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  2. Great- accepted already and still interviewing! Invites from almost every school I applied to that has sent them out by now. Ended up with >2,100 PCE from overtime
  3. Hey! I’m applying next cycle and we have a somewhat similar story. How did everything work out (if you don’t mind me asking)?
  4. Hey Kelly! Congrats on getting in and sorry you had to defer. Does UAB give you the option to hold your spot?
  5. Hows everyone doing? I am currently an AD Navy IDC retiring soon and looking to go into a PA program. Lots of good info in here. Good luck to everyone reaching your goals!
  6. Wow! Didn’t read that part. Maybe I’ll mix it up between highlander, st:tng, and maybe something like ER. To keep the circuits going.
  7. Hey everyone! My name is Kelly I wanted to say hello and see if anyone had any questions. I was supposed to be beginning school on Monday, but life happens and I needed to defer a year. Anyways, let me know if I can help in any way!
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  9. Oh! I might try asking my school then, did you just ask them to see if they had a transcript for you?
  10. Yes, I have an interview for October 19. I live in California.
  11. Got an interview invite a few days ago! I chose 10/18. If anyone has questions then feel free to contact me!
  12. Heyyy if you don’t mind can you tell me when you submitted? Also when you received the email that your file was under review
  13. Hey everyone! I'm driving up from NC for an interview on the 24th - would anyone else in this interview group be interested in meeting up for dinner this Friday (the 23rd) at the Mill Street Grill, maybe around 6ish? It'd be fun to meet others in the group! I'm not dead set on the restaurant or anything, but according to google this one looked like a good option. Also, congratulations on those who have been accepted!! That's so exciting!
  14. Ortho was salary and I felt it was 100% in the favor of the company. Since that job I have been hourly and I don't intend to ever go back to salary. I suspect your salary jobs will all involve call. That is truly what drove me away and staying late for surgeries. The one day I got to leave early the manager told me I had to come to the office to do "something" or they were going to charge me vacation... even after being at the hospital the night before from 0700 - 2200 hours. .... That is when I knew it was time to GO! ER has been a hybrid of salary and hourly. I have to work 13 shifts and anything extra I work is paid hourly. It is straight time unless they are in a bad spot and they offer bonus money. Basically I get paid half of the hours for the contractual 13 shifts on the the 1st, then the 15th they pay all the extra I worked from the PREVIOUS month. I am working a lot more than usual and some time and half shifts in Aug. I won't see it until Sep 15th. So far ortho - Salary Urgent care / ER- hourly
  15. if you pass the pilot your are done testing for 10 years
  16. but....they don't. When is the last time you saw a doc hang a shingle? LOL. yea....it hardly if ever happens anymore. Docs have completely given up their role in medicine. I'm glad I didn't waste my time joining their ranks
  17. I asked when I submitted the interview confirmation. You can't create an account with that drug testing/ background website unless you have a code for the program. I checked all the prior emails and ccbc/towson pages and didn't see a single thing about it either.
  18. What happens if we “pass” it? We still have to pass the panre next year, right?
  19. Mine wasn’t either. But I received a transcript with a letter grade and credit hours and it counted.
  20. I believe they are done mid September (correct me if I’m wrong)
  21. I’ve visited the program twice and met several of the directors. The facility is state of the art and faculty seem like really great people. Also, I already live in Florida and would really prefer not to move out of state if I can help it.
  22. Unfortunately my emt program was not at a CC so they didn’t end up counting towards my gpa.
  23. Received an invitation to interview today and I am beyond excited! 9/23. Good luck to everyone!
  24. Yesterday
  25. Hey guys! Received my interview invite 08/19! My interview is scheduled for October 17th! Super nervous and excited
  26. Does anyone know where to get the drug screening and background check prior to the interview?
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