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  1. Yess! Congratulations to everyone who made it. Good luck!
  2. I applied to morehead and I got my second email within a day.
  3. How are you all preparing for the interview? If anyone wants to do practice stuff I am down to do so. I want to see you all as my peers one day in the field :,)
  4. Awww y’all I’m so excited for everyone! Yes, after I RSVP’d I got a confirmation of my date and time for the interview.
  5. Awww y’all I’m so excited for everyone!
  6. Maybe late Tuesday does mean late Tuesday. Haha
  7. Did you all pick UK Lexington or Morehead?
  8. Honestly I thought I could not stress and work all day and just read but I am now sad to see I’ll still have the anticipation and no distraction haha.
  9. Cool! Also from Kentucky. Eastern. Why did you all pick UK?
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