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  1. Congrats may I ask when you were verified?
  2. Thx congrats on your interview. When were you verified?
  3. Congrats to those who received interviews so far. Anyone know how many interviews are offered, how many interview sessions and what dates Thanks
  4. How soon after submitting application to CASPA did you receive an email from school
  5. Honestly I dont recall from last cycle. I have 3 degrees and approximately 36 post grad coursework which I know is GPA 3.8
  6. Wow didn't even know this was an option
  7. thanks. I had an interview at EVMS a and didn't get a spot and decided lets give it another try this time around. I was broadening my radius this time around. If it doesn't go through tomorrow I guess it wasn't meant to be.
  8. Yes unfortunately that is the case, yes I know it's late in the game
  9. Anyone verified today? Looks like I will be missing the 9/1 deadline Cortisol levels on the rise
  10. And held a bachelors degree? My understanding is you must apply as a transfer student, how was the process? I out out a call to Trudy last week but no response. Thanks
  11. I am looking to shadow a PA in either Orange or/& Dutchess County in New York. I have about 150 volenteer hours at ORMC in ED. Please message me, would even consider late night hours as well as weekend hours. Thanks for your consideration.
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