortunately I don’t have any interview tips but would you mind sharing your stats? Waiting to hear from the de campus..
  9. I am hoping you are correct! I was verified June 6 by caspa and haven’t heard anything. Got the same verification email (from arcadia) as many people on here June 18.. it’s making me anxious too that others have gotten a call but I’m hoping they are still working through the May applicants!
  10. Congrats! When did you submit? Do you mind sharing your stats?
  11. Congrats! And thanks for sharing your stats! We did pretty comparable on the GRE which is reassuring! ? Can I ask how you improved your application between this cycle and next? Were you offered an interview last cycle? ...can you tell I am a little stressed waiting for a call or rejection email!
  12. congrats! Did you only apply to the de campus? Do u mind sharing your stats?
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