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  1. I interviewed on 8/22 and got an acceptance call from Dr. Tobin this morning. Hoping for good news for everyone!
  2. I also just received my acceptance by email today! Interviewed July 10th
  3. The interview was very laid back and relaxed. The program director spoke to us for about an hour, going over the curriculum and program highlights. Then we were broken into two groups - first half interviewed while second half waited and then switched places. Then we all had lunch and a tour of the campus with current PA students. Overall, faculty were extremely friendly and I got a great vibe from Salus.
  4. Overall GPA: 3.97 Science GPA: 3.95 GRE: 76% Verbal, 65% Quantitative, 99% Analytical PCE: 1700 hours as scribe and phlebotomist Volunteer: 1000+ hours Shadowing: 160 hours
  5. Just received an interview invite too! Submitted CASPA 5/23 and took Casper on 6/2
  6. Hi, yes I had a PA and a physician write me letters of recommendation
  7. Hi everyone, I am also interviewing August 6th for Glenside! I'll be coming from Arizona! Submitted CASPA 5/23 GRE - 313 Overall GPA - 3.97 Science GPA - 3.95 1700 PCE hours, 120 hours shadowing, 1000+ hours volunteering
  8. Thank you! I submitted my CASPA on May 23rd.
  9. Hey everyone! I received a call from South on June 20th offering me an interview on July 16th. I submitted my CASPA on May 23rd.
  10. Hi everyone! I received an invitation to interview on June 20th and am interviewing July 30th-31st.
  11. Hi everyone - Submitted CASPA on 5/23 Acknowledgment of application 6/5 Invited to interview 6/7. I picked the July 10th date!
  12. Submitted CASPA 5/23 Supplemental submitted on 5/26 Just received my interview for August 22nd! Good luck to everyone!!
  13. I had the same issue filling mine out! For the agreeable/positive aspects I just talked about what I liked about my job - how much I learned, interacting with patients etc. Explaining the disagreeable/negative aspects was tricky since I didn't want to make it seem I was complaining about a responsibility that came with the job/volunteering experience. I just talked about limitations within the experience and left it pretty short.
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