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Found 10 results

  1. I'm currently a student majoring in Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) and expecting a BS and graduating from an honors program in spring 2015. I'm planning on taking my ARDMS specialty exams in Echocardiography, Abdomen, and OB/GYN. I'm contemplating about transitioning from a BS in DMS to MS-PA and was wondering whether it would be a good idea and how I would go about my route. I'm not sure whether my courses for DMS (or if any courses from Allied Health program) would be considered towards my science GPA. The courses include multiple leveled courses in Abdominal Cross Section Sonography, Abdominal Sonography (1, 2, & 3) , Echocardiography (1, 2, & 3), OB/GYN(1, 2, & 3), Non-Invasive Vascular, Superficial Structures and Neurosonography, Sonographic Physics (1 & 2) along with 1,200+ hours during clinical rotation at non-invasive cardiology, pediatric echocardiography, OB/GYN/MFM, and general abdominal ultrasound clinical sites in the metropolitan area. I have not finished all my courses yet so my GPA could be lower or higher when I graduate, but I would like a opinion on the general overview. My science GPA (assuming they don't account for my DMS courses) is a meek 3.184 from Bio 1&2, Chem 1&2, A&P 1&2, and an Introductory to Physics course. I've taken organic chemistry, but withdrew from the class due to personal reasons. I plan to take microbiology since most PA schools require it. My non-science GPA (assuming they don't account for my DMS courses with my honors liberal courses Philosophy, Literature, History, Social Science, Psychology, Speech, math courses (Precalculus, and Calculus), and a statistics class) is a 3.37 Assuming the DMS courses count in my science GPA and not my non-science GPA, my science GPA would be 3.29. Assuming the DMS courses count in my non-science GPA, my non-science GPA would be 3.37. My overall GPA currently is a 3.35. I've done 1,200+ hours during my clinical rotations at hospitals and 800+ hours as a pharmacy technician at a retail pharmacy. I'm familiar with reading and performing echocardiograms, general abdomen and OB/GYN ultrasounds and reading CT scans, X-rays, and mammograms. I'm also familiar with drug names and purpose of them. I know that I have to receive my Bachelors prior to applying to the CASPA, but I would like to know any helpful advice prior to applying (I don't plan to apply soon, but it would be helpful to be completely prepared to submit my application) and opinion about whether it would be a good idea to transition from DMS to PA. Thanks a bunch!
  2. I am currently finishing my bachelors degree online. Will a bachelors in science be sufficient enough to apply for a PA program? Will obtaining it from online be an issue? Thank you
  3. Just submitted my CASPA application! Now to work on the supplemental. Best of luck to everyone, can't wait to hear your updates.
  4. Hey guys, So I'm a military wife and with that being said I've lived in 4 different states in the past 4 years its HARD to keep getting transffered around with schools. Right now I have 90+ credits but NO degree also a 3.6 GPA I am one credit away from getting my AA transfer degree from a community college, which I may just take 1 class online, just to have something! ( residency at school holding me back) I am looking for regionally acrreditied schools that offer a FULLY online bachelor's degree! PS: I have already taken most of my science except for ORGO in classes at brick and mortar schools. Anyone know of some great schools? TIA
  5. Hello, I am a business major (information systems) looking at a possible switch to PA. Here's a little background. I had the inkling that I wanted to be in the medical field after transferring to my university. It has actually always been in the back of my head but I pursued a degree in a hobby I enjoyed - computers. I was primarily focused on DO and/or Dental (did not shadow anyone at the time so wasn't sure). Being that both of those school require a bachelors degree, I found it faster and more economical to finish my business degree and then begin the path to getting into a medical/dental school (plus it was a solid degree to fall back on) Now that' I've graduated (working a very decent job, as well), I've found my work environment to be fairly dull. It's IT - can you imagine being around computers/servers/equipment all day and the only human contact you get is when a machine decides to randomly, and rarely, breakdown? I want to be around people. One of the things I LOVED LOVED LOVED about my past retail jobs was that I got to meet, speak to, and help people I hardly knew - and I felt good about it. I have considered DO and Dentistry but I am very attracted to the flexibility in specialization of PA's. For that reason, I am seriously considering pursuing the PA path instead of the DO/DMD/DDS path I was originally set on. I will admit, I need to shadow a PA to get more insight into the occupational nuances that come with the job, but from my searches online and youtube videos I've watched, it is something that seems to fit my personality and desired professional and personal lifestyle. My main question is this: Is my bachelor's degree in business something that could hurt my application? I understand that PA programs are typically geared towards professionals already working the the medical/health field? Also, I have no clinical experience. There are a few programs in CA that require no clinical hours. The ones that require them require between 2,000 and 4,000 hours. Does shadowing/volunteering count as clinical hours? How did any of you with no clinical experience obtain such high numbers of patient contact/clinical hours? Also, I am trying to get into a post-bacc program to fulfill the pre-requisite course requirements. It's going to cost me a tad over $20k w/out financial aid. Good move? I am doing it because if I get in, it will be faster than going a la carte at my community college (I have reached the max units my state has set that rescinds priority registration). I will never get into a science class at a CC; they fill up after day 1 of registration. Thank you for the help. I'm sure I will have more questions regarding PA and appreciate all of your patience.
  6. Hey everyone, I don't know if this has been answered before BUT I am a Junior at Temple University and would like to apply for the 2014-15 cycle. PCOM called me and told me that they can't accept me because I don't have a bachelors degree before matriculating into their program. I feel like I am screwed and am running out of options. Anybody know any schools that accepts applicants without bachelors? Thanks in advance!
  7. Looking for a bit of feedback on major choices. What did people do for their bachelors prior to applying for PA school? Bio, Chem, Nursing, etc? Am on a transfer system going to night classes at a Cali community college; currently working full time @ VA hospital (3+ years of trauma psych/clinical research work with veterans and AD, and ongoing). Planning to get EMT certified next spring and get some clinical experience on weekends as am hoping to focus on trauma/CC as a PA. Current major is nursing (bachelor program, not associates) but since my end goal is PA and Navy service am wondering if nursing is the best major to aim for - does it actually give me more flexibility, like it seems to, as opposed to straight Bio or a non-science B.A? Have until the end of the year to decide as then I need to decide which specific Bio/Chem classes to take. Current GPA is 4.0 but that's in community college classes so we'll see. Thanks for any feedback.
  8. I am finishing up my sophomore year and have switched my major a couple of times. I started in Chemical Engineering, switched to Biochem for a semester, and am now happily majoring in Nutrition. I finally quit worrying about "impressing" PA schools by forcing myself to major in something I did not like and decided to actually spend my undergrad learning topics that I will enjoy and that will help me be a better PA. Unfortunately, with all the switching, I have "wasted" some credit hours on some engineering and math classes that are no longer required for my new major of Nutrition. I could technically still finish in four years, but it would be very packed and require some summer classes. I am leaning towards staying a fifth year and getting the B.S. in Nutrition Science and three minors (which, if I did 4 years, I would not be able to attain): Biological Sciences (practically bundled with the degree and PA prereqs), Microbiology, and Sports Science. I might also take a few Spanish classes. I really am not worried about the extra time or money. I just want to learn the most I can with whatever I'm doing at the time. Do y'all think staying the fifth year would affect my chances of acceptance to PA schools?
  9. I will be starting PA school in August and will be getting a bachelor's degree. I would like to get my Master's degree in the future and keep seeing little rumors of PA's needing Master's in the future. Either way I think it's a good thing to have one just to be competitive. My question is, does it really matter what the Master's degree is in? Is it better to have a Master's in PA Studies or can I get it in Health Administration or Business etc?
  10. Has anyone been accepted to the Nova programs with an online bachelors degree? If so how does the admissions board feel about online programs? I'm currently working on an online degree from UF and I'm not sure if it's the best course of action to get into PA school. Any advice would be big help! Thanks
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