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  1. For those who got interviews would you mind sharing your stats? (cGPA, sGPA, PCE, GRE etc.)
  2. No other supplemental app, just everything on CASPA!
  3. Hey I currently live in Wilmington, DE right off market street and LOVE it! Just like living in any other city:) Also Trolley Square is a great "downtown" feel as well with restaurants and bars. Bear is definitely more suburban feeling (not bad) and Christiana/Newark area (closest to DE campus) can be very suburban/college-y (if you get too close to University of Delaware). So really depends the vibe you're going for
  4. The email subject was : Arcadia University - received Dear Samantha, Thank you for your recent application. Your application has been verified through CASPA and received at Arcadia University. We will reach out if more information is needed. We appreciate your interest in our program and look forward to reviewing your credentials. Sincerely, Pamela Milcos-Smith Graduate Programs Assistant
  5. I applied for TJU east falls & NJ campus CASPA submitted 5/14 CASPA verified 5/14 No email from TJU yet.
  6. Hey everyone, thought I’d start a thread for this cycle for us all the communicate when we applied, any contact from Salus, interview invites, and acceptances! Good luck to everyone. CASPA submitted 5/14 CASPA verified 5/14 Confirmation email 6/5
  7. Hey everyone thought I’d get this started! Please use this thread to post about application submissions, any contact with the program, interview invites, acceptances, etc. Good luck to you all! CASPA submitted 5/14 Verified 5/14 No confirmation email, or link to supplemental app yet
  8. Let’s post here about this cycles submissions, any contact with the university, interview invites, acceptances, etc. Good luck to everyone! CASPA submitted 5/14 Verified 5/14 DeSales receipt of app (via email) 5/15
  9. CASPA submitted 5/14 Verified 5/14 Arcadia receipt of application (via email) 5/15
  10. Let's post here for the 2019-2020 CASPA cycle for Drexel University to keep each other in the loop of when we applied, stats, any contact with the university, interview invites and acceptances! Good luck to everyone. Submitted CASPA app 5/14 Verified 5/14 Receipt of application from Drexel (via email) 5/14
  11. Yes still haven’t gotten rejections, but also no interview offers so i took this cycle as a no go and started taking more classes to get ready to apply to more schools. Even though i loved my personal statement last year i definitely need to change it so i will be working on that soon. I have been reading PA school interview books and really have been getting an understanding of the questions that will be asked and my answers. I feel like not getting in this cycle was a blessing in disguise so that i could be overly prepared this cycle. Thank you for the words of encouragement, and i will be taking your advise to heart!
  12. Hi everyone. I am planning on applying for my second time this upcoming April 2019. This past cycle i decided to apply in June 2018 and didn’t get my apps in until late July. I just applied to two programs that i already qualified for. I think my main error last cycle was applying so late and to so few schools. I should’ve just waited until this cycle, but it is okay because now i am more prepared and have a bulkier application. If anyone could give me advice on areas to improve on that’d be great! Bachelors in Respiratory Care (2017) cGPA: 3.4 (Caspa 2018 calculation) sGpa:3.4 (Casap 2018 calculation) Since last cycle i have taken or i plan to have completed before this cycle: Bio 2(A),Chem 2(A), Genetics (A), Orgo I (TBD, estimating a B+ to be on the safe side), Stat (TBD, est A). This should bring my GPA up to at least a 3.5 - 3.6ish? 3,300 hrs PCE as a Registered Respiratory Therapist (full time current career) 100 hrs volunteer/HCE medical mission trip to Peru. 25 volunteer hours from various events in college 500 hrs leadership experience for running student run organization in college(dance team) 4 years of being on college dance team. 700 hrs non HCE work as nanny of 3 children including one autistic child 24 hrs PA shadowing (cardiac surgery, critical care/pulmonary, plastic surgery) GRE: scheduled for March 30 (have started studying, hoping for a 300) LOR: 1 PA I shadowed, 1 from my Respiratory Care Manager, and one from my Resporatory peogram director/professor(?). I can probably do another PA if that would look better, but I know some schools require a professor Any criticism would be helpful! My goal is to apply before May 15th this cycle to about 7 schools! Thanks in advance everyone!
  13. I just emailed for an update and they just said “your application is still under review.” I believe they received mine mid September. Starting to get a little discouraged:/
  14. Received a similar email today stating the same things as everyone above. Interviews are full for fall but I will be contacted if winter slots open up. A little bummed, but it’s better than a rejection! Approved 7/22 Drexel receipt 7/27
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