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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I'm currently a senior in high school and I'm interested in entering the medical field and becoming a future PA. Before I start applying for colleges, I would like to know all of the necessary requirements, classes, prerequisites, etc. that I would need before applying for PA school. What should I major in? Would I be at an advantage if I was an RN for a few years and then go on to PA school? Any advice you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi! I will be going into my senior year of college in the fall as a Public Health major. It need some advice on becoming a PA.... The reason why I want to pursue a career as a PA is because of my experience with one. When I was 18 years old I was diagnosed with melanoma. My usual dermatologist was out one day and I saw the dermatology PA instead...she was even better than my usual doctor...so engaging and personable. Ever since she has sparked the idea in my head of becoming a PA... I am just really curious on current or past PA students experiences getting accepted into school. I currently have a 3.2 GPA (and hope it keeps going up). I have little to no direct patient care experience. I work in a nursing home in the dietary services...and have been a volunteer with the Melanoma Foundation of New England for 3 years. (Running events and speaking to colleges|high schools on melanoma) I need to take only 3 more prerequisites after I graduate with my bachelors degree... Basically...I need all the advice I can get! I have no guidance in this from professors at my school and want to know your experiences! When should I apply to school?? What should I do to get direct patient care experience? Is becoming a PCA at my nursing home too safe or do I need to become an EMT or phlebotomist?? I look forward to hearing from you!
  3. Hi! I am hoping someone can help us! My daughter is trying to figure out what science class to take in her senior year that would be beneficial to her when applying to a PA program. Her options are AP Biology, Molecular Biology or Organic Bio Chem. What are your thoughts? Thank you!
  4. Hello all, Come the fall semester I will be a senior at Richard Stockton College of NJ and I am looking for a PA to follow in south jersey/central jersey. Willing to work whenever I can/working around my school schedule. Feel free to write back here or at dgen7792@gmail.com. thank you so much.
  5. I am finishing up my sophomore year and have switched my major a couple of times. I started in Chemical Engineering, switched to Biochem for a semester, and am now happily majoring in Nutrition. I finally quit worrying about "impressing" PA schools by forcing myself to major in something I did not like and decided to actually spend my undergrad learning topics that I will enjoy and that will help me be a better PA. Unfortunately, with all the switching, I have "wasted" some credit hours on some engineering and math classes that are no longer required for my new major of Nutrition. I could technically still finish in four years, but it would be very packed and require some summer classes. I am leaning towards staying a fifth year and getting the B.S. in Nutrition Science and three minors (which, if I did 4 years, I would not be able to attain): Biological Sciences (practically bundled with the degree and PA prereqs), Microbiology, and Sports Science. I might also take a few Spanish classes. I really am not worried about the extra time or money. I just want to learn the most I can with whatever I'm doing at the time. Do y'all think staying the fifth year would affect my chances of acceptance to PA schools?
  6. Hi. I am new here and I apologize if this has been asked elsewhere. I am a senior undergrad student full time, and I also do biomedical research as a part time job. I recently (days ago) rejected my previous career aspirations, and now hope to attend PA school. Thus far, I do not have any HCE that is patient care, and I do not have any certifications. I am looking for schools that I can apply to this cycle, and hopefully knockout the HCE requirement between graduation and matriculation. Thanks for the help!
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