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  1. What specific things does NCCPA do for employees? Imagine if they asked us to vote what a great organization they are?? "Maybe because they "protect the public"!!!!!
  2. Do any of my colleagues think that corporate medicine puts treating the patient as the number one priority? Just a yes or no answer.
  3. Rev, You had me up until the last couple of sentences on your post. (About criminals) Just my opinion.
  4. Devil's advocate here. What is hospice care actually? What determines palliative vs aggressive treatment> I actually heard an oncologist ask the age of a patient to determine palliative vs aggressive treat based on age!!! God???
  5. Just my opinion but if asked a medical question while working and rendering an opinion opens the door for litigation. Therefore the potential patient needs to know before going to the back to ask a question what we will or will not do. Therefore we should capture the charge if they get to the back.. Maybe a lesser fee for just verbal advice but document something. I had a patient once who came in to review his CMP, CBC, etc. He had been told on the phone that all labs were 100% normal but he insisted on being seen. We did,, repeated the same message and proceeded to charge him for a low level visit. He was not happy.???
  6. SAS, Sometimes how something is said is as important as what is said. I don't think "never" is a good answer. Maybe in a few sentences saying that most likely not, etc. One thing I have found in medicine is there is no such thing as "never". Only my opinion.
  7. Scott, Very well written and I agree on all of your points. I have for years felt what you so eloquently put pen to paper!!! Congratulations!!
  8. I know none of us work in Podiatry but I am curious to know if there is an alternative to surgical repair of a bunion, great toe. Now braces work on teeth. Is there something that would work using the same principle? Just wondering. TIA
  9. Newly diagnosed Pt. with TSH of 8.4 and 112 kg. What dose would you start patient? Would you use formula 1.6 x kg and start at dose just below?
  10. A friend of mine in Houston and ex employer is looking for a PA to work with him in ENT. If anyone has experience even better. This would be in Memorial area of Houston. Let me know. Thanks.
  11. Did you personally meet with this physician? Also how was he able to retain his license to practice? If you met with him, what was your gut feeling?
  12. I don't think she wants a friend. But I would do a one on one with her and offer help in a non condescending manner. If this fails then may be time to find another CP. Addiction medicine is tricky at best to do the right thing and stay out of prison at the same time. I know a couple of PAs that got caught up in a situation. Ventana, you are seasoned PA and will make the right choices. IMHO
  13. Reminds me of a 1991 movie called "The Doctor". I watched it with great interest then and think of it often today. Kind of a wake up call or slap in the face. Should be required watching the last semester of PA school. Starred John Hurt as an egotistical cardiologist who gets diagnosed with cancer.
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