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  1. Totally agree. I believe PAFT has truly done yeoman’s work to drag our profession kicking and screaming into this century. It may not be the exact result of what people here were wanting, but it’s still a significant stride, and PAFT’s work on this should never be overlooked
  2. Yeah.....I would say that simply saying “if this does not happen, then X” needs to also be recognized as pure speculation and not an eventuality And it becomes a matter of opinion that one name will get us there, and another name will kill our profession. I agree that we need a name that doesn’t say “assistant” anywhere near it. But this one specific title of MCP is not the panacea that some folks seem to want it to be.
  3. Hi folks, If you TRULY thought that the AAPA hiring an outside firm was somehow going to just roll with what was suggested, then you haven’t been paying attention over the years with how people feel about names other than Physician Assistant. I knew this would happen 3 years ago when the HOD voted to outsource this to an independent group. No matter what recommendation they would come back with, the HOD would tear it up and decided on what they think would be best. To think otherwise was naive. That being said, everyone needs to recognize that this forum is a small portion of the
  4. The facility I work at provided large orange buttons that say “Vaccinated against COVID-19” which I just attached to my badge, and other PAs/docs/nurses/staff have also worn them as a “We walk the walk” approach to showing patients that we embrace these vaccines and would hope they do as well
  5. Locked for unauthorized advertising on the forum for commercial purposes
  6. Nothing? This truly is landmark for our profession. We finally have the largest payor allowing us to be able to control our own financial destiny by billing and being reimbursed for the care we provide. And many third-party payors take their cue from Medicare. It all begins here. This was the single biggest thing we could’ve done to advance our profession. Name change doesn’t have the same impact, because at the end of the day money talks- and if you can’t control your financials as a provider, you ultimately don’t have a path forward autonomous of everyone else
  7. FINALLY!!!!!! https://www.aapa.org/news-central/2020/12/coronavirus-relief-omnibus-agreement-authorizes-pas-to-receive-direct-payment-under-medicare/
  8. Got my first shot yesterday morning before my shift- completely fine yesterday, and then some chills this morning that resolved with motrin + tylenol Second shot in 3 weeks
  9. It’s constantly astounding to me that “whataboutism” is still considered by some people as a valid logical argument
  10. Totally agree, and this is more for younger PAs or PA students who are reading this- Once you let that genie out of the bottle, there’s no putting it back in. At the least you become the person that everyone figures out they can go to for a script and it’s harder and harder to say no. If you hold your ground and don’t do it, people eventually stop asking you. The worst one I had was an ER tech at a hospital I used to work at who asked for a percocet prescription- he did have a legit finger injury though that had already been treated. I was floored he even attempted to ask
  11. You know why we didn’t have mandatory masks and shutdowns during H1N1? Because we very very quickly had a vaccine available
  12. The PA Forum was around long before the Huddle, and will likely be here long after it as well
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