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  1. Certainly looks like good news to me! Way to go, Trump!
  2. IMHO, the science and art of the practice of medicine cannot be learned online. Oh, I agree it's OK to take some online classes that contribute, but not the whole program. There needs to be guidance, proper preceptors, etc.
  3. As I read about California's NPS getting full practice bill advanced, I ask: where is the equivalent PA bill in any state? have we tried and failed or not even tried? Why not?
  4. This makes sense. A first-time offender gets a felony DUI? Are there multiple offenses? Was there bodily injury of another person? I wonder if we have all the facts.
  5. why can't people debate without sarcasm, meanness, or even downright hatred of those with whom they disagree.
  6. I am a former paramedic before PA school. Training is no where near.
  7. Was one of the choices "Super-Awesome-Medical-Person?" That gets my vote!
  8. I shake hands. I disinfect about 100 times per day, too. Often, in front of the patient so they are aware. I don't introduce myself unless it's a new patient because most of my patients have known me for years! Also, I never assume medical knowledge when I'm caring for a fellow health care worker. I don't know what gaps they may have in their knowledge. I usually say something like, "I know that you already know this, but..." I don't want to disrespect their knowledge, but they need to hear it from me.
  9. How do you get those jobs in claim review?
  10. Not mentioned: lawyers driving unnecessary CYA testing, patients with "free" health care who demand expensive testing and treatment, misuse of ERs, obesity and lack-of-exercise, personal responsibility of patients, smoking, and much more!
  11. Not an ideal work condition. They need 2 MA/LPNs at all times, plus the xray tech. When the tech is taking an xray, an MA goes up front to registration. They are not saving money by using a PAs valuable time doing MA work. They need to make you more efficient so you can see more patients. They are being penny wise, but pound foolish.
  12. Or is that term reserved for docs? I notice plenty of hospital PAs and NPs call themselves hospitalists!
  13. And all this with an all-online degree!
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