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  1. I received an acceptance a few weeks ago. Curious if there any any current Salus students that are on this site that I could message with a few questions. Thanks!!
  2. Not sure at this point. I have more of a comfort level being from the Midwest. My closest option would save me approx 40k. Just want to make sure I get the best education possible so therefore the question. Thanks for replying. Really appreciate your time!
  3. I've been fortunate to receive a number of acceptances and have whittled it down to two. One is in the midwest about 2 hours from my home. The other, in the northeast. I have had a few medical doctors I work with tell me that medicine is more advanced in the northeast US than other regions and would put me in the best position for my future. I realize there are strong schools in all regions of the states but in general any thoughts on overall strength by region? Thanks!
  4. I'll be there on the 24th. Really looking forward to learning more about the program and meeting everyone!
  5. Thanks for everyone's input!
  6. Thanks for the advice - I'm a first time applicant. One more question - is it recommended to wear a dark suit like gray/black? I have a suit that is a lighter shade of navy. Thanks again!!
  7. Thoughts on a neatly trimmed beard for interviews? It's who I am but don't want to jeopardize my chances if clean shaven is the way to go. Also, is wearing a suit with a tie recommended? Thanks!
  8. Has anyone received confirmation of their application?
  9. Hi, I'm out of state and will be applying to Wingate. Can someone tell me the advantages/disadvantages of each location? Also, on CASPA the question is why this location. Guessing it's just a location answer and not program specific. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Is there a best way to put submit into the application? Copy/past, re-type or other. Just want to make sure. Thanks!!
  11. I downloaded my application so that I could look over the hard copy before submission. I realized under evaluations that one of my evaluators did not list their title, organization and contact number. Only their email. I'm assuming they listed their title on the actual letter but not sure. I did list their title and info under my experiences. Does anyone know if I can have this evaluator call into CASPA and add this information? Just not sure what the schools look at first. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!
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