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  1. I've had to infiltrate RIG around bites before - not easy in forearms/hands and I'm sure is agony for the patient. Had ISG back in the day before a deployment - felt like a golf ball in each butt cheek for about 36hours.
  2. So just a punch in the arm...worst one I ever had was Tick Borne Encephalitis - needle was so blunt it bounced off my shoulder first and then felt like someone hit me with a baseball bat in the arm - I literally couldn't lift it for 45 minutes after. Phuquing German vaccine makers...
  3. Should check when my last YF was just for shiggles...my second one was the last time we had it as a core immunization in the Canadian Forces, so it's well over 10 years old.
  4. I am old enough...just realized I should actually think about that. SK
  5. Haven't had one of those since I left the military...and I work ER. In midst of changing jobs - place I'm leaving hasn't asked to see any proof of immunization to ANYTHING in the 6 years I've been there (kinda tells you a bit about why I'm leaving the place) and the place I'm going to says I only have to have had one TST in my life (had several)...then goes on to say I need one within a year of hiring regardless. Make up your mind...I could try passing off my variolation scar as a BCG, but of course it's on the wrong side AND I was born in a province where it wasn't required (only 3 in Canada and 2 territories). Oh well...my TdAP is UTD, lol. SK
  6. My union gets roughly an 11% bump after 1800 hours on weeknights and on all weekends regardless of start time. SK
  7. It's because many Health Care Admins are nurses. Unfortunately, there are many there because they aren't all that good at nursing and worse, many of those couldn't lead a paperweight across a desk with a leash AND a You Tube video. All I know is after reading that ad, I think someone has been into the controlled meds locker and didn't share with anyone... SK
  8. Where I am, we started getting adult cases due to both poor vaccination levels in certain places and waning immunity with age - our adult schedule shows one TdAP in a an adult's life should be sufficient if they were immunized on schedule as a kid/teen. I usually just take a look at their provincial database and if no TdAP in last 20 years, I'll boost it, otherwise Td sufficient. SK
  9. I delivered a 2 x 0.5cm pencil lead from the sole of a 5 yo' s foot yesterday...thought was just going to be a little tip, but no, this dude went pretty big. Had been there for about 5 days and was suppurating. Mummy's eyes bugged out...kid was scarfing a popsicle while I was milking the thing out. Sent an 11 yo to urban plastics with a wicked thumb fx at the MCP just above the growth plate last week...the resident on the phone was kinda no fuss until she saw the dedicated thumb view and audibly gasped because the MC was almost overlaying the scaphoid...gave me the heebee jeebees actually, was likely going to need a few wires. No bats here though...though we do have a breeding pair of red foxes that live nearby and patrol the parking lot regularly.
  10. Some jobs in Canada will allow PA-C in lieu of CCPA (Canadian Certified PA), but often specify must belong to the Canadian Association of PA's (they administer certification). Currently, only Ontario, Manitoba (as well as the odd job in Alberta) are hiring, as well as some places doing occupational health in the hinterlands of Northern BC, Alberta and the Arctic. SK
  11. There are some that think we're largely French first...funny story from when I was in Haiti. I was hitting up (well, also hitting on) my medical supply opposite number with the USN Role 1/2 facility set in Port au Prince. Our own national rotary wing support was a largely Francophone squadron...so some folks were getting a bit confused. She literally looked at me one day and said "Y'all speak really good English." I stopped and looked at her and said "I hope so, it's my first language"...then promptly went nattering off in French to my mate from the helo sqn, leaving her totally confused. Another time, I was at a mixed dining in at Ft Drum one summer and a Staff Sgt and I were chatting and he says to me "It's funny how much y'all make fun of how little we know about you...when I first got here, I was told I needed an insurance rider for my car WRITTEN IN CANADIAN in case I wanted to go on leave over the border"...I almost sprayed a mouthful of beer on him and asked "What phuquing language am I speaking to you in?" He goes "I can see you don't believe me - let me ask this Captain here"...and she basically repeated the same thing. "Dude - what language am I speaking? English, just like you...just with a weird to you accent." Had to explain about the Quebec police, who, while they pretend not to understand you, will when you all of a sudden call them whatever cop derision you wish . SK
  12. I was always impressed with the Navy Corpsmen/women I've worked with over the years...I've had a few as opposite numbers on deployments in exotic places like 29 Palms, Pendleton, Haiti and in my home port while in the Canadian military, with some limited exposure to US Army medics and Air Force Med Techs. Weird how many thought there'd be a language barrier... SK
  13. Maybe the Force was strong and wasn't that sore...yet. I once saw classic Charcot's Triad and Reynold's Pentad=>they were floridly septic of course. Like fishbum noted, people often showed up late in presentation...much like this person did. Spouse didn't think there was much wrong with them/didn't believe them SK
  14. That would require showing leadership, something that is usually only momentarily glossed over in admin/management school. Oh, and those back offices they inhabit are actually bunkers at home right now - odds of them coming anywhere near the Forward Edge of the Battle Area are low...though I bet when they emerge, they'll be covered head to toe in stuff you didn't even know they had in stock. SK
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