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  3. I ran into this problem too and emailed the Graduate Admissions office...they emailed back and said you do have to also submit your official transcripts through their graduate school application! Some of the transcript ordering services I had to go through didn't even have WSU Graduate School as an option though, so I had to have them emailed to the Graduate Office. I've been checking to see when they mark it as received on my application, I will keep you posted!
  4. Yes! I have taken biochemistry with professor Beio. As long as you do homework and DB and quizzes, you will get an A. I hope this helps.
  5. Those who have applied to JMU. Did you submit your GRE score. English is my second language. Currently I m struggling with verbal section. I have not taken the GRE yet. School website states that GRE is not due until the beginning of the program. Thanks!
  6. I think it's time to start the thread for 2020-2021 cycle. So, has anyone applied yet or heard anything back?
  7. @Kaylajo It didn't take me 3 weeks, it took mine about 1.5 to 2 weeks for the score to come back.
  8. At our hospital every employee is getting about $600 in bonus pay for working during the COVID crisis. As a hospital located in a "frontier" (yes it is apparently different from rural and better for reimbursements) county we never actually got COVID patients admitted to the hospital. Patient loads in the ER were down about 25%. As I provide 1st call 24hr coverage, there was no reduction in pay or hours. No one in the hospital had hour reductions because apparently due to our size the federal government pays the salaries of employees that would otherwise be laid off. Seems to be the key is work in small independent critical access hospitals.
  9. Will be submitting my CASPA to lipscomb pa program next week! Super excited:)
  10. Not sure if this helps ease anyone, but my boyfriend did the med masters program this year and was supposed to hear if he got accepted to the MD program right after finals but didn’t hear anything until the following week due to delays from the pandemic. The only communication they got was that meetings with the admissions committee was pushed to later than anticipated. So I’m sure that pushes everyone and every program back and we most likely we will hear back next week or so! crossing my fingers as I’m a reapplicant as well!
  11. Got my interview invite earlier this week. Is anyone planning on going to a campus tour? I am from out of state and am debating if its worth it to come out.
  12. How long before you “received” the score? They said approx 2-3 weeks but I’m hoping it won’t take that long
  13. @KaylajoI took my CASPER test on May 20.
  14. They turned it into FT @ 78k, without any benefits or PTO, just malpractice. I ended up taking it because I figured I'm lucky to have any kind of offer right now.
  15. Ahh okay! Thanks for letting me know everyone, much appreciated! I feel a lot better knowing I'm not the only one lol. I'm sure we'll all receive it soon!
  16. Good luck to everyone applying this cycle! I'm currently a PA student at AMC, so feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding the program! I believe that the admissions committee is meeting this weekend, so interview invites should follow.
  17. No bonuses at my FT EM job - just very glad I do solo coverage so I didn't lose any hours. My PT EM job has had massive hour cuts for the PA's: shifts shortened, or replaced with "on-call" shifts with $150 for on-call pay and only 4 hours guaranteed if called in. This has been brutal for the FT'rs there. However, I'm seeing ED volumes return to close to pre-COVID-19 levels so hopefully things will return to normal and all of my furloughed and reduced hour colleagues can get back to full employment.
  18. Maybe just keep checking your inbox and spam. This wait period is terrible, but I hope you hear back soon!
  19. The same happened to me. She wasn’t sure why it was put on hold since ESL wasn’t something I filled out. But it all got sorted out when I called!
  20. You only need to have 2 evaluations already completed in order for CASPA to verify your application and send it to UCD, so yes, if you submit now, you have until now until UCD's application deadline for your 3rd letter to be sent and reviewed by the admissions committee. (I know because I asked this question to CASPA already, haha!)
  21. Ya, agree. There's usually a bunch of responses about invites once they go out. I'm a re-applicant as well.
  22. Every single school’s interview is completely different. I’m a 2nd time applicant. Prepare, read the prep books, do mock interviews, and just be yourself!
  23. How many schools are you applying to? And how is the interview? Is it as rough as people say? I am very nervous about it...
  24. Yes I’m on it right now. It says, “Thank-you for applying to the school of health professions! Your checklist will appear on this page, once your additional items are ready to complete. Please continue to check your email for further communication. We look forward to working with you.” There were 6 areas I filled out on the sup and they all have check marks
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