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  1. Interesting....What type of compensation (extra) if any did it get him? How long would it have taken him to get to that level without doing this residency? Thanks.
  2. Small bone? wow...could you please elaborate more on this as well the assist fee you could get? Many thanks.
  3. If it goes beyond your scheduled work day hours on the day....do you get compensated for the extra hours? If so, what kind of rate do they typically offer you? Many thanks.
  4. I had kindly asked for some guidance....It is quite ok. And it was for a particular topic I was interested in learning more about. Anyone, should be free to ask questions whatever stage they might be at....one should never restrict knowledge/guidance to anyone just because they may have not attained a particular stage. That would be simply wrong to do. Asking questions is never wrong. It should always be encouraged. One should never be labelled a troll? for asking questions. How insensitive that is! Knowing more, allows one to carve a better path and plan better. Knowl
  5. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your words. I am grateful to everyone who has taken time to respond positively to anything I have ever asked guidance for. People I have seen ask simple to complex questions all the time from Pre-PA, PA school, to Post-PA issues, depending upon how they perceive a particular topic, whilst others are looking to strengthen their understanding from knowledge gained from previously acquired responses. You are right there are other resources out there as well....and I am mindful of that.
  6. Thanks for your comments....and also pointing out about various issues/topics I may been researching and asked for some guidance in the past. Part of the problem may lie....in not taking someone seriously. Which is wrong to do to anyone. No matter what stage some one might be at....it is not wrong for anyone to learn/know a bit more about a possible future. Also, as a side note....it becomes a little bit difficult for someone to ask guidance for detailed questions about various issues....unless they are part of or even interested in the medical profession.
  7. No Sir....this is wrong. You have misinterpreted it. It does not in anyway mean anything like that.
  8. Dear Rev rovin: Thanks for your comment. People on this forum post questions asking about guidance about salaries, jobs, expectations, in different specialties all the time, yet there have already been many, many posts previously made about them in the past, which can also be easily researched, without even posting for newer, fresher, current opinions. Also, there have been posts about school life, etc made in the immediate past....but people, always, keep asking...similar types of questions (directly and indirectly). At times, people might post similar experiences when dealin
  9. Is asking for opinions something wrong? I don't think so. I really don't know when and where did I do this....."I've been sucked in before, but learned quickly." And in what way? By asking current different opinions? It is quite disheartening to hear such comments. Anyway, I wish you the best in your endeavors.
  10. Does doing any research projects in a particular field of interest help in any way attaining a position? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  11. Does this hold true even for the more competitive specialties? What can one expect employers look for, when trying to differentiate between candidates with little to no experience apply for a particular specialty? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  12. When applying for a position: What factors do employers? recruiters look at? Are grades looked at? GPA looked at? during the interview? screening process? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Could you kindly expand upon "every case of 1099 that I have heard get audited has lost " ? Is this thru the IRS? and why so? Thanks.
  14. I was just asking if someone knows of any strategies....to pay less tax on income earned.
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