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2019-2020 Application Cycle

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Hey everyone, thought I’d start a thread for this cycle for us all the communicate when we applied, any contact from Salus, interview invites, and acceptances! Good luck to everyone. 


CASPA submitted 5/14

CASPA verified 5/14

Confirmation email 6/5

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On 7/9/2019 at 10:07 PM, tyjames said:

How did the interview go, what was the set up if you don’t mind sharing? Thanks! 

The interview was very laid back and relaxed. The program director spoke to us for about an hour, going over the curriculum and program highlights. Then we were broken into two groups - first half interviewed while second half waited and then switched places. Then we all had lunch and a tour of the campus with current PA students. Overall, faculty were extremely friendly and I got a great vibe from Salus. 

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3 hours ago, HelloItsMe10 said:

Same here!!! Felicitaciones 🙂


3 hours ago, bretthigbee55 said:

Just got my acceptance email!! SO excited!!


Interviewed on July 10th and accepted today July 19th

Congrats!!!!! Just interviewed on the 17th...cant wait to hear back! 

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Guest celticsb12

Does Salus send emails to notify if your application is under review? Also, has anyone heard from Salus regarding interview invitations or rejections? I was verified the end of June and still haven't heard back yet. 

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