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  1. True Anomaly

    Medical Model vs. Nursing Model

    "Holistic" is the most empty word bandied about in medicine or nursing.
  2. True Anomaly


    We do not provide medical advice on this forum. Consult your licensed health professional for further advice
  3. Think maybe she did some cocaine and fentanyl as foreplay instead?
  4. I agree with all of the above, except what I highlighted.
  5. I found this paper helpful- it was put together by the Office of Inspector General on opioids in Medicare Part D patients. I think it could easily be extractable to non-Medicare patients and overall concern for high opioid usage: https://oig.hhs.gov/OEI/REPORTS/OEI-02-17-00250.PDF
  6. True Anomaly

    Cocaine + Ativan

    Cocaine on a UDS is cocaine...period. Nothing else metabolizes to the chemical that makes it positive on the UDS. It's one of the few actual reliable tests on the UDS
  7. True Anomaly

    Rampant billing fraud with PAs and NPs

    Agreed- another reason to support HR 5506 that will finally allow us to be directly reimbursed for our services
  8. I'm really curious about that too- how did that happen? I would have failed that rotation day 1
  9. True Anomaly

    'Active Topic' button?

    A rivalry I hope some day soon gets renewed again!
  10. True Anomaly

    'Active Topic' button?

    It's not a large button, but under the main heading to the right of the screen is a link to "Unread content"- when you click it, it pulls up recent posts, and you can customize it how you like- all content, unread content, content you're following, content you've posted in, etc- and it lists the posts based upon time posted. Hopefully this is along the lines of what you're looking for
  11. This is HUGE It is probably the biggest single thing we can change in order to help push our profession forward. Sure, there are states working on various aspects of OTP, but to FINALLY address the direct reimbursement issue federally will do more to help us gain financial- and thus practice- freedom than any other single thing that could be passed. I'm beyond ecstatic about this. This should be our raison d'etre as a profession- promoted continuously with our new medial campaign and by every state chapter. I can't stress how important this is going forward
  12. True Anomaly

    SB 351

    Whoever edited in the Snoop Dogg song at the end is genius :D
  13. A theory- In most ERs, the APP's are going to be handling a larger volume of lower-acuity patients. Since many of those patients have problems that cannot be fully addressed in the ER, they ultimately leave unsatisfied- "They didn't do anything" for my chronic *insert condition here*. And since Press Ganey doesn't send surveys to patients who are admitted- which of course most of those patients will be happier with their care because they had a legitimate problem that the ER had to address, AND that in general the MDs are going to be handling more of those patients by percentage- the discharged patients, who may or may not have had their problems fully addressed, aren't going to be happy, and it will reflect in their Press Ganey scores- which would, as a whole, drop the scores of the APPs relative to the docs.
  14. It still boggles my mind why a specialty that is federally mandated to see and treat everyone who walks in the door is subject to surveys about "satisfaction".
  15. True Anomaly

    Is PA school a good career option for me?

    I think this has gone far enough

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