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  1. Is anyone worried about the hurricane? I’m flying to Thursday and I’m concerned that there may be issues with cancelled flights due to wind speeds
  2. Gpa: 3.8 sgpa: 3.8 GRE: 309 PCE: 1500 hours 911 EMT (probably 1700 by now) HCE: 600 hours hospital lab and hospital volunteer volunteering:300 hours research: 300 shadowing: 110 this is the first II emails! There is still a lot of time, I’m sure they will send out at least 3-4 more!
  3. Does anyone know when they send out actual invites?
  4. I will be flying in on the 5th for my interview and staying in Raleigh. Does anyone wanna grab a drink or something that night? I really would like to explore the city a little as I am from Phoenix!
  5. Does anyone know if Campbell has cadavers? Does anyone have any info on where they place you for rotations as well? I’ve just received an interview for the 6th and I’m trying to gain as much info as possible. Thank you guys for any insight. I am incredibly happy
  6. I’ll be flying in the 12th for the interview on the 13th. Would anyone like to meet up that night and grab some drinks? It’s my first time in Nashville and I would hate to not experience it a little while I’m there
  7. They have already interviewed three different sets of applicants I believe and have also sent out multiple acceptances
  8. Thank you! Just wanted to check, I appreciate it
  9. Has anyone who has been accepted on July 17th received their official acceptance email or letter yet? I got an acceptance email Thursday with info that further acceptance information would be sent in another email but I haven’t gotten anything yet!
  10. Have you guys gotten the follow up email or letter about your acceptance yet? The acceptance email I got on Thursday mentioned they were sending another email shortly with more information
  11. Just received my acceptance from the July 17th interview date! Very happy
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