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Five Years to Complete Bachelor's Degree

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I am finishing up my sophomore year and have switched my major a couple of times. I started in Chemical Engineering, switched to Biochem for a semester, and am now happily majoring in Nutrition. I finally quit worrying about "impressing" PA schools by forcing myself to major in something I did not like and decided to actually spend my undergrad learning topics that I will enjoy and that will help me be a better PA.


Unfortunately, with all the switching, I have "wasted" some credit hours on some engineering and math classes that are no longer required for my new major of Nutrition. I could technically still finish in four years, but it would be very packed and require some summer classes. I am leaning towards staying a fifth year and getting the B.S. in Nutrition Science and three minors (which, if I did 4 years, I would not be able to attain): Biological Sciences (practically bundled with the degree and PA prereqs), Microbiology, and Sports Science. I might also take a few Spanish classes. I really am not worried about the extra time or money. I just want to learn the most I can with whatever I'm doing at the time.


Do y'all think staying the fifth year would affect my chances of acceptance to PA schools? 

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