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  1. got an email offering me a seat off the waitlist for the glenside campus yesterday but I will most likely be declining this offer, hope this gives someone else a seat!!
  2. Received an email in my spam folder yesterday morning letting me know I was accepted from the 11/5 interview!
  3. got a call a few hours ago and im off the waitlist!!!! still does not feel real im SO excited to be joining this program, i got my waitlist email at 5:57 EST on 9/17
  4. Last minute decided to apply to this school! My CASPA app was verified this morning.
  5. Congratulations!!! How did your interview go for you and how did you like the program? Any advice for those of us who have yet to interview?
  6. i haven't either, assuming that means no interview ? i did get an email from wayne inviting me to their FAFSA friday on 10/4 however, and kinda confused by that. seems like such a tease of an email to me
  7. @W081992 congratulations!!! Comforting to see they’re already taking off the waitlist, do you mind telling me what time you got your waitlist email? I’m wondering if this corresponds to the spot in line people are in.
  8. Lol I’ve been doing the same, last year they sent the interview invite emails the Tuesday of this week before noon so I’ve been very antsy.
  9. rush called me last week and moved my interview from 10/26 to 11/2, I guess they aren't having an interview on that date anymore. but looking forward to meeting some of you on the 2nd!
  10. i've had 2 interviews so far and waitlisted at them both, and have 2 more interviews to go (so far) and been just trying not to let my nerves get to me leading up to these because for my first interview at least I was so stressed and think I let that get to me. I too have been stressing about this wondering if this is a bad thing and if i'm missing something. Getting an interview in the first place is such a big feat in this PA school application process so I wouldn't doubt yourself at all. Clearly if there was a red flag about you as a future PA they wouldn't even consider you as someone t
  11. just got an email inviting me to interview!! the only date available was 11/5, assuming thats their last interview date so excited to meet some of you!
  12. yes still hope! i got the email around 6pm and i interviewed july 23/24
  13. Just received an email inviting me to interview oct 26!!
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