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Skipping PANRE

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WA is one such state. I maintain my nccpa, but many of my older colleagues > 60 yrs old maintain only state license by cme because they know they will never work out of state again. most states require active nccpa at time of accreditation, so if you might ever move it's best to keep it or you are stuck in one state.

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Be careful though - some insurances will NOT credential a PA without the C and hospitals won't credential without the C. The hospitals in my town will NOT give privileges without current certification AND proof of CME.


I have run into more issues for those without the C - lots of corporate will not hire you if there is no certification current. Just as they will not hire a physician without a board certification. 


Until we have a better mousetrap - I would encourage folks to not their C lapse. It is so much easier to keep it than find out you can't get hired.


At this point - it is tilting against windmills. Keep what you have while you try to improve the system.

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