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  1. Wondering if anyone has been using this.. Pretty convincing coming from this guy. Thoughts??
  2. Also it does appear that they spend most of the time bashing NP’s and their independent practice run... unfortunately we likely have been lumped into this. Shocked the NP is still employed
  3. Dr. Al-Agba frequently writes articles for our local newspaper (KitsapSun) and uses it as her soap box. Lately she’s been a self proclaimed “go-to” one everything Covid. She takes frequent swipes at our profession. From what I gathered that really ruffles her feathers is the term “medical provider” and refers to it as “Propaganda language”. Also, if you look at the book on Amazon most of the reviews that are 5 stars are from unverified purchases and were all submitted on the same day... interesting.
  4. I’ve found myself daydreaming about jobs not in healthcare in the last week of dealing with all of this (COVID/admins/ever changing guidelines and the blurring of the line between medicine and politics) mess. Gas station attendant sure sounds tempting though not financially feasible .
  5. I did have an older gentleman tell me he treats his arthritis in his knee with a few spritzes of WD-40..
  6. I’ve used cerner the last several years in UC and am surviving. I’ve used many EMR’s and they all have their issues but cerner is definitely more irritating than others. Dot phrases and macros will be your friend as others have said. I’ll also just add the whole “when in doubt, refresh”. Their IT support isn’t that great either. Saving any patient education materials as you go along will help as cerner cannot seem to auto populate things related to your diagnosis during the discharge process. Had a patient with an ankle sprain and the first recommended patient education was on autoimmune disor
  7. My name badge had “Physician Asst” on it for about two years until myself and the other PA’s in our UC requested the change to PA or PA-C.
  8. I was happy to find it. I’ve actually sent it to a few family members who have, in the words of Zdogg, “lost their damn minds” over all this. They seemed to appreciate it. No doubt that a pandemic + our current healthcare system of reactive medicine = disaster.
  9. The ER-MD providers at the hospital district I work for have told me personally they are NOT testing unless they meet admit criteria. If they do test it is after running a biofire respiratory panel (about a $1200 test) then reflex to COVID... blows my mind. So if they are having 103-104 fever, cough and shortness of breath and a negative influenza swab and have no other underlying health conditions they are kicking them back out into the general population to mingle with the immunocompromised. I work in the UC and have been testing everyone that presents with symptoms. We have a triage line to
  10. Stay safe! The “stay home, stay safe” order here in Washington pretty much has no teeth to it. Business as usual here in WA. If you take a look at the list of “essential“ services they released there is a grey area for anyone to operate. Pretty sure coffee stands and dog groomers aren’t part of the essential infrastructure. Maybe Washingtonians will change their tune when people start dropping like they are in Italy. Not sure where they get the magical number of 2 weeks but I sure hope things settle down. We run our UC with 4 providers including myself and we all are a little toasty after the
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