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  1. We can't....unless in a state that waived SP requirement with covid or North Dakota.
  2. Yes, you can have a chance. What that chance is...nobody knows. Lots of variables depending on how many schools you apply to the the applicant pool you are up against.
  3. Having completed a DHSc program...I agree that MBA/MHA is the way to go, for now, if wanting to get into hospital administration. The admin focus of DMSc programs just doesn't compare to what you'll learn doing a pure business/admin specific degree. This is my recommendation for business/administrative positions. If you want clinical leadership, then DHSc/DMSc would be good.
  4. Have you been in the same specialty for 5 years? You can explore many options to make a major change to get out of your current PA rut. Like Alaska, as stated above. I have my AK license!! Haven't used it yet though. If you aren't tied down to your current location, then I would look into these unique gigs. If you are tied down to location, then at least explore a different specialty. I've worked in Hawaii, California, Northern Mariana Islands, and boring Ohio. I have an NP friend in AK and she loves it. I've had a PA friend go to Kwajalein Atoll. You can look into CIA, FBI, State Department...So, you've got options before walking away from medicine.
  5. Only if you want. You have no obligation to explain why you are declining an interview or withdrawing your application.
  6. I don't believe there even is the option to enter unaccredited program. For a program to enter their first class they must have provisional accreditation from ARC-PA. A new program may take applicants before getting provisional accreditation, but if they don't get it then the 1st class doesn't start. Should a program lose accreditation, then they don't enter a new class. Is there an unaccredited program you have found?
  7. Yes, you can apply for additional funds to cover living expenses.
  8. why do they think you aren't cut out for this? In regard to testing accommodations/disabilities...Being that you have only one class you are struggling with, then it would seem clear you probably don't have this. What are you doing beyond studying by yourself? Do you have a tutor or study partner? What does your professor suggest to help you do better? Yes, you could withdraw and apply for other programs. You may not be viewed as a good candidate though after failing out. So, I would suggest you do everything you can to stay in your program now if being a PA is your passion.
  9. Nobody should be making less then $100k if working full time. PTO awful....non-compete awful...
  10. $80K. My program was about $65K and then extra was living expenses. I graduated 13 years ago. I wish I had dumped all my money into them the first several years, but at least I paid extra every month. Will probably have it paid off in about a year.
  11. Are you the first PA to be in the office? Maybe she never had one before and just doesn't know there is some adjustment time when you start in a new office. I would guess she thinks you've been a PA for 10 years and so you should be able to hit the ground running. It is not realistic though. It will take you several weeks to get the hang of how the office runs. It would be realistic to see 10 patients per day and then gradually increase by 1-2 each week until your plateau out at her expectation. You should have a straight forward talk with her about the reality of the situation......or run, but then you have to find a new job and that may be much more stressful.
  12. I liked my program overall. I wish I had gone to a cheaper program. Still paying off student loans. However, their tuition has gone up $20K + since I graduated. So, I guess it was a steal at the time. Went to a small, 18 cohort, program. Liked being in a small program. Also, loved they gave us 8 weeks of electives that we could break up however we wanted.
  13. Yes, there are medical staff/agents at some (or most) FBI branches. I applied for special agent and made it to round 2 of interviews, but had to back out because I decided to move home. You can't be stationed at the branch you process through. So, if I moved home I wouldn't have been able to stay there. Now I'm past the 37 mark and no longer eligible Also, CIA hires PAs.
  14. The breakdown seemed to correlate with what I know and don't know. I got 100% in urology, my current specialty, so that is good. Not so hot in endo or cardio. Which is to be expected. I'm just at national average for my final score. So, I'm happy with that. Yes, I've had a nice variety of specialties over the years. I know a little bit about a lot of things because of it. Don't practice in all of them currently.
  15. Just finished mine today!! I like this pilot option over the traditional PANRE.
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