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  1. Well if they can watch you and tell you to move faster, they can get off their fat arses and come over and help...lead by example. Oh right - health care admins/managers don't have to learn leadership...or at least are allowed to sleep through their survey courses at school. SK
  2. Gin can remove undergarments I'm told...
  3. Worked in a town of about 900...my pt roster was higher once word got out. I didn't live there though - lived in the city down the highway 20 minutes. SK
  4. In the UK they've even gone so far as to make people wear nothing below the elbows. What I find ironic is people still wear ID on long neck lanyards, which flop around more than ties...and depending on your outer wear, can't always be tucked into a pocket when leaning over someone. Guess your old tie clips for those that wore ties (if I was wearing one, it always clipped in) could to be used on lanyards, though not practical on scrubs. I use a clip for my ID - don't like lanyards. It goes on my scrub top pocket or on my belt if wearing golf shirt.
  5. I was just re-reading all this...in Canada, there are 2 EM tracks for physicians - Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Canada) 5 year residency program or a "2+1" Canadian College of Family Physicians EM track. FM residency is 2 years here - there are a number of +1/2 tracks, EM is one of them, so there is an extra year of straight EM or they tailor their residency training to be more ED centric and are designated CCFP(EM) in their post-nominals. People that are CCFP certified family docs can also challenge the EM designation exam after so many hours of experience in ED's. These progra
  6. After 6 years, left my place and started a new gig in an urban ER - the place my ortho patients go to from where I just left...and some ICU patients too. A bit happier and much more relaxed, though have a 45 minute one way commute instead of 3. My first real day, picked up an "easy" patient to start - small laceration to back of foot. Noticed they were lame - turned out they lacerated their Achilles ...Have had 2 ruptured ectopics in as many weeks...This is incidentally in the "Minor/Low Acuity" zone. My poop magnet followed me. SK
  7. My first computer was a little Sinclair...if you put the 16k RAM pack on it, one bump would crash it...
  8. https://www.canadianhealthcarenetwork.ca/physicians/discussions/doctors-should-not-be-treating-pas-as-substitutes-60022?utm_source=EmailMarketing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Physician_Newsletter&oly_enc_id=4125D3764701J7Y or: https://www.ttlhealthlaw.com/health-law-blog/details/health-law-blog/2020/08/26/doctors-should-not-be-treating-physician-assistants-as-substitutes Thing is, Ontario has ZERO regulation for PA's - they work under delegation and medical directives. I'm regulated in Manitoba by the Regulated Health Professions Act and The College of Physicians and S
  9. Saw this on Twitter yesterday...still shaking my head and I'm Canadian, but also a member of SEMPA and therefore kinda sorta a member of ACEP by virtue. Makes me reconsider whether I should keep paying them money and go back to CAEP (SEMPA is cheaper). On a similar note, got to deal with a national medical magazine here picking up an article written by a "health law" specialist lawyer that stinks of rhetoric from the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario and slags down PA's. All the phuquewits are coming out of the woodwork this week it seems. SK
  10. On the flip side, admin should also be tasked with looking at themselves if people aren't happy - if one person is dissatisfied, they often aren't the only one, just most vocal. This may have been headed off by both parties talking things out better well before this got to where it was. Yeah - I just started a new job this week after six years in a different hospital...once I accepted the job was when the "Chuck You Farley" letter went in. I only told a few people about the interview and they kept it to themselves. Senior management's first and last words to me since they entered/re
  11. I've had to infiltrate RIG around bites before - not easy in forearms/hands and I'm sure is agony for the patient. Had ISG back in the day before a deployment - felt like a golf ball in each butt cheek for about 36hours.
  12. So just a punch in the arm...worst one I ever had was Tick Borne Encephalitis - needle was so blunt it bounced off my shoulder first and then felt like someone hit me with a baseball bat in the arm - I literally couldn't lift it for 45 minutes after. Phuquing German vaccine makers...
  13. Should check when my last YF was just for shiggles...my second one was the last time we had it as a core immunization in the Canadian Forces, so it's well over 10 years old.
  14. I am old enough...just realized I should actually think about that. SK
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