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  1. anybody hear back from the 11/05 interview yet? I know they said 2 weeks but saw some people on here hear back within a few days. super nervous!
  2. Hmm where do you live? I’m from jersey so about 2.5 hrs away I’m not sure if I should drive in the morning of either
  3. Yayy congrats!! we will be classmates (if you accept it)
  4. Just got a phone call from Rutgers I got accepted!! Omg I thought I did so bad at my interview lol can’t believe it I’m so happy
  5. rejected from east falls/jersey campus good luck everyone!!
  6. Congrats!!!!! Just interviewed on the 17th...cant wait to hear back!
  7. I received an interview for Glenside on August 6th!
  8. any idea when they start getting back to us? Aren't they rolling admissions? I got a confirmation email June 13th but nothing since then
  9. Same here! If anyone needs help getting around, I just graduated from RU so i know my way around, just let me know! Good luck!
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