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  1. We give monoclonal AB to anyone who qualifies- vaccinated or not. However, we have the supplies- I do wonder once it runs low how it’ll be rationed
  2. We’re going to see an entire generation of people who had COVID and survived and have “COVID lung” or whatever catchy name that we as society come up with. And the messaging has been so poor that these people don’t realize that while they may have survived COVID, they’ll have episodes like that for the rest of their life because their lungs are so scarred up
  3. Legal recourse? Did any one of us suffer actual personal damage because of this? I get wanting an explanation, but trying to make a case out of it is a bit beyond the pale
  4. Maybe there’ll be a PA Historical Society documentary made about it someday
  5. There are only two things I care about with the staff I work with: 1- Don’t be lazy 2- Be competent in what you’re doing I’ve been at my current gig long enough now to have developed a level of respect among the senior nurses and other staff in my ER. It takes a while to do that, and the best way to do it is to make sure you’re working hard and practicing competently yourself. Whether the nurses admit it or not, we are a part of the leadership team in the ER as PAs and can set the example for how things should work. For example- when a patient of yours is being difficult, and you KNOW there is no medical emergency (we don’t need to derail this with zebras)- you’d be amazed how much the nurses appreciate someone to just step in and tell them that this is not acceptable and they are discharged- no more food, no more bus passes- GONE. Draw that line in the sand, and your staff will truly love you for it.
  6. The burnout is real. The biggest frustration right now is not only these well-appearing COVID patients, but also the usual patients who use the ER for routine primary care. It’s the worst I’ve ever seen it, and there’s no doubt there are plenty of these people who leave pissed off either by eloping or getting furious with ER staff who “aren’t doing anything”. And no doubt some of those patients have actual emergencies that they don’t get fully evaluated- leaving other nonemergent patients who are clogging up our flow. The only temporary approach is to immediately discharge these people who truly have no business being in the ER and not worrying about some stupid patient satisfaction survey. My employer threw out these surveys for a few months last year, and I’m sure they’ll take another sabbatical from the surveys for now. This is the first time in my 12 years I’ve given real thought to getting out of the ER. I’m not going to do that because I know this is temporary, but you still can’t ignore feelings like that And before you respond with a solution E- I already know what you’re going to say - “Get a rural job!”
  7. Since like everyone else we’re seeing a huge influx of COVID19 patients, and therefore at that point it’s too late since they’re already sick and sought care in the ER, I don’t pontificate- the only time I mention something is that we confirmed they had COVID and are unvaccinated, so I ask them that once they recover would they please consider getting the vaccine so they don’t get so sick next time they have to seek emergency care
  8. Not dis-similar to dentists not wanting to pull teeth due to asymptomatic hypertension- even like 170/80, and then get sent to the ER “to get it corrected”- and I just send them back out because they’re asymptomatic and it is not the standard of care in emergency medicine to emergently treat or adjust BP meds in an asymptomatic individual Really that goes for primary care as well
  9. Totally agree. I believe PAFT has truly done yeoman’s work to drag our profession kicking and screaming into this century. It may not be the exact result of what people here were wanting, but it’s still a significant stride, and PAFT’s work on this should never be overlooked
  10. Yeah.....I would say that simply saying “if this does not happen, then X” needs to also be recognized as pure speculation and not an eventuality And it becomes a matter of opinion that one name will get us there, and another name will kill our profession. I agree that we need a name that doesn’t say “assistant” anywhere near it. But this one specific title of MCP is not the panacea that some folks seem to want it to be.
  11. Hi folks, If you TRULY thought that the AAPA hiring an outside firm was somehow going to just roll with what was suggested, then you haven’t been paying attention over the years with how people feel about names other than Physician Assistant. I knew this would happen 3 years ago when the HOD voted to outsource this to an independent group. No matter what recommendation they would come back with, the HOD would tear it up and decided on what they think would be best. To think otherwise was naive. That being said, everyone needs to recognize that this forum is a small portion of the PA world. This forum seems to be under the impression that unless MCP is adopted, the profession will end FOREVER and those who support something other than MCP is the devil and must be stopped. This is just not true
  12. The facility I work at provided large orange buttons that say “Vaccinated against COVID-19” which I just attached to my badge, and other PAs/docs/nurses/staff have also worn them as a “We walk the walk” approach to showing patients that we embrace these vaccines and would hope they do as well
  13. Locked for unauthorized advertising on the forum for commercial purposes
  14. Nothing? This truly is landmark for our profession. We finally have the largest payor allowing us to be able to control our own financial destiny by billing and being reimbursed for the care we provide. And many third-party payors take their cue from Medicare. It all begins here. This was the single biggest thing we could’ve done to advance our profession. Name change doesn’t have the same impact, because at the end of the day money talks- and if you can’t control your financials as a provider, you ultimately don’t have a path forward autonomous of everyone else
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