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  1. Still looking to ask a current or former Salus student who has lived at Wyncote House Apt. a few specifics. Thanks!
  2. I'm currently looking at the Wyncote House Apts. I'll be entering this Aug. and was hoping there may be someone that is currently living there or did in the past on this site. Just have a couple of questions. Thanks!!
  3. I haven't had any success reaching out in the FB group about a possible male roommate to share a 2 BR at Wyncote House. It's newly renovated, washer/dryer in unit and walking distance to Salus. At this point I'm thinking there may not be too many guys in the incoming class or they don't do FB. If interested please rsvp. I've put the deposit down to secure the apt. Thanks!
  4. I'm wondering if the COVID-19 will push back the August start date for the incoming class. I'd like to put down my first month's rent but am hesitant to do so. I've read the current didactic class is online right now. Can any current students let me know if they will finish the year on time? I also realize there are unknowns involved. Also, I've secured a 2 BR newly renovated apt. at Wyncote House which is within walking distance to Salus. Tentatively scheduled to move in Aug 1. I'm a guy and am looking for a male roommate if possible. Thanks!
  5. Thanks a lot! I was trying to decide if an iPad Pro would be helpful in lectures along with my computer.
  6. Jananfan, Are there specific study tactics that you would recommend for certain classes? Also, how does most of the class take notes? Thanks! Looking forward to Salus!
  7. Same boat. Last update was end of July-under review. Have rejections been sent?
  8. I thought I read somewhere that interviews will be conducted through Dec. Does anyone know? Still hoping for an interview.
  9. Just on this site alone there are 4 of us who will be turning down acceptances. There will be plenty of movement before it's all over.
  10. I also received an acceptance. It's unfortunate that the out of state tuition is so expensive. I really liked the program. I accepted a seat at another school. Good luck to everyone!
  11. Does anyone know when the FB class link will be available? Also, has anyone investigated housing options?
  12. I had a number of acceptances and ended up paying the initial deposit at my top two. The second deposit isn't due for both until 4/1 and at that time I'll make a final decision. It gives me more time to get a feel for both programs and an additional $500 is worth it to me in the grand scheme of where I'll be the happiest for the next two years. I like having each school as a Plan B in case something develops over the next 5 months with either program.
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