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PAS Class assignment. Anyone here graduate PAS before 2010?

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I took a typing class in high school on an actual typewriter - the first year of electric typewriters to boot.


My first cell phone was a brick size thing actually anchored into the car at 50 cents a minute.


The internet did not exist while in PA school and I hauled around Harrison's like a dork.


My first printer was dot matrix and state of the art and nearly $800.


The first ten years of my career sported a beeper or multiple beepers depending on service. FYI - a beeper texted a phone number to the recipient who had to find a land line (big clunky phone on desk) to call an operator and ask what was up.


I somehow learned to use a computer (giant cheesy smirk and glare) and still managed to practice medicine before the MRI and used to hang real xray film on a light board and roll up paper to look through and magnify areas of xrays. Handwritten chart notes to round it out.


All good memories and building blocks to today. Some days I would love to be without my iphone but would have no idea where my kids are.... and payphones are all but extinct

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