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  1. On chathams website there is a technology section and a link about what specific requirements your laptop must have and they list some examples
  2. Just got an acceptance call!!! I can’t believe it, my first acceptance! Congrats to all those who got calls and keep your head up to those still waiting, your time will come. For reference, I was in the morning session on sept 28th. I kinda blacked out during the phone call but I think they said we should be receiving an email soon with the deposit info and deadlines!
  3. the writing sample is very short. Not really something you can or really should have to prepare for so don’t stress about it. It was a 15min time frame to write your response and it is very doable.
  4. Got an invite today via email. Chose the Dec 3rd date. I submitted 8/7 for reference! Good luck to everyone and see some of you there!
  5. Just received an email today for the September 28th interview. See you all there & good luck to everyone else still waiting!
  6. I submitted my supplemental payment and on my supplemental form it was dated June 19 but my LOR section still doesn’t have a date yet. I know I have a letter from a PA in CASPA already. Did anyone else’s take this long or is anyone else’s still blank? Should I email?
  7. Just received an invite for August 24th as well! Will be driving down from Pennsylvania Friday so I am down for dinner plans!
  8. Just received an interview invite to the DE campus for July 18th!
  9. For those who got interviews would you mind sharing your stats? (cGPA, sGPA, PCE, GRE etc.)
  10. No other supplemental app, just everything on CASPA!
  11. Hey I currently live in Wilmington, DE right off market street and LOVE it! Just like living in any other city:) Also Trolley Square is a great "downtown" feel as well with restaurants and bars. Bear is definitely more suburban feeling (not bad) and Christiana/Newark area (closest to DE campus) can be very suburban/college-y (if you get too close to University of Delaware). So really depends the vibe you're going for
  12. The email subject was : Arcadia University - received Dear Samantha, Thank you for your recent application. Your application has been verified through CASPA and received at Arcadia University. We will reach out if more information is needed. We appreciate your interest in our program and look forward to reviewing your credentials. Sincerely, Pamela Milcos-Smith Graduate Programs Assistant
  13. I applied for TJU east falls & NJ campus CASPA submitted 5/14 CASPA verified 5/14 No email from TJU yet.
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