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  1. After reading the needed credentials and requirements, that starting salary is way too low. IMHO
  2. On Monday morning, yesterday all the RediClinics in Texas are closed. Only telemedicine going forward. Lots of MA's lost there jobs.
  3. I don't have a problem with DNP's intorduced as "Dr. XYZ as long as they add the suffix, "nurse practitioner", in the same breath.
  4. They are diabetic and asymptomatic at this time. They want to know what they need to do now. What would you tell them?
  5. So we know that this virus can effect Kidneys, Liver, Blood, etc. What needs to be monitored going forward? TIA
  6. I would not just leave the place and work elsewhere. I would do all of the suggestions offered above except leave. I would add one more, get an attorney who specializes in medical personnel. Get the situation resolved........................ and THEN LEAVE on your terms! Leaving now just sets the next PA up for failure.
  7. Ventana, Maybe time for a new accountant! Socialguy24 Practice medicine and let an experienced CPA do your taxes Both just my humble opinion!
  8. T That last sentence says it all. You need to step back given your breathing issues and ER also???
  9. I have until May 4th to cancel at which time I will lose my $1200 deposit and the $687 trip insurance I paid for. If Avalon cancels the trip, then I will get my money and the Insurance money back. I am banking that Avalon will cancel. One way or the other, I will not be going to Germany this year. Almost 50,000 corona as of today.
  10. I have a cruise scheduled for early August up the Danube river from Budapest to Nuremburg on Avalon river cruises. So far they have canceled all cruises through June.
  11. !st PA to die from Coronavirus is a 60 y/o from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The NJ PA is now home and recovering.
  12. Thoughts on whether this person should even be at work. No PPE.
  13. I remember they tried the "copay" for medicaid in NYC. It was a $2.00 copay. By 10 AM the day it started it was rescinded.
  14. I have an NP friend in NM who is starting an NP doctoral program online in Houston. I asked her if she was going to teach. She is in primary care but in NM she can practice and call herself "Dr." so and so. Is that correct??
  15. So I guess the short answer to my question is that little by little waiting rooms will get emptier until they are no longer needed.
  16. Telemedicine will be a 9 billion dollar industry in 2021 according to most recent Kevin MD. I think this will have a major negative effect on brick and mortar family practices. What do you think??
  17. Rev, 2 patients per hour??? How does it get better than that? 8 hour work day is 16 patients per day in FM.
  18. I am tired of bean counters dictating how many patients you are to treat in an hour. These are people just like us and they come in with the full gamut of complaints and should be treated with respect and attention to the reason they are there. Not sew 'em up and get 'em out! Next customer!!!! Patients are not like chocolates on Lucy's factory job!! At the end of the day you don't want to go home wondering if you did the right thing because you have to see x amount of patients per hour. On any given day one of us or even the bean counters could be an ER patient. You can bet your a**
  19. I suspect PA's pay a lot more to become a PA than NP's do???
  20. Ohio, Excuse me????? "Saggy elderly skin????" : ) lol I'm 75! Elderly yes saggy no! lol!
  21. Why the peek a Boo? what title do you think it will be?
  22. Congrats on your retirement. I will see how long it lasts before you look for part time something. Keeps the cob webs from building up around our brains!!
  23. Rev, You are the only person, PA or MD that is happy with corporate medicine.
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