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  1. I’ve petitioned to have this put in the rooms at the UC clinic I work at... Typically I like to educate on antibiotic resistance and it usually falls on deaf ears but some do respond and at least act like the understand it. I like to follow that up with “Now just because you don’t have a need for an antibiotic doesn’t mean we cant try to manage your symptoms while your body does its work” and it seems to work. Tessalon, atrovent nasal spray, coricidin, ect ect...
  2. You are not alone for sure. I’m a few years out now and still ask questions once in awhile. Much less than previously. I work in a rural urgent care clinic where people come in daily that are higher acuity than we can even handle simply because there is a lack of access out here. This definitely adds to increased stress. I had a boat load of HCE in EMS (13 years) and still struggled with imposter syndrome after graduation. The smartest thing looking back I did is get into a fellowship in urgent care. Sure, it was for a lower wage at first but it allowed me to practice in a controlled environment and was able to ask as many questions as I needed. Had a mentor who actually wanted to teach and would bend over backwards to offer advice on patient care or just offer reassurance. I am thankful for that time and now work solo often with minimal sleepless nights worrying about my patients. I echo all the advice above. Hold out until you get the job with a supportive environment that will allow you to grow as a clinician. It’s not always all about the Benjamin's.
  3. EMSGuy1982

    North Dakota Closer to OTP

    My thoughts exactly. I also work in a rural urgent care and am solo on weekends. All 4 of the providers in the clinic are PA’s. Our “ supervising physician” hasn’t communicated with me in about a year (chart review feedback). Most of the MD’s out here in the Primary care clinics are supportive of PA’s being independent. I imagine it’s partly to lessen their loads of doing chart reviews though.
  4. EMSGuy1982

    PA/Provider Burnout

    49 patients in 10 hours is insane. I switched to rural medicine about a year ago because in the UC I was previously at would consistently see 110-120 in a 12 hour shift split between 3 providers. Left most nights 2+ hours after closing due to patients coming in last minute or getting documentation finished as I will not do work on my own time. Now see 40/day between two providers on a “busy” day. I do see higher acuity patients where I am now but would gladly trade high volume/low acuity for lower volume/ higher acuity any day. To the OP: Hopefully decreasing your hours/days will help. Has the topic of a “closing policy” come up with the higher up’s? Implementing something like if say you close at 8pm that if there are more than two patients per provider in the waiting room an hour and a half prior to closing that you can stop registering patients to be seen? Might be worth asking for your own sanity at least.
  5. EM RAP is solid and uptodate material and it’s relatively cheap (under 400). I purchased the Urgent care version and enjoy getting 3.5 CME hours after every full episode. Listen, take a quiz, and they keep all of your CME backed up on their site so you don’t have to print and file it away.
  6. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jjCu4nxOHlQ My favorite interpretation of patient satisfaction scores... I once told a patient I was not a kiosk like you find at McDonald’s. Their reply was “Not yet you aren’t.” (Facepalm)
  7. All day interview? Gives me flashbacks to my PA school interview. Is this more of an excuse for the docs to go out to a fancy meal on the company dime? I agree it would have been nice to have them confirm a date with you prior to tossing an itinerary to you.
  8. Also, I believe the recommendation is 6 weeks before imaging for non traumatic back pain. I’ll do a prednisone taper on folks with chronic lower back pain that are already on a boat load of narcotics + gabapentin ect ect.
  9. Pretty sure it was last month on UrgentCare RAP where they covered a case of a 60+ guy with lower back pain. Given muscle relaxers. Got worse. Went to ED and subsequently got admitted.(forget why. Perhaps INR. Pt was on anticoagulant). Hospitalist sees him and pt gets worse. End of the story, spontaneous retroperitoneal hemmorage. 3 providers missed. Anything can happen folks. Age 60+ With anticoagulation + back pain. Keep that differential wide open
  10. EMSGuy1982

    Verified PA only section

    Battle star galatica is right up there as well
  11. EMSGuy1982

    Verified PA only section

    Han Solo was even worse than the spin off movies of “The battle for Endor” and the Caravan of courage movie...
  12. Assuming credentialing would take about the same amount of time regardless of job as a new grad leads me to believe that “retail” might mean working at Lowes , Home Depot, or others during the holiday season. I’d say take the time to reconnect with family and friends. After all, you were probably nonexistent to them for the last 2.5 years. I do understand the urgency of starting to make money with the student debt looming over your head though.
  13. EMSGuy1982

    Question for my fellow colleagues

    I definitely agree about <100,000. I’ve even had a few cultures come back with less than <100k who had a positive dip with leuks and nitrates (thus I try not to get to excited about dips) I still typically go for PO for results that come back with Gardnerella but a few other PA’s opt for the metrogel. I typically don’t just do a typical dip on women over 65. I try to do a symptomatic urinalysis with a reflex to culture if indicated to try to tease out that dysuria vs an atrophic vaginitis. I often question if the sample is really a clean catch vs dirty even though nursing staff gives directions every time. That whole following directions thing doesn’t work for some people. ? I definitely see a lot of those elderly women that think they have recurring UTI that fall into the same category as the one you mentioned! Thanks for all the responses.
  14. I once told a patient who wanted Norco for his sore throat for a whole twelve hours “No, narcotics are not indicated” and after they changed their tone to the “I know what I want and I want it now” I reminded them that I am not a kiosk at McDonalds and their reply was “ Not yet your aren’t”. Still left with no narcotic and surprisingly (insert sarcasm here) gave me a 2/5 stars on a yelp review. True story. ?
  15. Sad to announce that MEDEX northwest (University of Washington), where I graduated from was the only remaining Bachelors degree program left on the west coast and fought against the push for masters only option has stopped their bachelors option as of last year. I practice medicine everyday with a bachelors and see the same patients my fellow PA’s with masters degrees and I don’t feel incompetent. It’s a shame since I believe some folks who are considering our profession after a long stent in another career ( I made the decision on becoming a PA after 13 years in EMS) who might become great PA’s would see returning for a masters program more daunting.

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