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  1. Just turned down my seat for my in-state program. Hopefully one of you guys gets an email soon for an acceptance from the waitlist!
  2. Does anyone know for clinical year if you are usually able to keep your housing and stay in the same area or does MUSC send you all over the state? Thank you!
  3. Does anyone know how many spots and interviews are left? Thank you!
  4. Does anyone know how many interviews or seats are left? I have not heard anything but I also haven’t been rejected so I’m trying to stay hopeful!
  5. I also received an interview! Does anyone know if once you've attended the program for a year if you are eligible for instate tuition? Or if you are out of state does it stay the same the entire time?
  6. I was accepted at Campbell two weeks ago and will not be putting down a deposit as I’ve already been accepted to other programs that I felt were a better fit. If you are on the waitlist I hope one of you gets a call for my spot
  7. I was verified and my app was received by Desales during the second week of June
  8. Received an invite today for November 6th! Anyone know how many seats they have left? I’ve also been accepted to Salus
  9. Is anyone worried about the hurricane? I’m flying to Thursday and I’m concerned that there may be issues with cancelled flights due to wind speeds
  10. Gpa: 3.8 sgpa: 3.8 GRE: 309 PCE: 1500 hours 911 EMT (probably 1700 by now) HCE: 600 hours hospital lab and hospital volunteer volunteering:300 hours research: 300 shadowing: 110 this is the first II emails! There is still a lot of time, I’m sure they will send out at least 3-4 more!
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