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  1. DizzyJ

    Excuse notes

    I was at a practice (outpatient psych) that charged $100 to fill out short term disability papers and $75 for an off work note. The owner felt "those who really need it will pay the price".....We were to put on the printed discharge to provide patient a work slip for so many days and then they would type up the note and charge the patient. So, I would just type it up and run quickly to the printer to give it to the patient myself.
  2. So, the physician doesn't have to be waivered, but has to be eligible. Would that mean the physician would still need to complete the 24 hours of training to become eligible? They just aren't taking the last step applying for the free x-waiver.
  3. We already have a variety of master's degrees one obtains upon completion of PA school and while it would be nice if we had one unified degree name, we don't, and it doesn't cause any problem now. I've seen MPA, MS, MSBS, MPAS, MMSc, etc....I wish AAPA/ARC-PA/PAEA would get programs to all issue a standard degree like the MSN is for nurses. Anything to get rid of the dreaded masters of physician assistant studies.
  4. Make sure you check hospital bylaws. When I worked inpatient at my main hospital there was no requirement for a physician to see the patient every day. They only needed to co-sign my H&P. If I went over to our other hospital they required a physician to see the patient every day.
  5. I would relax as it was only your first day. You should be getting the feel for how the practice/schedule flows as the surgeon told you. Being that you are a certified PA, hold a license to practice, and presumably having a DEA, you should already be trained on opioids. With such high stakes involved with prescribing opioids, only you can make sure you prescribe them oppropriately. You can discuss safe prescribing with the surgeon and PMR, but it all falls back on you if your name is on the RX. Make sure you are aware of all state requirements when prescribing if there are any restrictions. On a side note.....I think an ortho surgeon seeing a lot of patients for opioid refills and not pre/post-op visits is...well not the norm. In my experience the ortho practice I've been at does ZERO chronic pain managment. Nobody comes in for a refill of an opioid unless they just had surgery. They are referred to pain management if we can't fix them with surgery or injections. It could be nothing, but also could be something.
  6. Tough situation. As stated, your SP should be coming in and examining the patient admitted under their name and you feel is unstable. You’re in a bad spot and I’d make sure your d/c summary states your concerns about discharging too early and risks of suicide. State that your SP and psychologist want her discharged and you’re just following orders basically.
  7. DizzyJ

    Independent Practice??

    Is AAPA working with AARP to include us?
  8. Agree, lots of variables. Was the "not properly supervised" issue not meeting the proper chart co-signature or was it a rogue PA practicing medicine out of their scope without any contact from the physician? I agree, an attorney with experience dealing with licensure issues would be the way to go. I would suspect loss of licensure wouldn't be from missing a few chart co-signatures and likely something more serious. Going back to school in attempt to get licensure/certification in another medical profession/field would be a huge gamble and waste of money if unable to then get licensed. Was her licensed revoked indefinitely or was there a period of time stimulation?
  9. DizzyJ

    National Campaign

    Has anyone ever seen any advertising for this website? How does the public know to go look for it? Having a website without any advertistment directing someone to the website is not helpful.
  10. DizzyJ

    Where are we going wrong?

    I emailed my state rep to support a PA Bill yesterday and got a response back this morning. Was pretty simple and took 2 minutes. I know many of us lost confidence in AAPA or state chapters, but we all need to give them our membership for change to happen. None of us should be working without some CME budget and should be little to nothing out of your pocket and at least with AAPA membership you will then get JAAPA CME in return. So, at minimum that is what you get out of it.
  11. Anytime I've had a noncompete in my contract (and can't get it removed) I make them specificy the specialty. You aren't competing if one job is FP and the other is occ health.
  12. DizzyJ

    PA to MD Bridge

    Several grammatical errors first off. The first paragraph is confusing. Nearly half of PAs have a master's degree in nearly every conceivable field of medicine? Huh? We do? I think the LECOM program has been recieved pretty well by the PA community. I have a friend graduating from the program. Overall, I don't read this letter and get a clear understanding of what exactly you are asking the dean to do. I get the impression you are asking this dean to create a bridge program for PAs, but it does not seem clearly stated that is exactly what you are suggesting.
  13. DizzyJ

    Good side gigs

    I did VA exams and never want to see another DBQ! LOL. I loved the money, but doing the charting was awful. With LHI I do periodic health assessments (PHA) for service members. It is not the best pay, but they cover all travel expenses and per diem food allowance. Mostly, I review medical history and if the service member is healthy, which almost all of them are, and they are able to do their physicial fitness test then they don't even get an exam. We only do focused exams and put in recommendation for referral. We don't make any official referral and do not make any diagnosis or treatment plans. I do it for the travel, netorking, and a little extra cash ($464.67 per day).
  14. DizzyJ

    Good side gigs

    I do health assessments for the military through a company called LHI. Most events are on weekends and you sign up whenever you want, but don't always get selected. I've gotten to travel a lot doing them.

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