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  1. In Houston most offices I know don't have the flu vaccine till last week of September. I went to Kroger and got it for free (most insurances will cover it). MGRIFFITHS, what state, city are you in?
  2. Recently purchased a urinalysis machine from Henry Schein with the anticipation of getting a reimbursement of $4+ compared to $1+ for hand reading. We got a CPT code that should have given us the enhanced reimbursement BUT we are only getting the $1+ as before. Our "biller" which works out of a specialty office says that maybe some other state get the extra money but the contract that was signed by the PCP states we will only get the $1+ That does not make sense. We do accept all the big insurance companies. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. So this morning on news they announce that Zantac has been found to have a carcinogenic ingredient thaT THE fda HAS KNOWN ABOUT SINCE aPRIL AND AANNOUNCED TODAY. nOT ENOUGH TO AUTHORIZE A RECALL. i DON'T KNOW IF THIS HAS TO DO WITH THE cHINA CONNECTION BUT DOES MAKE YOU WONDER.
  4. Good Luck Paula!!! They would think we lost our mind. IMO
  5. How to successfully treat Neurotic Excoriations!!! 9 month history originally on both lower legs now upper back and chest. Any thoughts? On anti deppressent "to calm the nerves" from making skin itchy and an anti histamine. Not seen a derm yet. Thanks
  6. There is something wrong in taking a test that causes such high anxiety. I felt it was a test to see what I didn't know not what I did know! Horrible when the stakes are so high as to lose your job, and income to make a living. Something is wrong. Just do away with the damn recerts period. Seems to have worked really well for NPs!!!
  7. Do PAs do anesthesia or just nurses (with approporiate training)?
  8. Salaried at one job. Never again. Hourly only. Can't help but get taken advantage of when salaried. $$$ may look great but divide it by the number of hours you work. Not so great and easy to get burned out.
  9. In the 90's in the hood, I owned a practice that was 75% peds. single mothers, grandmothers, foster mothers, etc. I treated the patient w/o questioning who brought them in. I guess my front staff sorted out who brought them in. I just treated the child period!!! Sometimes for free! That's just the way it was. NO one was turned away. Not on my watch!! I slept really well in those days. Today .......sucks!!! IMHO
  10. Interesting article on Physicians fighting maintenance testing for the specialties that they work in. The arguments are compelling. I don't know how to bring it to this forum. It was an 8 minute video.
  11. FYI I just heard that 80% of ALL active ingredients in our medicine are manufactured in Beijing, China!! Remember Losartan last year??? They don't do that good with dog food imported here as well!!!! Large number of dogs died from tainted dog food.
  12. Bob, The "extinct" profession. Pretty much invisible already judging by the want ads I have seen. Most don't even mention us. The exception being being some of the high end surgical specialties that are dominated by PAs.
  13. I just read this morning that the hospital is bankrupt and is closing in a couple of weeks. How is this effecting PA's that are enrolled in the PA program?
  14. I should clarify that my objection is not actually the "C" but the written test 100 hours of CME every 2 years should be sufficient to maintain thew "C" and not threaten someone's livelihood. As previously stated by some, the written test is not any indication that one PA is better than another.
  15. Whether by choice or failure to pass the PANRE, I wonder how it has effected your professional life. Do you think that PANRE is an accurate method to assess your competency to practice what you have been doing for say 25 plus years? Just wondering.
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