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  1. I still haven’t received my “under review” email. And I’m stressing, they received my application on 6/7
  2. Figured I get a thread started since the deadline will be here before we know it!
  3. I know its early, but I figured I'd get this thing started sooner than later
  4. very true, im on so many boards i got mixed up lol
  5. That’s crazy because I know in TOTAL they receive that many applications a cycle on average but not within the first month. Most people haven’t finished school yet or JUST finished. When I submitted my application it just stated on avg how many people apply per year.
  6. Application deadline coming up sooner than later, anyone start applying yet?
  7. Hello! I know its super early, but I figured we get this thing going sooner rather than later! Anyone start applying yet?
  8. Hello! I figured I'd start a new topic for this cycle, has anyone started applying yet?
  9. Hello, first off thank you for taking the time out to create this forum topic! It seems like you guys are pretty busy this time of year. I just have a few questions, would you say penn state takes a more holistic approach when choosing applicants for the incoming program. And also, what advice would you give to someone who may have a low GPA? thanks!
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