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Rejected for 2nd year in a row..Still don’t know what PA schools want..

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No idea what these schools want. Rejected from Every school I applied to this year.. seriously wondering if PA is just not worth the time. 


Here’s my stats since that’s all that these programs seem to care about

Science GPA 3.65 ( higher than the average matriculant GPA of all schools I applied to )

Degree: does it matter? BS in biochemistry 

PCE: around 2,500hrs (EMT)

Lead author on 4 publications in plant metabolism, does this matter?

owned my own business prior to starting college, again does this matter?

Two options 1. Keep working as instructor for EMTs (pay is good but its not that end all be all “healthcare experience” they seem to worship 


 2. Get a masters degree in medical science (basically demonstrating that I can handle the curriculum because my alleged GPA, research papers, and “real” science degree (looking at you psych and ESS majors) Isn’t enough. 






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I understand it's disappointing to be rejected, but you seem to think you deserve an acceptance. If this attitude is coming across even subconsciously om your personal statement or interviews, I can almost promise you it's playing a role in the rejections. If programs only cared about stats, you would have likely gotten a seat. Programs "want" a team player, someone who is humble and ready to learn. They do not want someone who is going to sit in class sulking about their psych and ESS major classmates. If this was me, I would bump up the patient care experience (you're right that EMS instructor doesn't weigh as heavily) and bump down the sarcasm.

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Agree with the above. This stuff happens. In fact it’s nearly the only thing consistent with the career, difficulty getting into school. This is not an uncommon post here and I’ve seen even more qualified candidates rejected. We get it, it’s infuriating. Sometimes it takes years to get in unfortunately. Took me FIVE years. Do not, and I mean DO NOT waste your time getting a MSc for the sole purpose of getting into PA school. You could not think of a larger waste of time and money. Seriously.

Two things I can almost guarantee are the potential disparities on your application. Your personal statement, your supplemental answers, and your references

Lastly, you’ve yet to jump the first hurdle so be forewarned. The next step is the interviews. Which, by your impressive CV, you will inevitably get. You MUST practice your interviewing. Most of this stuff is done via zoom now. So no matter how impressive your academia is, if you are not able express yourself, are not personable, or move through questions like fluid-it will kill your chances.

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I understand that it's frustrating. I've been oscillating through various stages of grief with each rejection, and I can probably surmise from your post which phase you're currently hanging in, lol. I actually have a higher science GPA than you, more PCE hours, and also ran my own business as well, and haven't gotten any interviews after 2 years either. But one thing that's really changed my perspective is getting to know other pre-PA students and hearing about their own struggles getting in. The fact is that nearly all of us are qualified to be PAs and exceed the requirements. There are simply such limited seats. I know - and my family and friends all know - that I'm deserving, but I also logically know that there's literally thousands of other 'me's out there pursuing the same 44-48 seats. I imagine that for these admissions committees, it's like trying to pick your favorite flower out of a botanic garden. Adjusting the locus of control from "why are these committees doing this to me?" to "how can I continue to progress and stand out from the thousands of other applicants who are just as qualified as I am?" is possibly one of the only things we have the ability to manage. 

Great responses above as well. Good luck. 


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How many places did you apply to? What kind of schools (good, new, those that favor experience, new ones that favor high GPAs?)

It could be your personal statement, LOR (which you don't get to see obviously), or supplemental applications and answers. Did you get any interviews? If not, there is potentially an issue with one or some of the items I mentioned.

To be honest, I agree with the poster mentioning about deserving a seat. Nothing is guaranteed; the admissions process is only getting harder. I work at a university that has a PA school, graduated from another program there, teach at the same place, and had a few LOR from faculty here, I did not get an interview at said institution. Going in with that "I at least deserve an interview" was not ideal in the end in this scenario.

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@NepgearxUniVII: You have an impressive resume for sure. What I have learn from this whole application cycle for the PA is that it will either make you or break you. Don't give up on your dream of becoming a PA. I have been through few interviews this year and you'll be surprise how many aspiring PA's are on their 6th cycle. Sometimes schools are really into the applicants personal statement, supplemental answers, and references

Good luck on your journey. Stay humble. God bless.


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