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  1. anybody hear back from the 11/05 interview yet? I know they said 2 weeks but saw some people on here hear back within a few days. super nervous!
  2. Hmm where do you live? I’m from jersey so about 2.5 hrs away I’m not sure if I should drive in the morning of either
  3. Yayy congrats!! we will be classmates (if you accept it)
  4. Just got a phone call from Rutgers I got accepted!! Omg I thought I did so bad at my interview lol can’t believe it I’m so happy
  5. rejected from east falls/jersey campus good luck everyone!!
  6. Congrats!!!!! Just interviewed on the 17th...cant wait to hear back!
  7. I received an interview for Glenside on August 6th!
  8. any idea when they start getting back to us? Aren't they rolling admissions? I got a confirmation email June 13th but nothing since then
  9. Same here! If anyone needs help getting around, I just graduated from RU so i know my way around, just let me know! Good luck!
  10. thank you! I have a 3.74 overall GPA, 3.68 science GPA 600 hours PCE (CNA and PT aide) and 180 HCE (hospital volunteer and shadowing) 600 hours leadership (president of student org) 150 community service and LORs from a 2 professors, one is a PA, the PA I shadowed and the PT I worked with. idk my PCE is not that much since I just started my job in december as a CNA but I feel super lucky to have gotten an interview! good luck to everyone!
  11. Verified 5/14 Interview invite 5/16 (no date yet) Good luck everyone!
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