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  1. Forensic medicine may not be the least stressful but it is extremely interesting and challenging. I had the opportunity to work in NYC ME dept in 1986 right out of PA school.. I did not take the position offered and don't remember why> The PA investigators were paid extremely well and there was bucu (sic) OT. A couple were making close to $200K (1986)!!
  2. HMMM Wondering the authenticity of this post!! Sounds like someone trolling. IMHO
  3. UGL, the Huddle response to question #4 is sad. The marketing company apparently was not prepared and did/does not know what we are or exactly what we want!! Sad considering how much money they have been paid.
  4. Her replacement should be a PA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone with leadership skills and a passion for the profession. A couple of names come to mind!!
  5. I think the answer to your question is more complicated than a "yes" or "no" answer. Many, Many variables. I would say that the "no" votes have more to do with their work environment and not what the job actually is. What comes to mind are greedy corporate medicine companies which are growing like a malignancy and greedy private practice's that see us as just a # to make them money. IMO
  6. If you reviewed the labs and passed it on to front office to call, you did what you were supposed to do. THEY did not call the patient in a timely fashion or so he /she says. They dropped the ball. Unfortunately S__T rolls up hill in our profession. Just put it behind you and move on.
  7. Doing Primary care for 32 years. Had more than 250.00, patient visits, and I have missed one day of work. I truly believe that we inoculate ourselves over time against most things with just interaction with sick patients. I do get the flu vaccine annually and current on immunizations. (75 Y/O). But then I was never sickly even in grade school. No vaccine then so I did get MMR in early grade school. otherwise "nada".
  8. I do not like the 3 videos. They do NOT advocate or further our profession but the videos are all about being certified. They are advocating themselves and those PA's that are no longer certified must be somehow less of a medical clinician than those with the magic "C". Just my opinion. The ad is self serving for the NCCPA.
  9. Does anyone have an opinion regarding the cologuard? Has anyone used it for their patient. Would you recommend it for an initial screening of a 51 y/o male with no particular risk factors? TIA
  10. In Houston, I have had one case of Flu A in a immunized lady. The only case this season so far and even that is a late start.
  11. corporate medicine is the way of the future (and present). You will never get the respect or compensation that you deserve. Avoid corporate medicine as long as you can. When you can't, consider veterinary medicine. A wagging tail tells it all. (even that is getting a big push by corporations right down to grooming and boarding!) Nothing like being told what to do by someone that wouldn't know a thermometer from a tongue blade!!! IMHO
  12. I just donate the $5.00 and tell them I am on a diet. All they want is the money for their organization.
  13. Boatswain2pa, I agree with your first sentence. Without seeing exactly what was done but reading the post, I would have done the same thing. "Judicial Hell" begins the minute you shake a patient's hand and begin your job to help and heal. I think Border knew his limits and just did it with consult call to Uro. It was the tip of the penis in foreskin. Suppose it was a splinter. Refer? Maybe on a case by case basis. IMHO
  14. Pretty Good??? I think it was VERY good and answers many questions about what we do and the differences and similarities between us and NP's. One of the best and most accurate article. Should be a must read for front office of all medical offices that employ PA's to better explain questions by patients. IMHO
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