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Found 60 results

  1. Hey y’all! First time applicant here. Just got my first rejection letter (first school I’ve heard from) so I’m feeling a little down right now. I’m applying to PA school with a lower gpa and wanted to make a support/advice forum for other people in my situation. I’m just starting my senior year of undergrad and I have a cumulative CASPA gpa of 3.22. My sGPA is a 3.18, nsGPA of 3.36. My BCP total was a 3.07 because Orgo and biochemistry killed my GPA (I got a C+ and C respectively). However my other science gpa is a 3.46. As far as other stats go, I got a 300 cumulative on the GRE (148 verbal, 153 quant and 5.0 on writing) I have about 800-900 hours of HCE/PCE, 500 as a PCT and another 300-400 as a dental technician. I just accepted a scribe position and will be doing about 20 hours a week this and next semester. I also have about 150 volunteer hours and 400 leadership hours through clubs and executive boards I’ve been on. I was also a coxswain on my university division 1 rowing team for a year and a half (which is about 1200 hours of practice time and I was the leader of the boat) I would appreciate any advice/support of people who are in or have been in this situation!
  2. Tyler815


    Hi everybody, So originally I decided to apply to the CASPA application next spring when the CASPA cycle opens to gain a better chance of admission. Now, I’m rethinking of applying to a few schools to see where I am with my application. I’m anxious and excited for school. Here’s my background: PSU Graduate (22) My GPA isn’t the strongest, only a 3.2. Struggled my freshman/sophomore year (in wrong major). Changed my major to kinesiology and ended up on deans list every semester upon graduating. I have ~320 hours of health care experience 300 GRE 50+ hours of shadowing PAs What is do you think is the best option? To apply now or wait until April when the cycle opens? I don’t want to waste money and not get in because too many spots are taken. People have told me different opinions and I would like to get more opinions. Thank you! Tyler
  3. I think it's been about 8 years since I took my microbiology course. All other prerequisite courses were taken within the last 5 years. 3.7 GPA, haven't taken the GED yet and I work as a phlebotomist for PCE. I have one hospitalist PA that I've shadowed for about 3 hours so far. If I get a good score on the GED, get more shadowing hours in, keep on with my PCE hours, and send in an otherwise compelling application; would they possibly overlook that the microbiology course wasn't taken recently? Has anyone had something like this happen?
  4. I haven't seen this thread covered yet on the site, but I wanted some insight on something if any of you guys could provide that for me. In correlation to the title of the thread, I have a question regarding minorities in the admission process. Quite simply, do they have a better chance of being accepted into PA school based on race, income level, etc. I know the obvious answer is yes, but once I did a little outside research, I have found that PA schools are less likely to accept these students in comparison to their white counterparts with less than steller GPA scores and other credentials , in stark contrast to Med School/Nursing programs etc. Why is this? And does anyone of color, or a minority have any experience with this?
  5. Hello everyone, I’m applying to PA programs in the upcoming cycle and was wondering if anyone could provide any information about how heavily science gpa weighs on the overall application versus the gpa of prerequisite courses. Unfortunately, my science gpa is not as high as I would like for it to be (around 3.4). I earned Cs in 3 of my undergraduate upper level science courses, 2 during my sophomore year and one one during my senior year. Only one of these courses was a prerequisite (biochem). My gpa for prerequisite courses, however, is much higher (around a 3.8). I feel that the rest of my application is fairly decent (3.6 gpa, good GRE, a few hundred patient care hours, and tons of community service). Also, I don’t know if it matters much, but I am a former teach for amarica corps member. Is it likely that my subpar science gpa will hinder me from gaining acceptance? If so, is there anything that I should do to strengthen my application?
  6. Is there anyone on here who is either currently at SLU or recently went to SLU? I am living near ST. Louis and have fallen in love with the area and I do not want to leave. I know that my chances of getting in to any particular school are low yes but one can dream. This will be my 3rd cycle applying and I haven't gotten a single interview yet. My GPA just meets the minimums but I have been working in clinical research since 2011 and have around 14,000 hours of Patient contact doing ECG's, blood draws, taking histories, vital signs and more. I have been involved in work with Alzheimers patients, essential tremors, low back pain, wisdom tooth extraction, schizophrenia, and opioid addiction. I have retaken classes but my GPA just doesn't move because that 2003 F in chemistry and the 2015 A in chemistry get averaged by CASPA. I could really use some insight from someone who knows the program. Thanks
  7. Hi, I am writing this post as my girlfriend is on the road to getting accepted in to a PA school and is hitting a few speed bumps. I personally work in finance so I am a little out of touch in terms of support, and my suggestions to "keep pushing" are becoming more and more patronizing with every denial email she receives. My question for this forum is why? What is it that has caused 8 schools to say no to her application so far, without even an interview. Some info on her: GRE: 312 GPA- (cumulative including undergrad) : 3.2 GPA science: 3.6 Undergraduate degree- Language studies (Japanese) - (She's half Japanese). Work experience: 2.5 years as a physiotherapist assistant, 1/2 years to current as a medical scribe at a pediatric clinic. Along with this she has volunteer work and strong application letters. It's very difficult for me to watch the rejection letters come in one after another without an offer for an interview. I know if she received one she would do great as her interpersonal skills and bedside manner are so strong. Can anyone offer any advice as I am trying to help her through what I assume are familiar feelings of self doubt. Thanks in advance!
  8. Allison0423

    Am I competitive?

    Hello! I am on the edge of whether or not I should apply for PA school this cycle. I am a Junior in college, so this would be applying tpostart PA school a few months after I graduate. Cumulative GPA:3.88 Science GPA:3.91 I only have about 550 hours being a pharmacy tech, which these 2 programs count as PCE, but will be applying in May so will have about 750-800 by then. I have about 110 volunteer hours-some in hospitals and a hospice agency where I visit patients, as well as about 20 shadowing hours, which I will really try to increase by May. I started the Pre-PA club at my university, so I am President of that, as well as in honors at my University. I have a few other smaller leadership positions and some other honors for academics and service. I will be taking the GRE in a few weeks, so I don't have any stats on that yet, but I usually do well on standardized tests like that. I am definitely lacking in patient care, but I wanted an honest opinion on if the other things could outweigh that this cycle, as I don't know what to think. I would love to get in this cycle, but I am not sure if it would be a waste of my time. Thank you!
  9. Hello All, I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I looked around and couldn't find an answer to my question: how do admissions view multiple W's on transcript? Obviously it's not favorable, but how bad is it? Background: I'm almost 30 and got my B.A. at 21 from a CC + Uni. At the time, I dropped a few classes I found boring, too time consuming, too difficult, etc. I didn't think much of it as I was able to successfully complete my degree. Fast forward to today, I'm more than 1/2-way done with my pre-reqs for PA school. I had to drop Anatomy last year (taken at local CC) because I got the flu and I missed over 2 weeks of class. However, I retook this class this year, same prof, and got an A. Problem: I'm currently enrolled in Physiology at same CC which is taught in semesters. However, I will not be able to make the application cycle this time around because I still have Microbiology to take and at least 2 other classes. I want to drop my current physiology class and take it in an accredited but accelerated program where I will have the chance (for a much higher tuition) to take multiple classes in the next several months. Should I do it? My current physio class, although interesting, won't end until end of May. Teacher is highly demanding, very poor at lecture, and absolutely condescending and absent during labs. He's also harsh on grading, doesn't curve/round and doesn't offer any extra credit.
  10. Hello everyone, i've made this page to start the discussion of CUNY's admission cycle. Feel free to post!
  11. Hi all, I'm currently in the interview process, and I'm somewhat confused about how to manage acceptances (should they come...). My first interview is in a week, the next one is in 2 weeks, and a top choice program, which I haven't heard back from yet, doesn't start interviews until late-October. (Still waiting to hear from a few more programs, too.) So, do prospective PA students in this position just make deposits as necessary to hold places in programs they're interested in as acceptances come in, if they're still waiting to hear back from their first or second choices? Is it really disrespectful to accept an offer from a program, make the deposit, and then change your mind, or is this just an expected part of the process? If I'm offered an October interview for that top choice program, I could theoretically end up paying deposits to 3 separate programs, which seems absurd... Granted, the chances I'd actually get 3 acceptances are probably low, but even 2 would be tricky. What am I missing? Thank you :)
  12. Hey guys, my name is Alex Miller! I will be applying to PA programs next year, and wanted some feedback on my chances of getting into some schools. Sooooo... I'm am currently a junior at Virginia Tech (21 yrs old) studying towards a BS. in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise, with Spanish minor Pre-reqs: (future) 3.8 (C in Organic Chemistry) (also, Gen Chem I/II and labs all taken at community college, finished with A's) (future) sGPA: approx. 3.3-3.45 (future) overall GPA: 3.5-3.6 GRE: taking in the summer, expecting 80-90% percentile in all sections HCE: 5,000 hrs as EMT-Basic (member of 3 emt squads) Shadowing: 50 hrs w/ Trauma Surgeon; 20 w/ ICU nurse; 25 w/ ER PA Volunteering: 100 hrs. ED volunteer Other: Pulmonary Research Lab job w/ Cardiothorastic surgeon (300 + hrs) (Also, I have high faith that I could talk my way out of any huge blemishes in my application if given the chance to interview!) I'd really love to go to a school such a Penn State, GWU, Wake Forest, UNC, but I realize that my GPA is wayyyy below average, and I may be shooting too high. Anyone have some opinions to share? Please be brutally honest, anything helps!!
  13. Hello everyone! As of right now, I am a 2nd-semester college junior; however, I am only 19 since I took 2 years of Post-Secondary Enrollment Option courses through my high school at a nearby four-year university. That being said, I was wondering if any adcoms might possibly be impressed by the fact that I managed to complete 60 undergraduate credits while in high school and that I will graduate 1.5/2 years earlier than the majority of my high school graduating class, or if at least they will see that as a sign that I am self-motivated and eager to learn/adept at learning things quickly? I ask this because at the end of my senior year of high school when I was taking Inorganic Chemistry 1, that was the semester when my grandfather was diagnosed with stage IV prostate and bone cancer; thus, as you could imagine, my family needed to shift focus on supporting him throughout his treatments, which meant that my parents would need the family car in order to look after him and whatnot (my family only really could afford to own one vehicle at this time) which, in turn, meant that I didn't really have any mode of transportation to/from the university for lecture or lab sessions for said chemistry class. Alas, seeing no way around this unwelcome obstacle, I submitted my request to withdraw from that class section and to end up with a "WP" (Withdrawal Passing) for the time being (as well as receiving bad marks of BCs in my general biology 1 class and cancer biology class I had also taken that semester (online, however, so I was still fortunately able to complete these courses. My grades suffered though, due to the familial challenges we were facing and the added stress that situation was causing for everyone -- myself included. I have since then passed Inorganic Chemistry 1 & 2, and Organic chemistry 1 & 2 with all either "A"s or "AB"s and have filled my schedule with upper-division biology and chemistry courses. Will this "WP" become deleterious to any chance of an interview/acceptance into any program, or do you think they will be lenient on this if I explain the situation to them well enough in any essays/personal statements/interviews? Forward to right now, I have been doing for the most part pretty well with my academic progress and everything. So far, with my 101 credits I have a cGPA of 3.50 and sGPA of 3.47. Below I will list my stats and such and if any/all of you could please tell me what to focus on/what my overall chances are of getting accepted in the 2018-2019 cycle that would be very much appreciated! Also, depending on what you think, if you know of any PA programs with similar statistics and whatnot that would also be much obliged! So far, I've been scouring through the list of programs but hey, who knows, I may have missed a couple worth looking into! Profile: Caucasian male, 19, graduating 2019 with a BA in Biology cGPA: 3.50 sGPA: 3.47 GRE score: Q: 159 - V: 159 - A: 4.5 (combined: 318). Volunteering experience: 503 hours (105 coming from 4 summers of coaching U10/U12 co-ed soccer teams; 384 hours coming from two 8-day camp sessions from 2016-current at a summer camp in Minnesota called Celebrate ME! Week, where 7th grade girls and boys (the majority of them being diagnosed with learning disabilities or being diagnosed with some type of ASD) become more well-equipped to handle what middle school and high school and the rest of the world will throw at them by helping them to boost their self-esteem and become more confident in themselves and learn that no matter what people say or do they're still worthwhile people (side note: there are plenty more camp quotes that I could jot down for you all to use if you'd like; they may be cheesy, but they're still fun to say, no less!); and the other 14 hours coming from a medical missions trip I took from May 8-May 13 this past spring over to Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where I spent a few hours each day of that week assisting the head nurse of the Missionvale Medical Center in the impoverished Missionvale township. There I helped to administer vaccinations to the local community, set up IVs, recorded basic vitals, helped with administrative work, and administered medications (whether that be topical, intravenous, PO, etc.). HCE/PCE: 1,505 hours (1,155 hours coming from being a CNA, and the other 336 as a medical scribe + 14 from my missions trip). Shadowing experience (both MD and PA): ~80 hours (shadowed 60 hours with different PAs in multiple specialties, 20 with an MD in psychiatry). Extracurriculars: member of our university's LGBTA+ alliance, officer of our chapter's Active Minds organization Extraneous accomplishments: Published my first full-length novel (300+ pages) by the time I turned 19. Background: MN resident, coming from a underserved area in behavioral medicine (which is why I would like to become a PA-C to be able to go into either psychiatry/behavior medicine or general surgery). Underrepresented minority in medicine (I know that most PA programs don't consider this to be a URM, but I know that Northwestern Feinberg's PA program in IL, in fact, does): LGBTA+ community member. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this, and I will welcome any and all advice that you guys have!
  14. So I recently interviewed at a school with rolling admissions for a spot in the upcoming cohort. I've seen people from my interview session post about being accepted a few days after but at over two weeks after I still have heard nothing. Should I assume I'm out of luck or is there still hope?
  15. I've posted a lot but I don't think I've ever given my stats. I haven't graduated yet, but I'm anticipating the following stats, and I'm curious of what people think of my chances. I'm being as realistic as possible, from taking practice GREs, calculating my highest GPA possible and dropping it some, as well as LOR/LOEs Schools applying to are Duke, UNC, ECU, Wake, Wingate, MUSC, Campbell, Lenoir Rhyne, Gardner Webb, Elon, Presbyterian College, Charleston Southern, North Greenville University Bio undergrad, white male, 30 at application time cGPA: 3.4 sGPA: 3.5 GRE 300 HCE: EMT paid 2500 hours shadowing: 30 hours PA 3 LORs from 2 PAs and a professor Give me your thoughts, please and thank you.
  16. Hey guys! Are there any Duke PA students that can tell me how quickly they heard back if they got in or not? I know they said two weeks, but the admissions coordinator said it might be earlier. I am just curious because I was accepted into another program and the deposit is due November 12th. It would be glorious to know one way or the other before I part with that money. Like someone said in another thread, my wallet doesn't exactly runneth over...
  17. Hello everyone! Thought I would start a thread for applications this cycle. Has anyone heard back from Chatham that their applications have been received yet?
  18. I'd like to thank you all in advance for your thoughtful comments. I have been reading this forum, and I decided it was time for me to make a profile and ask for your honest advice: I am an occupational therapist (very fresh grad), I am in my 30s, and I am happy practicing as an OT for the next 2-3 years to get experience under my belt. I have observed PAs working with patients during my clinicals and at work, and I am drawn to the work they do, especially conditions and diagnosis. I have a 3.7 in my OT program, and in my last 60 of undergraduate my GPA was around a 3.8. My GPA prior to the last 60 was ABYSMAL, but I went back to school buckled down, and I think my record shows that. When I bucked down I was a very committed student; I have great references from my OT program, and I hope I can also have good references from my employers if I decide to go for a PA degree. I am a little disappointed in myself that I got a lot of B's in classes which don't matter enough for an OT (General Bio, Biochemistry). My grades fall along these lines: 1. Non science prereqs: English 101 Comp 101, 102 - A, All psychology courses A's 2. Gross Anatomy: A, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Biochemistry B's in both. Microbiology A 3. Research Methods, and Statistics A's. I still need to take inorganic chemistry, and two physiology courses. I am considering applying to Wayne State University, and Cuyahoga Community College's program (I'm a cuyahoga county resident born and raised). I am unmarried without kids and I have a high degree of flexibility to go anywhere in the country. I plan on working as an OT for a few years, because I think that work will buttress my application. I may end up retaking A&P, and Biochem if I need to. Do any of you know schools which only consider the last 60 credit hours of your undergraduate record? I know that my graduate degree in OT will not "count" in GPA calculations for nearly all programs.
  19. Hi all, I am not a pre-PA student myself, but am asking this question for another and hope that someone who has been through the process or similar situation can provide some insight! Do all direct patient care hours have to be finished prior to matriculation or prior to submitting an application? I have only been able to talk with two schools about the process, but both have alluded to that admissions is very strict with this being done prior to application submission. I just want to hear if anyone has heard different or if there is any kind of loophole around this. I had looked around on the forum and did not see this asked previously. I apologize if I have missed it.
  20. Hi- I am looking to apply to PA school this upcoming cycle (beginning in April). I just want to see if it is worth it at all to apply this cycle or to if it would be better to wait until I have a stronger application. I'm looking to apply at grand valley state, Eastern Michigan, university of detroit, University of Dayton, (maybe) Northwestern University, midwestern university, and University of colorado- Denver or Boulder, so if anyone has any experience applying to those schools that would be extra helpful! I am most concerned about health care hours and GPA. My credentials: - Neuroscience major at U of Michigan- Ann Arbor, will graduate 2018 (current junior) - About 600 hours ED Scribe (will continue to accumulate hours)- Scribe for MDs and PAs - Volunteer with spinal rehab program at U of M (feeding and lifting patients) - about 20 but will continue to accumulate - One summer pharmacy research in Detroit - One school year public health research at U of M - Pre PA club at U of M - Lifeguard/ swim coach/ special olympics coach (not healthcare but I would like to work in pediatrics) -Young Life ( high school / college ministry) leader - Shadowing hours: ICU PA, OB/GYN office, trauma surgeon, hospital pharmacy ( about 50 total, not all PA) Current Science GPA: 3.05 (I know its low) Overall GPA: 3.3 Most recent semester GPA: 3.5 Grades: Intro bio/ lab: B/B-/B (10 credits total) Gen Chem: AP credit Intro Psych: AP credit Orgo 1: A (lab)/B (class) Orgo 2: B (lab)/ C+ (class) (considering retaking) Biochem: B+ Intro to Microbio: A Microbio (w/lab): A- Statistics: B Physics 100 level: A (class)/ B+ (lab) Developmental Psych: A Anatomy: currently taking - will be complete by the time I apply Genetics: Currently taking - will be complete by the time I apply Mammal physiology : B- (class)/A- (lab) Other health- care related classes: Bioethics: currently taking Public health: A- Calculus: C (killed my GPA - can we pretend this didn't happen) cognitive psych: B+ biopsych: A psychopharmacology: (drugs of abuse): currently taking- Will take in the fall: - HUMAN physiology - Nutrition - Medical terminology - Physics 2 Will take before graduating: - upper level molecular biology - upper level neuroscience lab
  21. Does anyone know anything about the admission requirements for this program? Anyone else planning to apply?
  22. Hi everyone! I'm going to be a sophomore in college this fall and wanted to know if I should plan to retake a course I got a C in. I got a C in Bio 101 & Chem 101 but got a B in Bio 102 & Chem 102. The schools I'm interested in say that they want students to have a minimum of a B in those required classes. I wanted to know if they would consider giving me some leeway if they see that I improved in my other required classes + got good grades in them or if I should still plan to retake those courses I got a C in. Thanks in advance! E
  23. I'm a senior in high school, currently applying to colleges, and I would love to hear this group's opinions on the undergraduate 5 year master's programs. Are they worth the hype? They're extremely appealing, for the obvious reasons of tuition costs and years actually spent in school. I would love to begin working right after college around the age of 23. And just to be clear, I'm interested in the career of a physician assistant for several reasons, one being that I do not want the lifestyle of a physician (namely, I'm attracted to the flexibility of the PA career, for the interest of having a family in the future and not wanting as much stress and difficult hours). So unless I hear an overwhelming response that medical school would be a better pathway for me, I would prefer opinions on how to best become a PA. Please correct me or give me new insights if anything I've said is naive-- college admissions and high school counselors are both very encouraging, but I would much rather hear your thoughts. (I have shadowing dates scheduled for later this month, for the same reason) I'm also especially interested in neuroscience--would there be any benefit to getting my undergraduate degree in Neuro and then applying to grad school somewhere else? I'm looking at schools primarily in Pennsylvania: Duquesne, Seton Hill, St.Francis, Pitt, and possibly a couple further east. Thank you in advance for any feedback you could offer!
  24. Hi everyone, I'm currently in a non healthcare position and have been for years. That said, my heart has always been in medicine and I finally decided that if I have another 40 years of work left in me, it isn't too late to follow my passion. *Technically, it is for some schools, as certain classes are over 10 years old =P I plan to take an accelerated Gen Bio I and II at a community college this fall [to satisfy some pre-requisites]. Now, here's my dilemma. What should be my primary focus in Spring if I want to apply next Summer? Let's assume I have acquired 1,000 hours of experience by then and a decent GRE score. Should I retake Anat and Phys, as they are my oldest classes (2007/2008)? I got a B in both; however, I later took a 400 level Physiology class and earned an A. *Anat and Phys is also a pre-req at every program, so maybe it wouldn't hurt to obtain an A to prove I'm better than my freshman self? OR Should I retake an Orgo class and hope for an A (which, when averaged, should bring my Orgo up to a 3.0). OR Take other avenues I haven't considered. I REALLY want this, but I do feel the pressure of the clock ticking, given how many years I have been out of school and some of my grades. The passion is there, and after so many years building a professional work ethic, I can confidently say it has made me a better student. I just don't want to be ignored because of how I look on paper. Any advice would be MUCH appreciated and I thank anyone who took the time to read this.
  25. wxwin93

    Too late to apply?

    If a school's deadline is August 1, and people have already started interviewing, would it be too late to apply now? Also, the school requires all 3 recommendation letters to be submitted before considering an application, and I only have 2/3 letters right now. So is it too late to apply now that it's June?

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