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  1. I think that is to low starting off in psych. I wish no PA would work full time for less then $100k. Sadly, this it not always possible. At least try to decrease the time between raises. You shouldn't have to wait 2 years to get your first raise. PTO is awful. When I worked psych I worked 9-6p (0.5-1.0 hrs less for lunch) Monday-Thursday and made $135k (32-34hrs/wk). I wasn't a new grad, but I was new to psych.
  2. I would say that would be out of your scope of practice.
  3. I was a NHSC loan repayment recipient and declined my award right after getting it.
  4. Well, you got 49 views so far and only one comment....make that 2 now!
  5. I worked throughout PA school. I worked front desk at a hotel and I was able to study during my shift. yes, loans can cover rent. I took out my loans/living expenses per semester.
  6. I believe I have seen posts before stating that once you accept a seat at one program that CASPA requires you inform all other programs to terminate your consideration. Not only has she accepted a seat, but she is already sitting in it. I would think an admissions committee would not want to offer a seat to someone already in another PA program (and one she is failing already).
  7. First, the profession's name (currently lol) is physician assistant. There is no 's on physician. Second, street smarts would make me think this can't be held against you as you were not convicted of anything. Were you even formerly charged of anything or was this just an investigation? I'm surprised this shows up on a background check, but am not familiar with NCIS. When an background check is done there is a reason code used. That reason code does have an effect on what details are actually released. So, this may not even show up on an FBI report released for licensure purposes.
  8. Other then the money, there is no loss in taking it your last attempt at passing the PANCE. If you haven't done one of the 3-5 day board review courses, then do that. Do one that refunds your money if you don't pass. You can look into medical device sales, medical science liason (hard without a doctorate), drug rep
  9. I did psych in California for a couple years. For sure can be hard to get into psych as a PA depending on your area. PMHNP have hold of the market.
  10. I did outpatient psych after 8 years in practice. It was a big change for me having come from ER/hospitalist background. I loved it. PAs do mostly medication management in psych. Psych jobs are hard to find because PMHNP dominate the field. If you know psych is your passion, then going to psych right out school can be done. My opinion is generally to go into ER/IM/FP right out of school so you can learn to practice medicine before jumping into a non-surgical specialty.
  11. Nebraska was only $3500 I think when I did MPAS. That's affordable! I think they mean an option less then $30k for a doctorate...like under $10k affordable.
  12. My street smarts...this doesn't sound right. To inadvertently leave off an insignificant prior job of scribe and then be un-hirable. An experienced PA shouldn't really need to list prior PA jobs. Did HR specifically tell you they won't hire you because of this?
  13. In my state you need a terminal distributor of dangerous drugs (TDDD) license to order meds. Back when I was VP of a company I couldn't have such a license in my name because I'm "just an assistant" and had to use the docs name....Just received email last week that PAs are now allowed to be listed as responsible party for TDDD!!!
  14. Just awful! As some say....PAs are our own worst enemies.
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