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  1. Who should get the booster as of know information? I read Pfizer is approved and booster for people with auto immune disease. That's it for recommendations as of 9/5/21 at 9 AM!!!!! Please not just personal opinions but hard facts and recommendations. Thanks
  2. My wife and I had Moderna #1&2 on schedule in January. I had no side effect for either one but my wife felt a little out of sorts the next day. The following day she was 100%.
  3. Should they get second dose and if so when? The got sick within the first 2 weeks after getting first Moderna
  4. TWR

    PANRE review

    But not virtual. Are any available for in person?
  5. Getting off topic with some of the answers. Why was a duly ELECTED president not seated? Why is the BOD so hush hush? We all deserve to know what happened. She was voted in to be President!!!!!!
  6. Anyone familiar with this? Spindle cell tumor. Friend diagnosed with this and Oncologist said it is benign and did not need chemo. Any thoughts? I amnot familiar with this neoplasm. Thanks
  7. What would you recommend to have in house for complete Family Practice experience? TIA Ex. U/A machine, peak expiratory monitor, etc. Fill in the blank. Looking ot increase in house billing rather than refer out.
  8. Some times you just make the wrong decision. Not the end of the world. What other career do you think will work for you??
  9. After reading the needed credentials and requirements, that starting salary is way too low. IMHO
  10. On Monday morning, yesterday all the RediClinics in Texas are closed. Only telemedicine going forward. Lots of MA's lost there jobs.
  11. I don't have a problem with DNP's intorduced as "Dr. XYZ as long as they add the suffix, "nurse practitioner", in the same breath.
  12. They are diabetic and asymptomatic at this time. They want to know what they need to do now. What would you tell them?
  13. So we know that this virus can effect Kidneys, Liver, Blood, etc. What needs to be monitored going forward? TIA
  14. I would not just leave the place and work elsewhere. I would do all of the suggestions offered above except leave. I would add one more, get an attorney who specializes in medical personnel. Get the situation resolved........................ and THEN LEAVE on your terms! Leaving now just sets the next PA up for failure.
  15. Ventana, Maybe time for a new accountant! Socialguy24 Practice medicine and let an experienced CPA do your taxes Both just my humble opinion!
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