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  1. No idea what these schools want. Rejected from Every school I applied to this year.. seriously wondering if PA is just not worth the time. Here’s my stats since that’s all that these programs seem to care about Science GPA 3.65 ( higher than the average matriculant GPA of all schools I applied to ) Degree: does it matter? BS in biochemistry PCE: around 2,500hrs (EMT) Lead author on 4 publications in plant metabolism, does this matter? owned my own business prior to starting college, again does this matter? Two options 1. Keep working as instructor fo
  2. Well you are not alone. This is def. going to be the last time I apply to PA school. Cant go through this SH!T again
  3. -__- this is honestly just really stressful... I want to stay in Texas for PA school.. its the last day of January and I haven’t heard anything from UTRGV.. am I waitlisted ? Rejected? I need to know ASAP before I start planning a move to another school...
  4. Thanks for the feedback, I like that for medical school they have the MCAT but I worry if 1. I can afford to commit to med school + residency and 2. If my GPA will be an even bigger set back
  5. Hey thanks for the reply, I do have some PCE just not 10k hrs like some applicants. While my gpa wasn’t stellar I still consider getting primary author publications a better metric of ones academic capability: namely because ones GPA varies with their major, school choice, Greek life which may have given them a leg up via test bank, and etc its not very easy to cheat your way through an experiment or review article (thought it does happen). Idk I just feel like these things are more important than PCE and doubt if PA is right for me, I think PhD is probably a more viable career option si
  6. So after getting waitlisted for one of my top choice schools I reached out to a PA I have contacted in the past who has given me advice on how to navigate this whole process. Ever honest, She said something to me that really really did not sit well with me... Basically the only thing PA schools really care about is GPA and PCE.. when I tried to bring up the fact that I ran my own business and have a few first author publications in plant biochemistry journals she was quite blunt to say that schools do not really value these accomplishments... they may view them as impressive but i
  7. Are they just not going to say if you’ve been waitlisted? I interviewed in early/ mid November and haven’t heard anything from them?
  8. For those of you who were accepted , how long did you have to wait after an interview and did they say how many interviews they plan to do for the rest of the year ?
  9. So ive heard back from all other schools ive applied to and have either interviewed with them or received rejection emails by now.. will they do anymore interviews after this round? I have not heard a peep out of UTRGV...
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