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  1. Hi everyone! First year student here! Congrats to everyone accepted so far and to everyone still waiting, hang in there!
  2. Agreed. Really loved their high tech facilities but didn’t justify the extra 35k I would have to pay . Will be turning down my acceptance.
  3. Got a voicemail yesterday that I was accepted ! I was at the September 28th morning session. They didn't say in the voicemail if there will be a follow-up email or if an official acceptance letter will be mailed, but I assume they will do one or the other or both.
  4. I'm 90% positive she said 15 days from the day we receive the email. Still waiting on email.
  5. I was at the July 18th interview and received an acceptance call around noon today!!
  6. I found this map to be helpful. Hope this helps other people! https://www.hsc.wvu.edu/indoormap/
  7. If you don’t mind sharing, were the questions standard PA interview questions? Did any catch you off guard?
  8. Just got an interview invite today!! Will probably pick the first or second Thursday of August for my interview.
  9. Mines were just average lol. Q: 151, V: 152, and writing: 4. I used magoosh to study for it.
  10. Yup! For some reason Caspa didn’t have their code on file but they fixed it! Thanks for all the helpful tips. I am from out of state so hopeful to hear something soon.
  11. Congrats! Still waiting to hear back. Just wondering when did you submit your application?
  12. The applicant's manual of physician assistant programs says it is non-rolling.
  13. Looking forward to meeting you! I’ll be arriving in philly Wednesday night.
  14. Anyone there for the July 18th interview?
  15. Received a rejection email today as well . Wishing the best for everyone else!
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