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  1. Generally, I am a guy who supports individual freedom. However, this pandemic affects us all. If you don't want your covid vaccine, fine. But I don't want my activities restricted because of you. I want to be able to travel and go to restaurants and shows, etc. I want kids to go to school. I want small businesses to do well and our economy to improve. I want people to stop dying needlessly. I want normalcy back. The way to do that is herd immunity. If a "vaccine passport" helps us get there, so be it.
  2. HR is my second choice. Once you go down that path, she will truly always hate you. And she will tell others that you reported her. This gives her ammunition to make you look bad, especially the way she will tell the story behind you back. I agree with killing her with kindness publicly, while also confronting her privately. Professional to professional. If that doesn't work, you will always have the HR route to go, and will have a stronger case.
  3. Just read this today. The best thing any of us can do for our profession, our community, and our country is to help other people. Thanks for doing that.
  4. I've heard that chiros flunk it frequently.
  5. I've never seem those words together before! Just teasing! Good luck. This can be a demanding field. I wish you well. Please let us know how it goes.
  6. I've actually found it easier to meet my requirement. Slower than usual volumes = more free time for CME. Plenty of free CME online. Patient loads getting back to normal now, though.
  7. You are fooling yourself if you think this is a title issue. I have thought we needed a title change for over 30 years, but this has to do with privileges Real or perceived.
  8. My rule: You can't be both sick and well on the same day. Often times, patients want to combine a wellness visit with an acute illness. I don't like that. An illness during a "wellness" visit will give us an unclear assessment of your BP, temp, and overall health. I don't like to combine these visits. What do you do?
  9. Certainly looks like good news to me! Way to go, Trump!
  10. IMHO, the science and art of the practice of medicine cannot be learned online. Oh, I agree it's OK to take some online classes that contribute, but not the whole program. There needs to be guidance, proper preceptors, etc.
  11. As I read about California's NPS getting full practice bill advanced, I ask: where is the equivalent PA bill in any state? have we tried and failed or not even tried? Why not?
  12. This makes sense. A first-time offender gets a felony DUI? Are there multiple offenses? Was there bodily injury of another person? I wonder if we have all the facts.
  13. why can't people debate without sarcasm, meanness, or even downright hatred of those with whom they disagree.
  14. I am a former paramedic before PA school. Training is no where near.
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