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  1. Rev, 2 patients per hour??? How does it get better than that? 8 hour work day is 16 patients per day in FM.
  2. I am tired of bean counters dictating how many patients you are to treat in an hour. These are people just like us and they come in with the full gamut of complaints and should be treated with respect and attention to the reason they are there. Not sew 'em up and get 'em out! Next customer!!!! Patients are not like chocolates on Lucy's factory job!! At the end of the day you don't want to go home wondering if you did the right thing because you have to see x amount of patients per hour. On any given day one of us or even the bean counters could be an ER patient. You can bet your a** the bean counter will expect total attention.
  3. I suspect PA's pay a lot more to become a PA than NP's do???
  4. Ohio, Excuse me????? "Saggy elderly skin????" : ) lol I'm 75! Elderly yes saggy no! lol!
  5. Why the peek a Boo? what title do you think it will be?
  6. Congrats on your retirement. I will see how long it lasts before you look for part time something. Keeps the cob webs from building up around our brains!!
  7. Rev, You are the only person, PA or MD that is happy with corporate medicine.
  8. I owned mine in NY for years in the mid 90's. I paid my "doc" $2000 a month. He practice in Queens, NY about 15 miles away. I practiced independently for years. The best years of my PA career without a doubt!
  9. Has anyone got any information on using an eye drop for removal of the cataract? Does take several months with daily eye drops. Apparently being used in Europe. Also veterinarians use drops for animal cataract. Any thoughts. PS these drops are available on line. I have a patient who uses them with significant improvement .
  10. I worked for an ENT practice in Houston that once you tendered your resignation you no longer could use your accrued PTO time. I lost over $8000. You could tell when someone was getting ready to leave because every week they would start taking days before announcing they would leave.
  11. I find it most interesting that almost every pair of eyes on this EKG sees something a little different.
  12. I love the new word to my vocabulary "cashectomies". Well put and sadly true. Patients have no idea what goes on "behind the scene" to perform "cashectomies" I guess because it doesn't hurt and they don't lose blood or a limb!!!
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