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  1. I have heard of PAs in anesthesia, but not commonly.
  2. We've been investigated the idea of a title change for 35 years now.
  3. Get your BS. That should NOT take the five years you mention in your post. Even if you have a job, you should be able to get it in 4 years or less. Do it online, whatever. Get good grades. Apply to PA school. You're not too old.
  4. PAs don't need to be clones of their CPs. You do your thing, let him do his. My CP and I don't do everything exactly alike, there's some differences in the practice of medicine. He can respect that. And I'm always able to back up what I do with evidence.
  5. So, you agreed to six years for the loan forgiveness, not three? Maybe you don't want to divulge the reason you want to leave, but if you did, it might be easier to give advice. For example, if you are in a hostile work environment or are being forced out, you may be able to negotiate the loan forgiveness as you leave.
  6. Have you discussed your concerns with him directly as colleagues? That's always a first step in my book.
  7. I have to ask: If you're "just shy" of your 3 year commitment, why not just tough it out? Sounds like it's worth $40G to you.
  8. Former Air Force here. I recommend it. Keep in mind that military is a different lifestyle, but a good one.
  9. I see Jennifer Dorn is out. There must be several PAs qualified to do this job!
  10. why isn't AAPA or Texas PAs taking this to court?
  11. Job description says you have to be pleasant, that's why docs weren't listed. That leaves me out, too!
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