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  1. Doing Primary care for 32 years. Had more than 250.00, patient visits, and I have missed one day of work. I truly believe that we inoculate ourselves over time against most things with just interaction with sick patients. I do get the flu vaccine annually and current on immunizations. (75 Y/O). But then I was never sickly even in grade school. No vaccine then so I did get MMR in early grade school. otherwise "nada".
  2. I do not like the 3 videos. They do NOT advocate or further our profession but the videos are all about being certified. They are advocating themselves and those PA's that are no longer certified must be somehow less of a medical clinician than those with the magic "C". Just my opinion. The ad is self serving for the NCCPA.
  3. Does anyone have an opinion regarding the cologuard? Has anyone used it for their patient. Would you recommend it for an initial screening of a 51 y/o male with no particular risk factors? TIA
  4. In Houston, I have had one case of Flu A in a immunized lady. The only case this season so far and even that is a late start.
  5. corporate medicine is the way of the future (and present). You will never get the respect or compensation that you deserve. Avoid corporate medicine as long as you can. When you can't, consider veterinary medicine. A wagging tail tells it all. (even that is getting a big push by corporations right down to grooming and boarding!) Nothing like being told what to do by someone that wouldn't know a thermometer from a tongue blade!!! IMHO
  6. TWR

    DFW CUSH job opening!

    God I wish this job was in Houston!
  7. TWR

    Am I Setting a Good Example...

    I just donate the $5.00 and tell them I am on a diet. All they want is the money for their organization.
  8. TWR

    Crazy FB removals

    Boatswain2pa, I agree with your first sentence. Without seeing exactly what was done but reading the post, I would have done the same thing. "Judicial Hell" begins the minute you shake a patient's hand and begin your job to help and heal. I think Border knew his limits and just did it with consult call to Uro. It was the tip of the penis in foreskin. Suppose it was a splinter. Refer? Maybe on a case by case basis. IMHO
  9. Pretty Good??? I think it was VERY good and answers many questions about what we do and the differences and similarities between us and NP's. One of the best and most accurate article. Should be a must read for front office of all medical offices that employ PA's to better explain questions by patients. IMHO
  10. He joins an ever growing list of physicians and PAs that do this. Why didn't red flags go up 3 years ago?? #1 opiod prescriber in the state and not a physician?? How slow the wheels of justice turn! Wonder how many "patients" died due to his prescribing??
  11. Should I Stay or Should I Go? 10 Warning Signs That It May Be Time to Quit Your Job By Maiysha Clairborne, MDDecember 4, 2018 Original article Image: bob boz / Shutterstock As the landscape of medicine rapidly changes and I'm dialoguing every day with doctors who are in the inquiry of where to next take their careers, one of the biggest questions to come up is, "Should I even be in this field of medicine anymore?" With environments becoming more corporatized, and compensation decreasing with these arbitrary relative value unit structures, it's no wonder doctors are questioning their career choices. The conflict comes when so many of the physicians who are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed think it's time to quit medicine, yet they still love the clinical part. Over the years in my coaching practice, I've conversed with dozens of physicians who were thinking about leaving medicine. What I've found is that more often than not, it's the job environment that is the culprit. Here are 10 warning signs I've come up with that signal it may be time to look for another job. 1. You constantly feel disrespected, disregarded, and unappreciated at your job. Sometimes when this is happening, we think it's our fault. Disrespect and disregard in the workplace is unacceptable behavior that you don't have to "suck it up" and take. 2. Your values are clearly not in line with the values of the practice or corporation you are working for. When our values are out of alignment (and especially if you suspect there is some unethical or illegal behavior), then it's time to look elsewhere. 3. You've tried talking to staff, management, and leadership to improve things but either no one is listening, or they are paying you lip service, and nothing is actually changing. This is likely a sign of the way things will continue to be, and unless there is an imminent change in leadership under way, you should seriously consider whether you want to stay. 4. You are being grossly underpaid as compared to colleagues in similar specialties (AND when you ask for a raise, you are blown off or held at bay). We often make excuses and justify why we are being underpaid. It's okay to ask for more money. It doesn't make you greedy. 5. Your job circumstance is significantly affecting your physical health and mental health, and no one seems to notice or care. If you are having health issues, and your organization is unconcerned, that's a big red flag. Take care of yourself first. 6. You dread going into the office on a regular basis. It would be wise to determine the underlying reason for this dread. If #3 also applies, it may be time to go. 7. Your workplace has no physician well-being programs in evolution or in place and is not even trying to show interest in this area. In this era of awareness around physician wellness, your organization should at least be talking about it. If they are not, it may be an indicator of their lack of value for the well-being and interest of their doctors. 8. You are experiencing workplace bullying or abuse. You do not have to accept unacceptable behavior. If no one is acknowledging or addressing this behavior in your organization (or worse, if they are condoning it), get out. 9. You are beginning to doubt yourself and your competence in that environment. If you are feeling incompetent, yet your patients love you, and there is no evidence that you are less than stellar in your work, you may not be a fit for this environment. Whether it's microaggressions over time or overt workplace bullying or abuse, if the data says you are performing well, but you are being made to feel otherwise, it may be time to move on. 10. You question your choice to even be in medicine and are considering jumping ship altogether. Before you jump ship, look at the root of why you are questioning remaining in medicine. If you still love clinical medicine, it may just be the job itself that's the problem, and finding something more ideal would have you feel good about your craft again. These are just 10 warning signs, and there are likely others not covered here. The point is if you are experiencing one or more of these, it may be time to look for another career home. You don't necessarily have to quit medicine to have a fulfilling career that gives you the autonomy, connection, and flexibility that will allow you to take care of yourself, spend time with those you love, and feel like you are making a difference as a physician. However, if you are still questioning whether or not you should stay or go, read part two of this series: "4 Ways to Know It May Be Time for a Career Change".
  12. Back to the topic, Get the h.ll out. Forget what you like. You are talking about your livelihood which could be taken away from you. She is probably on someone's radar already. Run don't walk. IMHO
  13. Post op f/u Minimally invasive procedure was performed and upon entering the chest on the right side between the ribs, he determined that repair was viable rather than replacement. All went well. Addendum The surgeon is leaving Houston to become head of cardio in Miami. I think crackerjack specialists get traded to the highest bidder like a football or baseball player. Thanks for the great input prior to surgery. They did decide to go with mechanical and not pig.
  14. IMHO Avoid corporate medicine at all cost! You are a perfect example of what they do and what their prioriy is. $$$$ Same for your SP. Enjoy your new life in Endo.
  15. For the state of Texas does anyone have a simple one page collaborate template for PA/Dr.? Thanks

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