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  1. I've changed a few time... ER/urgent care, hospitalist, psychiatry, occ health/administration, ortho only urgent care, and urology
  2. Agreed. An LOR from podiatry is fine. I had a LOR from my employer at the time (a DVM), former employer (owner of a dog training company), and the 3rd I can't remember if it was a college professor or another veterinarian I worked with. This was 2005 though....things have change a little since then.
  3. Most PA programs forbid/discourage you from working. However, I still worked. I did 1-2 shifts a week front desk at a hotel. All weekends except during school breaks. I was able to study though during my shifts when it was slow.
  4. "I have a high tolerance for pain" Answering "I don't know" to the question "any chance you could be pregnant?" "Google says..." When patient or family member starts using medical terms....because lucky for me one of them is something medical "I stopped taking my blood pressure medicine because my blood pressure was better"....because of the medicine "I took left over antibiotics"
  5. Totally feasible and AA/PA would be a great combo. I think you would be a competitive PA applicant after a few years of AA practice. When I was on admission committee I would have viewed it as a positive. If you can save up money to pay for PA school and be able to work some PRN AA shifts during PA school, it is totally doable.
  6. In one statement you don't want to be the final decision maker and manage level I patients. You love doing H&Ps and not being responsible for the plan or any procedures. All you were trained to do is H&Ps?? Then another statement that you run the show in the free standing ER. A little confusing. How would getting independent practice change what you do and your relationship with physicians? My opinion is it wouldn't change how you collaborate in a team. "Complete autonomy" (independent practice) does not equate to PAs then thinking they can perform anything that
  7. Agree with this. A doctorate degree does not make one more experienced to practice independently. There should be no tie to staged independence based on a degree. It should be based on residency or time served.
  8. You just need to apply to the one that accepts you... I applied to two
  9. I was working in the Northern Mariana Islands and it took 8-9 months to get the award. By the time I got the money I was so frustrated with the working situation there that I couldn't have stayed 2 more years to fulfill my NHSC obligation. They wouldn't back date it from when I started there and applied. I just wanted to go home. So, I wrote them a check back for $50,000 and went back home. What I should have done is stuck it out until I found another NHSC site to apply to.
  10. I think that is to low starting off in psych. I wish no PA would work full time for less then $100k. Sadly, this it not always possible. At least try to decrease the time between raises. You shouldn't have to wait 2 years to get your first raise. PTO is awful. When I worked psych I worked 9-6p (0.5-1.0 hrs less for lunch) Monday-Thursday and made $135k (32-34hrs/wk). I wasn't a new grad, but I was new to psych.
  11. I would say that would be out of your scope of practice.
  12. I was a NHSC loan repayment recipient and declined my award right after getting it.
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