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  1. Anyone that got accepted mind sharing their stats? Congrats to you all! Really something to be proud of
  2. Just curious, when was your interview date? Congrats! That’s so exciting!!
  3. I was also put on the waitlist and I also interviewed on 9/10
  4. Interviewing on October 16th! Fingers crossed, I know a lot of people are accepted already but I'm hoping Im in luck! #1 choice program for me!
  5. Keep some faith but the last interview session is on October 29th!
  6. Keep some faith but the last interview session is on October 29th!
  7. In the same boat! I interviewed on 9/10 AM session and haven’t heard anything yet. A bit discouraging but I’d also rather be rejected if I’m not being accepted so I can plan ahead of time for other opportunities that may arise lol
  8. Are you from the AM or PM interview that day?
  9. Interviewing in 2 days (Sept 10) and I am so nervous. Anyone have any last tips or advice for interview day?
  10. Interviewing on Sept. 10th, anyone accepted have any advice or would mind sharing their stats? I am so so nervous!
  11. Anyone who received an interview, would you mind sharing some stats?
  12. I did not get an email from Penn State yet regarding the supplemental application. Did anyone get it yet?
  13. Also received a rejection email today. Good luck to everyone else!
  14. Everyone that received an interview. I’m assuming a PA or physician wrote you a letter of recommendation?
  15. I received the confirmation and everything but I wanted to ask you all a question. It says that you must have a recommendation by a physician, pa or nurse practitioner. I do not know anyone in those roles well enough to ask them for a letter... anyone else running into this issue?
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